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Homemade Games for cats that more entertainment


Having games for cats at home is mandatory for all the owners of these sweet and capricious animals. And the more the better. For this reason we have decided to dedicate this article to a wonderful selection of games for cats that all of you can take advantage of to have a happy and happy cat and avoid some unpleasant antics in the home.


As we all know for the happiness of your cat it is essential to be able to move freely around the home and enjoy the most of its curious nature. If you are an urban dweller, it can be difficult to find enough space for your cat to release its tiger senses and feline nature. For this reason, here are some of our favorite ideas on how to build an indoor playground for cats that is interesting and fun for your pet maximizing the use of vertical space in the apartment. And if the last time you ran a chain saw was, well, never, don’t despair. These simple DIY cat games are designed for any beginner builder.

Games for cats

Scale game made with wooden planks

With a few pieces of wood Plywood (sanded and painted with a layer of non-toxic paint) or with wide, rectangular shelves, you can build games for cats that will satisfy your need for climbing and provide them with an exquisite vertical labyrinth.


You can also start your imagination by varying things by painting each shelf or step of a different color or placing a small square cubicle on some of the planks. Organizing it in the shape of a tree adds complexity and more options for your cat to explore and have fun looking for the best way to go up or down. Just make sure the shelves are secure and wide enough so that your cat can land safely.


This idea of games for cats is ideal for spaces where there is a free or partially free wall. If you live in a loft or in a two-story house, it would be great to place it on a wall under a staircase or loft area. It is also a great configuration for more than one cat. According to Marilyn Krieger, a certified assessor on cat behavior, the vertical territory is a way for cats to show their positions in their changing hierarchy.


“The more cats you have, the more vertical territory you will need,” Krieger explains. In addition, vertical spaces help cats stay warm and feel safe.

games for DIY cats

Games for cats

Plastic shelves or side table

Stack several of these side by side at different heights to create an incredible play space for your cat. To build games for small furniture cats, stack several square auxiliary tables or cardboard boxes for a cheaper version. Add wrapped columns with a sisal rope to create a scratching post. For more stimulation, you can place some fabric along a wall or a piece of sturdy corrugated cardboard to have fun with the cats.

Games for cats. Innovative ideas

This idea especially is ideal for homes where you don’t have much empty wall space. Or if you find that your cat’s preference for a room in your house changes, this can be easily transported to a different space. Having several of these cat games in different corners gives you ample space for your cat to play and explore freely. You can also expand this configuration easily if you have several cats.


“The more the vertical space expands, the lower the stress for households where there is more than one cat,” said Layla Morgan Wilde, a holistic specialist in cat behavior.

Cat ladder (shelving, storage unit)

Use several storage units in combination to create a ladder and corner for your cat. Place it against the wall, leave some of the containers open and rearrange them so your cat can easily climb up or enter inside. This will surely keep your cat entertained for hours.

If you are growing an indoor garden, make sure they are non-toxic plants for felines such as African violets, American rubber plants and spider plants. You can also place catnip in a pot in a safe place, such as a lower level or against a wall.


Ideal for: older cats that may have problems accessing play areas in higher spaces. Its versatility and ease of construction (well, very little, really) will make you and your cat very happy.

Games for cats

Tower of cardboard boxes

As we have mentioned, cardboard boxes are a good alternative for small furniture to create games for cats whose configuration can be changed easily.

games for cardboard cats

Stack sturdy cardboard boxes next to one corner of a room. The boxes don’t have to be the same size, just make sure the larger ones are on the bottom to support the rest of the structure. Depending on how much space you have available, you can create a ladder or stack it up.


Cut holes on both sides so that your cat can pass through the boxes. To increase the game factor, place balls or hang pillows inside the boxes. This creates a fascinating playhouse for your beloved pets to explore and release any accumulated energy.

cardboard house

Ideal for: a corner of the room, where boxes can be easily stacked.

games for cats box

Games for homemade cats

Cubist game space

All you need are a few storage cubes or cardboard boxes with a cut side. Stack the U-shaped boxes on a wall so that your cat can easily jump out of each of the cubes and perch wherever he wants. Or you can buy a corner shelf that is firmly attached to the wall with supports. Try placing some pillows here or there. To give a decorative touch, you can sew pillows in the shape of a flower (or whatever you want) with fabric that complements the decoration of the room and hold them against the wall.

games for cats de-carton

Ideal for: A corner of a room.

Game ideas for cats

Hidden wicker basket (laundry basket)

It’s time to play hide-and-seek with the cat. Create for him this set of wicker baskets very easy to build.

games for cats idea

Remove the top of a few wicker baskets of cylindrical or rectangular shape. Arrange the baskets vertically so your cat can easily jump from one landing to another. Place small, comfortable pillows inside each basket and the game can begin.


Ideal for: Areas where you can build in depth or if you have several cats. It is also ideal for older cats (just make sure you build the game close to the ground and that it is close to other furniture that facilitates cat access).


Games for cats

Cat tree (cabinet organization system)

Use a cabinet organization system such as the Stolman line from IKEA and attach some flat and sturdy wooden planks. You can place pieces of cloth or carpet on the planks and secure them with velcro or double-sided tape. You can also organize the planks in a spiral staircase configuration.

games for cats ikea

For an easier construction, you can take one of the posts and wrap them with Sisal rope to get a pole to scratch the nails for the cat. Then you can place a few wall shelves around it so your cat can pose. This is a much easier alternative.


Ideal for: This multi-level configuration is ideal for more cats and for areas with lots of windows and natural light. Your cat will love getting a view from the top of all neighborhood events.


Creating an exciting and fun park with games for cats inside the home doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. We are sure that you will come up with more creative ideas that will complement and broaden our proposals. With a little ingenuity, you will find many ways to create a stimulating indoor environment that will please your cat and increase the fun factor in your home.

games for home cats

Why make games for DIY cats?

Cat trees, games and scrapers may be some of the most expensive items you will buy for your cat, but they really enrich the lives of our feline friends. They give the cats places to play, areas to scratch and posts from which to contemplate their territories. Cats without these things are really dying of boredom and so are you. On the other hand, seeing them enjoy their trees and games for DIY cats is very fun and also prevents their furniture being used for these purposes.

games for cats

The games for cats bought in the store can be quite expensive. Depending on the quality and size, they can reach up to hundreds of dollars. But it isn’t necessary to spend so much. Even with the simplest woodworking skills, you can create your own and design them with your house and your cat in mind.


Games for cats

How to make scrapers for cats?

Here are some instructions on how to make DIY scrapers for your cats.

games for cats hammocks

To make a really easy scraper, take a small board, cover it with a rope and then hang it on the wall. All you need is a board, a rope, a staple gun and a nail to hang it.


Since cats like to stretch as much as possible to mark their territory with their claws, place this scraper so that the front legs of your cat reach to the middle of the board when it is fully stretched.

Games for DIY cats

Scaled scraper

Cover a tall board or long stick with a sisal rope by attaching the end of the rope to the bottom of the stick with a staple gun, then wind it up until it reaches the top. Staple the rope for that purpose and cut the excess.

It is also good to stick some screws into the wood in several places to secure the rope and make sure it doesn’t fall apart when the kitten is climbing over it. Long staples may also work for this purpose, although great care must be taken to ensure that they are secure and don’t become loose over time.

games for vertical cats

The most complicated part is connecting the scraper in the form of stairs to the floor and ceiling. For this purpose you will need a good stable base: if the scraper moves and is unstable, the cat won’t use it and won’t feel safe. You can hold the scraper on the floor and roof using at least four L-shaped supports, like those used to hold the shelves: one at each end of the pole, up and down, will make it quite stable.

games for cats on the wall

Another option, and I think the simplest and best, is to nail the post on the wall. This is an easy and stable solution. Place it on the wall in several places so that it is really resistant. However, whatever you do, make sure that the scraper post doesn’t have a chance to tip over and hurt or your pet.

games for cats design

Personalization options: You can play with this idea and customize it by creating your own structure. For example, for the cat who likes to climb and then sit and watch from above, instead of a long pole, he could place several shelves covered in rope and staggered to the ceiling.

games for cats de-diseño

If you already have poles in your house as part of the design you can wrap these posts with a rope so that your cats can use them. If you are lucky enough to have a post in one of the rooms in your house, you can do the same.


Games for cats

Create a quick and simple cat scraper

This is one of the simplest ways to create a cat scraper: just find a good trunk for this purpose. Most cats actually prefer real wood logs to anything else to scratch their nails. They don’t care how elegant or beautiful, all they care about is whether they can scratch.

A good trunk, about eight inches wide or more and a half meter long, which is still quite cool is the last thing in his eyes. You can easily find some nice looking in the woods or even go to a place that sells firewood and buy it there. It’s cheap, easy, and popular, although shredded pieces of wood can make some garbage in the home. But the happiness of your cat is first and foremost for the owners, right?

games for cats shelves

If you decide to bring a trunk to your home, make sure it doesn’t contain uninvited inhabitants (such as termites or beetles) that come with it. Get a new trunk, then wrap it tightly inside a plastic garbage bag and leave it outside for a week or so. This should kill any insect that lives inside to under its bark.

DIY scraper (2)

Games for cats. Another simple DIY scraper

This is simple enough to do at home all you need are two pieces of wood that are the same size plus one piece that is approximately four inches longer on all sides.

games for happy cats

Cover them with carpet or rope, then attach the two smaller boards to the larger one with six hardware holders: two V-shaped supports to place the boards at the top of the peak, and two other supports to secure each board to the base (two for each table).


Customization options: could include a small platform on top of the scraper. You can also use hinges instead of brackets so it can be folded when you want to store it somewhere. If you do this, you will have to think of some way to secure each hinge so that it doesn’t bend when you don’t expect it. You might consider installing the hinges or brackets so that they stay under the carpet to make it look a little better.

Each owner of a pet wishes to see him healthy and happy all the time. But to achieve it, it isn’t enough to just take care of the animal, feed it and take it to the veterinarian from time to time. For the happiness of cats in particular it is essential to ensure space for them to move, play and explore the world in the specific manner of their species.

The games for cats can be DIY or purchased from pet stores, but anyway you have to adapt them to the spaces of your home. In this sense if you decide to use any of the ideas we offer in this article you can save not only money but also space and customize it for your cat especially because each of these individualistic animals has its own character and preferences that we must respect.

games for cats stairs
games for cats bridge

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