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Succulent plants to make original decoration


Succulent plants are probably the perfect plant for forgetful gardeners and have enjoyed great popularity in recent years. With the right information, the succulents are easy to care for and the succulent gardens and terrariums can illuminate any interior space. Take a look at our tutorials with succulent plants to decorate the house and to grow indoors! After seeing these ideas you may start planning your own urban jungle.

Succulent plants for decoration

Succulent plants are loved by many for a reason. With juicy leaves, stems or roots, the succulents form a vast and diverse group of plants, which offer easy-care plant options for your home.

In addition, they look impressive planted alone or as companions of other succulent or leafy plants. The color variation of the succulents seems almost infinite: greenish blue, chartreuse, pink, red, yellow, white, burgundy, almost black, varied and more. The leaves can be rounded, needle-shaped, berryl-like, with ruffles or pointy. Many have a tempting quality of “touch me”, even they are cactus.

While some types of succulents have somewhat demanding care requirements, most are easy to grow because they evolved with special water storage fabrics that allow them to survive in environments that are too dry for most other plants. Succulents like the dry humidity and warm conditions found in most homes, and although they like direct light, they can adapt to the lower light. Everyone prefers a fast-draining potting soil that isn’t watered too often. Allow the soil to dry between waterings.


There are not a few people who believe that succulents are like cacti and can live without water, but it isn’t true that this is why it is keeping them alive. All right! We started by showing you how to make this beautiful and succulent pot of walls.

Wall pot with succulent plants to decorate


How to make a pot of succulent plants to decorate the home.


  • Sphagnum moss
  • Some varieties of succulents (you can get the ones you like the most)
  • Vertical flower pot
  • After obtaining susu succulents, all you have to do is plant them.

How to make a pot of succulent plants to decorate the wall


Would you love to have plants but don’t want a lot of work? If so, these succulents are perfect in a teacup. This project is easy, affordable and cute, right? Ideal for offices, bedrooms, and kitchen windows.

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Cup of tea for a pot of succulent plants to decorate the table at home

This is a fun and affordable DIY project. And so easy, anyone can do it. Involve the children too. The first step, find the teacups you want to use. The best thing is that your cups have their dishes.

You can also use some cups that you have in the house. You never know what you can find.

Cheaper ideas to plant: they are the painted metal cans, an old bowl, rustic wooden box, vintage kitchen pans, teapots, antique sauce boats, plastic bottles, old bricks. Use your imagination!

The best part? This isn’t one of those plants that you sow and then die. Succulents are known for their beauty, stamina, and don’t need much to survive. Naturally, they are grown in arid and dry conditions and are designed by nature to retain water.

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We start by washing and drying the cup and saucer. With a good adhesive, secure the cup to the saucer and let it dry. Place a tablespoon of small stones at the bottom of each cup of tea. A layer of half an inch is enough. Fill the cup with a mixture of soil for succulents.

Use hot glue. If you have. These cups will simply look pretty on a windowsill or sunny ledge. All you need is a glue good enough to prevent the cup from slipping. The reason for the pebbles is to prevent the succulent roots from being felt in the water. Choose a drainage floor. Opt for a cactus mix.

Cup of tea for the pot of succulent plants to decorate the table at home


Use your finger to create a hole to plant in the cup filled with dirt. Remove the succulent from the container in which it came. Use your hands to remove the lower third (or more) of the root ball and dirt. Gently place the succulent in the hole you created in the tea cup. Some important points … don’t pack the soil when you are creating a hole for the plant. You want the soil to be light and loose to give the succulent root system the opportunity to grow.


Place more soil around the edges and over the teacup. Gently press the soil around the base of the plant, but don’t pack the soil. If desired, add more pebbles as a decorative touch to the top of the floor. Water the plant. A good golden rule? If you have a 50-milliliter cup of tea, water with about half that amount of water. Adding the stones isn’t only beautiful, it also helps keep the dirt in its place and the soil moist.


Add rustic charm to your outdoor table with this succulent DIY center piece.

Here is an original idea to decorate your outdoor space! We already know that probably now don’t think about preparing your garden but as you can see in the pictures this decorative element is appropriate for interiors as well.

Vamo to share a central piece you can do to decorate your outdoor table.

Driftwood for potting succulent plants to decorate the garden


As you can see the combination of worn wood along with several plants in shades of blue and green, as well as purple looks great. If you like those projects that end up costing very little then this idea is for you. The succulents require a minimum of water, which makes them a good plant for this type of application. If you are assembling your own trunk and succulent centerpieces for an outdoor party or wedding, you can do it in advance. Also, you won’t have to worry about them withering or drying out on a hot, sunny day.


How to make a central piece of a trunk and succulent plants

What you need for this project

  • Trunk (gradient or rustic with a flat bottom)
  • Succulents (a variety in different sizes, including sedum)
  • Moss
  • soil from pots for succulents or cactus
  • Safety glasses
  • Electric drill (with adjustments of the sizes according to the diameter of the plant you have chosen)
  • Small old brush (optional)
  • Spray bottle with water

Start by marking with chalk where you want to drill your holes in the wood. Let your plants be the guide. I left room for the succulents to grow during the summer, but you may want them to be closer if your centerpiece is for a next party or wedding.


Using the drill with the attached spade drill (using safety glasses, of course), drill holes approximately one and a half centimeters deep.

Once you have finished, tilt the wood to remove the debris and fill each hole with a little moss, followed by a little soil.

succulents plants-project-ideas-decoration-exterior-style

Cover the roots with a little extra soil, if necessary, taking care not to bury the plants. Press gently in its place.

For this project, smaller succulents were combined with those that crawl in most holes. Only one larger plant was used. The grouping in 3 works well. Play with an arrangement with which you are satisfied. It is easy to move them until you have the correct appearance.

Driftwood for potting succulent plants to decorate the garden

succulents plants-project-ideas-decoration-

Brush excess dirt (with an old brush it works well). Use the spray bottle to gently water the soil and spray the plants.

Place outdoors in a bright, sunny place, away from the extreme elements.

succulents plants-project-ideas-decoration-rustic

We know that Christmas is just around the corner, so we thought about sharing a project of “living” heart with you. This pot with succulent plants easy to take care of can give to someone you love and surprise you when you tell them what you have done for them. And you can plant the succulents in a baking dish with a heart shape. Once again you can choose the succulents that you like the most. The important thing is to create a variety of colors.

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Heart Shaped Succulents


The items you need are a heart-shaped baking sheet, cheap garden cloth, metal fence fabric, cactus soil, and sphagnum moss.

It doesn’t have to use a heart-shaped tray. It is very possible that you have an old tray at home that someone has given you and you don’t use. After seeing our idea you can put it to good use. First drill holes for drainage, then cut a piece of cloth to cover the holes. It doesn’t want the soil to leak when it is watered. The hole in the top of the tray is where a piece of cable will pass to hang it.


After filling the tray with a layer of cactus soil, I placed moss sphagnum on top. Succulents can grow on the sphagnum moss, in addition to absorbing excess water, preventing the succulents from receiving too much.


The moss will also enhance the nutrition of the soil. Soak your moss in water to facilitate its handling, but it isn’t necessary.

Then place the metal cloth on top. I wanted smaller spaces between the cables. Fold the cable under the edge of the tray to hold it in place.


Keep all roots attached to your succulents by gently touching them to remove as much dirt as possible.

Using the end of a brush, make a hole through the moss and plant the plant. Push the roots down and press the earth and moss that surrounded it.


For a couple of weeks, leave your creation until the roots have had the opportunity to join the dust and moss. Then you can hang it. When it is necessary to water it, lower it.


As you can see in the photo, it was quite nice. We hope that this succulent heart has inspired you!


DIY Can Pots

We continue with an easy project that you can do in 10 minutes, it is about DIY can pots.

If for some time now you have been searching the stores for some lovely planters that combine with your fun home decor. (Do not forget that you can use any color of paint that fits your interior design).


Have you not found any pot that you liked and that at the same time fits your budget? Then the only way to go was to make my own DIY pots! The best thing is that it won’t be difficult at all and it will only take 10 minutes. And we have another surprise as a bonus, it won’t cost you almost anything and maybe you have if all things at least the majority.

You can personalize your pots with a cute succulent in a shabby chic style. As in these days, no home seems to be complete without some succulents on display.

Find some cans for recycling by adding a little glamor to them by spraying them with gold chrome paint.


What you need

  • Cans
  • Hammer
  • Gold chromed spray paint
  • Succulents

How to make these pots

To achieve a wrinkled bag appearance with your cans, you will need a hammer. I hit the cans in the middle to crush them. Turning them while hitting them. This can even be fun, but don’t get carried away by your frustrations in a can, you want them to be usable and not a wrinkled mess.


Once you are satisfied with the appearance of your cans, simply spray with the gold paint. If you are looking for a particular type of look you can use the paint that you like the most.

Once dry, your pots are ready for your succulents. To help with drainage, with your colorful tin cans, place a layer of gravel in the cans before adding compost and plants.

The combination of gold and pointed succulents is especially beautiful, as they look like pineapples. We have already told you how the succulents are planted so we are sure that you won’t have problems.

flower pots-decorate-house-cans-receptions
succulents-painted cans-ideas

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