12 Enclosed Porch Ideas on A Budget

Whether screened or not, porches are the ideal place to rest during hot days. Porches provide you with incredible views and a relaxing spot when enjoying a cup of tea or reading your favorite book.

Screened and enclosed porches provide that joy of being outside but now you don’t have to worry about bugs or any kind of insects falling over you.

Unfortunately, most homes don’t have porches. If you don’t have a porch, then you might have to part with some money to have one because they are not cheap.

However, nothing is too expensive especially if your goal is to make your home beautiful and comfortable.

In fact, a porch is more of a necessity because it gives you the much needed comfort when watching the sunrise or sunset.

Do you want to add a porch but you don’t know how to go about it? In this article, we are going to share with you our favorite porches.

These ideas can help you get inspiration and create a beautiful porch that will impress your family and friends.

Enclosed Porch Ideas

1. Cheap Porch With Some Cute Plants

enclosed porch pictures

It’s obvious screens are cute and they prevent insects falling over you when relaxed but they aren’t affordable to everyone. If you want to create an inexpensive and cute relaxing spot outdoors then this idea is for you.

Get multiple planters of different colors and shapes and decorate your porch with the plants starting from the stairway. This patio style with wicker seats can be decorated in many ways depending on your preference.

2. Add A Hammock Porch Swing

porch decor ideas

Nothing looks cuter than a hammock swing on an enclosed porch. Well it’s not about the beauty a hammock hanging or swing adds to your porch space but the comfort.

If you don’t like the idea of a hanging swing then you might want to get this hammock stand instead.

The hammock stand is made of sturdy wood and you can hang your hammock and adjust it to fit the length of the stand using a chain.

If you’re a rustic style lover this idea will suit you perfectly. Add more chairs to the free space and a pillow on the hammock hanging.

3. Aesthetic Floral Front Porch

closed patio ideas

Are you a plant and flowers lover? Turn your porch into an aesthetic space by adding some hanging planters with bright flowers in your front porch.

Add an ambience to your porch with different kinds of flowers and ferns. The flower planters don’t only beautify the space but they connect the porch to the outer space.

The white chairs match the walls making the porch look elegant and classy.

4. Play With Different Color Shades And Add A Rug

best screen for porch

Source: queen_anne_revival

Who said back porches cannot be perfect? The same energy and enthusiasm you have for your enclosed front porch should be the same when it comes to the back porch.

We love how the owner of this back porch has taken the time to bring out the best of this back enclosed porch. The modern design with a combination of warm pink and black elements brings out a beautiful pop of color.

The rug and the black floor is a beautiful combo of two colors. Add a black cabinet with a small mirror and a planter to create a beautiful style.

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5. Backyard Patio With Retractable Glass Walls

indoor porch ideas

Source: Scandiacanadaltd

Movable glass walls are an incredible choice especially if you want to create a small oasis in your backyard.  If you’re trying to expand your dining space then this idea can give you inspiration on how you’re going to design the space.

You can use this idea to extend your living room too or an extension of both dining and living room.  Add neutral colored furniture with some elements of black gray and white for a luxurious space.

6. Luxurious Screen Porch enclosing a deck ideas

finished porch ideas

Source: topsouth_dp

Turn your porch into a warm home with luxurious furniture and a white printed rug. Enjoy a cup of coffee on your screened porch on a rainy day and care less about the weather.

There is a lot you can do to turn your porch into a cozy space. Add a wicker L-shaped outdoor seat with white cushion for added comfort.

Decorate the wood table with some faux plants. A small circle dining table is ideal for taking meals with your family while enjoying a beautiful outdoor view.

Turn one wall to an entertainment area by adding a T.V  and watch your favorite movies in this beautiful screened-in porch. Two bean bags can be ideal for extra sitting space. You can install outdoor curtains on one side if you do not want a fully open patio.

7. Screened Porch With Black Panels

inclosed porches

Source: screen_repair_aluminum_llc

Enjoy your backyard’s atmosphere without getting the heat of the sun. Sun is good but it can irritate if it becomes too much.

What we love about insulated roof panels is that they don’t only prevent too much sun but they also offer a good protection against outdoor elements keeping your patio clean. No matter how hot it is, the insulated panels will cool your porch space by blocking UV rays.

8. Plants Screened Porch Decor Ideas

screened front porches

Source: beessbliss

A porch is supposed to blend in the best of indoor and outdoor atmosphere. There’s no way you can achieve that without some different kinds of plants and cozy seats. You also need a bright colored rug to add some indoor warmth in the porch.

Add a simple industrial lighting and decorate the space above you with some hanging plants to add more life to the space.

9. Beach House Porch With Hand Woven Window Shades

rustic porch ideas

Source: kimradovichinteriors

Do you want to create a beach style screened in porch? This screened in porch with a colorful daybed and beach chairs can inspire you.

The rustic furniture with the round wicker lamp shades gives the porch a coastal vibe. Add some life to the space by adding a faux tree on your table.

10. Add Wicker Furniture

porch swing

Source: gateimages

Wicker furniture is obviously the cheapest and the cutest thus you might want to create comfort by adding cushioned wicker seats on your porch.

Play with different prints of throw pillows and a matching rug. A planter at the corner brings the outdoor vibes right to the porch.

This screened in porch idea is perfect for those looking to extend their living room.

11. Create A Storage Space

screened porch kits

Source: stanislowwoodworks

Ever thought of having some cabinets in your screened in porch? How about this white on black walnut cabinet in your porch space for storage.

The trick is utilizing even the tiniest space in your home and this storage at your entryway can help you store some items.

12. Simple Screened In Porch With Wicker Furniture

closed in screen

Source: mjm.customhomes

It’s easy to create a luxurious outdoor space with simple furniture and decor style. You don’t have to work with a lot of things. Keep it simple and classy with a complete set of wicker furniture with a glass top coffee table.

Add an old school rug for extra warmth in your screened in porch. Enjoy a beautiful view without breaking the bank.

Things To Consider When Building a Closed In Porch

Now that you’ve gone through our best inclosed porch ideas, we would love to highlight some few things that you might want to put into consideration when building your enclosed porch.

  • How Often Will You Use The Porch

Are you planning to use the enclosed porch during winter, summer or all year round? You need to be precise for you to create the ideal outdoor relaxing spot.

If you’re aiming to use the porch on summers only, you will need to plant enough trees nearby to cool the porch and add a ceiling fan. If you’re planning to use it on winter only or throughout the year then you might have to add acrylic vinyl.

  • Choose Furniture Wisely

Avoid buying any kind of furniture for your porch without proper research. Picking light aluminum furniture might not be a good idea in case a strong wind decides to blow everything away.

Wicker might not tolerate moisture but you can go for resin wicker because it resists wind, humidity and heat.

  • Go with ideas that will protect you from intense weather

You want to make good use of your porch but you might not enjoy this outdoor environment. without air quality and climate control features.

Like we mentioned earlier, you will need a ceiling fan, add some lighting and of course you shouldn’t get a fireplace.

A fireplace might not be so important and some people do away with it but if you want to feel warm while outdoors during winter then you might need it.

  • Choose The Right Lighting

Incandescent lights are notorious at attracting light. We highly recommend LED lights in warm color. Consider pendants, ceiling lights or wall sconces because they provide some elegance and they tolerate harsh conditions. If your porch is large, multiple ceiling lights might be great.

  • Choose Waterproof Flooring

The floor is the foundation of your porch. There are different types of flooring you can choose. A waterproof flooring material will be a great pick for your porch incase of the harsh climatic conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Does It Cost To Enclose a Screened Porch?

It can cost you around $12000 to $20000 to build an enclosed front porch. Screened in porches come in different shapes and sizes and thus the price varies depending on the make, size, and shape of the screened in porch.

2. Do Inclosed Porches Add Value?

A screened in porch enhances your home. Adding a screened in porch to your home allows you to create  the outdoor environment or bring the outdoors atmosphere indoors.

It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter, a screened in porch allows you to enjoy the fresh air and feel connected to the outdoors view.

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