how to paint walls tricks
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How to paint walls. Tips and tricks for an original wall.

how to paint walls tricks

In this article, we are going to show you how to paint the walls of your home to obtain an original result which is very different from plain colors.

how to paint with templates

How to paint the walls in a different way

There are a variety of painting techniques that can be used to paint walls and add surprising patterns or effects. Read on to understand how to paint the walls of your home using these easy techniques that will create the wow effect you are looking for.

how to paint walls with roller


How to paint or decorate plaster walls

The plaster walls were quite common, especially at the end of the 18th and 19th centuries and they are still today. If you don’t want to repaint an entire wall, the templates are a simple way to provide an update to the room. Decorating with wallpaper doesn’t indicate that you have to cover an entire wall, although that is definitely an alternative.

how to paint walls templates

The walls painted in Ombre style offer great flexibility with respect to the design. In most cases, walls with vertical stripes help create the feeling of a room higher than it really is and walls with horizontal stripes create the longest visual effect of the room.

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how to paint ombre style walls

When painting the walls of your home you can use all the colors that you like, you just have to be careful when choosing to paint a black wall since it is a color that retains the heat. So our advice is to choose wisely. And the question of how much you will spend depends on the surface of the wall and what type of paint or wallpaper you are going to choose. Remember that a fantastic design wall also requires a lot of work.

how to paint original idea walls

Because the four colors are very similar to each other, differences in tone are difficult to distinguish in the first layer. It isn’t necessary to use all the exact colors. You can use a series of different colors that complement each other.

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how to paint walls ideas

How to paint walls and have fun at the same time

Painting walls is a fantastic learning opportunity for children, especially when it comes to practical experience. Making an accent wall behind your bed creates a great focal point in the room.

how to paint technical walls

The paintings sold in stores are a bit impersonal and don’t really say much about the owner of the house. On the other hand, a colorful wall painting is a quick method to create an exclusive interior design.

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roller with bird pattern

The method of the wall templates is also very popular and it is very fun to use them. The art of painting a wall using stencils is one of the most fun and economical ways to decorate your home.

techniques of painting walls

How to paint walls with wall stencils

To avoid confusion here I will explain the idea thoroughly and in a simple way.
Wall stencils are among the best-known techniques to introduce daring shapes and splashes of color in your home. They are also an excellent way to follow the fashion of decoration with geometric shapes. All it requires is an idea and the templates or the rollers with appropriate patterns!

how to paint technical walls

If you are looking for ideas to add a little more personality to your interior, then the possibilities that rollers with wall patterns will give you are what you really need. Fortunately today, you will discover that there are many creative DIY ideas that you can try. And the best thing of all is that the application of these ideas is quite easy and economical. The options are endless. There are many possibilities to choose several designs for each of the rooms in your home.

paint walls with roller

How to paint using a roller Tricks and tips

It is likely that most of you have used paint rollers before with varying degrees of success. Maybe he simply submerged it and began to roll, developing his own technique as he went. Or maybe you have read the instructions that tell you to apply the paint in some pattern, usually a “W”, before extending it.

We’re going to show you a slightly different approach. Below we will show you a simple method to quickly spread a smooth and even layer of latex paint on the wall. It isn’t difficult and does the job in record time eliminating common problems such as light areas, roller marks and grains that sometimes haunt beginner painters.

rolls with patterns ideas

However, even the best technique doesn’t work with low quality equipment. Do not spend your money on those all-in-one disposable roller configurations when you can buy a professional configuration that will last a lifetime for less than $ 20. Start with a good roller frame.

how to paint a wall

To extend your reach and give better control, screw a 48-inch screw. Use the wooden handle on the end of the paint roller. You can also use a threaded broom handle. You will need a container for the painting. While most homeowners use paint trays, you will rarely see a professional using one. This is because a 5-gallon bucket with a special grid hanging on the edge works much better.

roll with pattern

These are some of the advantages of a bucket and a screen on a paint roller tray:

It is easy to move the bucket without spilling
The cube contains more paint. You won’t have to fill the tray frequently.
You are less likely to stumble or step inside a bucket of paint.
It is faster and easier to load the paint roller tray with paint than a bucket.
It is easy to cover the bucket with a damp cloth to prevent the paint from drying out while taking a break for lunch.

If You Need Some Color Inspriation :

how to paint original ideas walls

The question of how to paint a wall? It doesn’t have a unanimous answer. However, if you want to not only paint a wall of the chosen color but also add some more original effects in this article we have just given you some useful tips and tricks that you can take advantage of.

how to paint textured walls
ideas to paint with roller
paint textured walls

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