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Hippie decoration – A variation of Bohemian Decor

The vintage style decoration becomes increasingly stronger with the new hippies’ trends.

This decorative style allows to combine in a very effective way elements of the past, but giving a current and original touch.

Knowing how to correctly combine the different elements will allow you to provide your house with an energy and a good special roll.

Do not cut yourself in Mix colors, textures and various materials like carpets, cushions, vinyl or paintings.

Below we give you the keys so you can make your own chic hippie decoration.

hippie room

Keys to hippie decoration

If you want to give an alternative touch to your home you must escape from the structures and patterns.

The chic hippie style it doesn’t seek to provide symmetries or make specific compositions; It is a very informal style, full of color and expression.

Let your creativity flow and express yourself through the decoration as you are. Do not cut yourself.

It is very common to use natural elements such as flowers or various plants that fill the room with color and vitality.

Do not leave the ground in sight. Cover it with a Colorful carpet with psychedelic appearance. You won’t believe the personality that the room acquires with a simple rug or a pair of cushions.


hippie room

The colors green, purple, yellow and burgundy are very used to paint or paper the walls.

The fact of wallpapering a wall may be somewhat outdated, but we assure you that it is becoming fashionable again.

For yours curtains You can use all kinds of materials reused from other garments such as scarves or braided fabrics.

The key to a good hippie touch is to make everything as artisanal as possible, refusing everything that can be manufactured on a large scale and use artificial materials.

It may seem that with so much color your room is a little overloaded, but the truth is that in the hippie style anything goes. It isn’t necessary to look for a combination or harmony between colors and elements.

As additional advice you can leave your own clothes and pendants in sight, on top of a chair or table for example, to give a more personal touch to the decoration.

Lighter and neutral style

hippie room

There are those who such a lot of colors and textures seem too heavy and opt for a combination of whites, creams and grays.

A good option is to decorate the bedroom following this pattern of colors, more relaxed and harmonious than the rest of the rooms.

By decorating the bedroom in these more sober tones you can emulate the same hippie environment, but with a greater balance of colors.

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