12 Earth Tones Bedroom Ideas You’ll Love

Earth tones are warm colors that are neutral, soothing and rooted to nature. Earth tones colors are great for those who want to create an inviting and homey space.

Do you want to create a warm and inviting bedroom space but you don’t have a clue on how to go about it? We totally understand you. Most people face challenges when it comes to choosing the right earth tone for their bedrooms.

History Of Earth Tones

earth tone bedrooms

Earth tone is a color scheme that contains some brown pigment. There are other colors that are related to earth tones which are mainly inspired by nature like plants and animals.

Earth tones and natural color schemes have been used since ancient times and they bring out beautiful, warm, relaxing spaces in homes when paired together.

Types Of Earth Colors

There are several widely recognized colors that fall under the earth category. These are:

  • Umber
  • Burnt orange
  • Sienna
  • Ochre

What Colors Go With Earth Tones?

With earth tone interior designs, most people prioritize the environment and of course it’s sustainability.

Designers have brought forth earth colors and natural tones that the world is embracing at a fast rate in fashion design and also interior design.

In this section, we are going to give you a little bit of history of earth colors and we will also discuss what colors blend well with earth tones.

Below are some of the colors that work well with earth colors:

Earth colors also work well when used with other neutral colors like white, gray or even black. Earth tones are easy to work with because they compliment spaces pretty easily especially paired with primary colors.

Now that you have the history of earth colors, it’s time we check out our favorite earth tones bedroom ideas that you can draw inspiration from.

1. Hardwood Flooring With Matching Furniture

earth tone room

A perfect earth tone bedroom with hardwood flooring featuring the whole space and matches the dresser and bedside drawers.

The beige headboard and cream bedding and pillows with creamy and brown colors are a great combination for cold evenings when taking a cup of creamy chocolate.

Bring in a fresh smell with freshly cut flowers at different points in the bedroom and you get an earth toned bedroom without spending millions.

2. Large Mirrored Bedroom

earthy tones bedroom

Who said earth tone bedrooms should be boring? This mirrored bedroom with some animals lined up above the entertainment space.

Earth tones decor is supposed to combine textures that create a relaxing mood. We love how this bedroom balances the wood flooring with shades of gray. Adding a mirror is a great idea if it makes the bedroom look bigger.

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3. Earth Toned Bedroom With Sophisticated Black Walls

earthy bedroom ideas

Sophisticated black walls are cute and they serve as a perfect bedroom backdrop. If you fancy dark palette spaces then this earth tone bedroom idea might go well with you.

Add nature over the headboard with three animals wall arts. The wall arts brings out a natural earthy theme.

The bedroom has embraced earth tones in sophisticated black with hues of grey leather ottoman at the end of the bed. Warm the bedroom up by adding a beautiful area rug with cute multicolored patterns.

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4. Large Earth Toned Bedroom With Grey And Beige Shades

earth tone bedroom decorating ideas

Greys and beige colors are known to be a cool category of bedroom colors. With these colors, you have unlimited choices especially when it comes to decorating with natural elements. The wooden night stands nests the beige tufted bed with white and different grey shades perfectly.

The wood floor and the dark brown curtains bring out the earth tone vibe boldly. Add some hue by painting one side of the wall with dark grey paint.

5. Mid Century Earth Toned Bedroom With A Floating Platform Bed

This mid century modern bedroom design can bring so much life in your bedroom scheme. Although earth tone decor is mostly about muted colors, this multicolored bedroom design brings an earth toned bedroom design to perfection.

The geometric wall on one side with an accent headboard made of planks brings out a natural beauty to the space.

The multicolored rug with sky blue, forest green and a shade of grey matching the bed runner makes the space look gorgeous. Who wouldn’t fall in love with such a perfect color scheme? Add a planter at the corner with a big palm and other natural elements to bring out the earthy vibe.

6.  Luxurious Earthy Bedroom With Neutral Colors

natural tone bedrooms

Solid white paint acts as a perfect backdrop because you can easily incorporate all the earthy hues that you want in your bedroom.

We love how the beige curved headboard and grey palette scheme brings out the earthy tone. This design is perfect if you’re looking for a strong neutral bedroom design. Add some natural elements like flowers or plants for a deep earthy accent.

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7. Wood Walls With Floating Shelves

earth tones color palette

This earth toned bedroom with white and creamy hues is perfect for minimalists. The wood floor and the wood walls with less elements makes the bedroom look clean and minimal while incorporating a rich earth tone style.

8. Bold Textures Grey Master Bedroom

earthy colors

An inviting modern bedroom with different textures, colors and mirrors can put you in a relaxing state even when it’s stormy.

We love how the bedroom combines sophisticated black with blue, grey and gold hues perfectly. The different shades of grey and blue tones give you unlimited options to add natural elements.

This color scheme might seem bold but it blends well with basically every natural element making it easier for you to decorate your bedroom.

9. Eyed Walls Rustic Bedroom With Brown Textures

You might not be a fan of white and and black combos. Don’t stress yourself, this white and brown color scheme might steal your heart.

The rustic flooring made of wood planks and the natural rug on the side of the bed brings out a perfect earth toned theme.

The wood bench at the end of the bed frame with some baskets besides it and some jars on top of it brings out a rustic yet earthy style bedroom design.

A brown comforter or duvet with brown, white and printed pillows can sum up the earth tone design. For decorations, some pieces of accent eye mirrors on the walls can do.If you’re a plant person, you can draw some inspiration here and add a big plant besides your bed.

10. Bring The World Over Your Headboard

cozy earth theme bedroom

When it comes to earth toned bedroom designing, nothing is impossible. You can have the whole world over the headboard effortlessly. Get a world map and place it above the headboard for a Zen bedroom space.

This bedroom style with a grey carpet and white bed frame combined with dark blue bedding can turn your casual bedroom style to modern earth toned inspired space. Just ensure that you add natural elements like a tree to give life to the room.

11. Aesthetic Brown, Grey And Taupe Earth Toned Bedroom

green bedroom

Earth tone decor is about creating a natural look. Taupe walls, grey carpet and the brown duvet have brought out the natural look effortlessly.

Add a planter with a small plant on the nightstand to add unto the natural style that You’ve designed.

12. Cozy Modern Earth Toned Bedroom

minimalist bedroom

Add a natural vibe to your home by adding some wood surfaces like this bench at the end of the bed. We love how modern yet earthy this bedroom looks. A cozy space to relax when you get home after a long day working.

The combination of white, grey and beige colors makes this bedroom look so luxurious and classy. You can never go wrong with muted colors.

A grey comforter on top of the white bedding and a combo of black and beige pillows brings out a natural vibe.

You might need an earthy terracotta chair at one end of the bedroom just to catch some fresh when sipping some coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is black an earth color?

Yes. Black comes in different shades and is considered an earth color just like greys, browns, oranges, yellows, greens and reds among other earth colors.

As you already know, any shade or tint found in nature is considered as an earth tone and thus black falls under this category.

Is gray an earth color?

Yes. You can easily find grey in nature. There are rocks that are grey and that is why it is a common earth color.

Do earth tones go with everything?

Yes. Earth tone colors can blend in well with any theme. Remember, when we talk about earth colors we refer to a wide range of colors that are found in nature.

You’re not limited to browns or greys only. There are colorful fruits that of course come from nature and thus you can decorate or add other colors apart from the muted colors as long as they are nature inspired.

It’s hard to get it wrong when it comes to earth tones because they are not loud. Go for sufficient colors to keep your home interesting.

Are Earth Tones Soothing?

Yes. Earth tones create a calming, relaxing, safe and intimate atmosphere. Earth tones are used in creating comfort.

Bottom Line

Looking for tricks and tips on how you can decorate your bedroom with neutral or natural colors? One of the bedroom ideas we’ve given you might interest you. You can use the ideas to redecorate or recreate your favorite space in your home like your bedroom.

Pick the right furniture and an accent rug for your floor. Hand carved items and an upholstered headboard for a comfortable book reading session before you catch some sleep. You have a variety of choices when it comes to bedding so don’t limit or compromise your comfort.

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