17 Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas On a Budget

Do you want to add flair to your modern bathroom? Farmhouse bathroom decor accents can easily be incorporated in a modern bathroom. This decor style is inexpensive and you can simply use repurposed items to achieve your desired look.

You can pull this decor style even if you live in the city. Most city dwellers have adopted a farmhouse bathroom decor accent in their modern homes.

In this article, we are going to look at modern farmhouse bathroom ideas you can steal for your bathroom’s decor. Join the bandwagon and have a farmhouse style in your modern bathroom.

Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Essentials

I love farmhouse bathrooms and honestly it gets to a point I want every farmhouse bathroom makeover I come across and you know it’s impossible.

However, the more I dig into different farmhouse styles when it comes to bathroom ideas, there are some elements that seem to be present in most of these bathrooms.

Because these elements seem to exist in the majority of the modern farmhouse bathroom designs  I’ve come across, I term them as essential bathroom accessories.

In this section, we are going to look at those bathroom decor essentials before we head on to different farmhouse bathroom decor ideas.

White and Neutral Tones

White and neutral colors are ideal for modern farmhouse bathrooms and they give the space an airy and minimalist accent.

Good thing about white and neutrals is that it matches with any accent and even textures.

Try to fix clean line materials like shiplap or subway tiles then add some throw pillows or burlap for an accent.

Sliding Barn Door

Since your goal is to achieve a modern farmhouse bathroom decor design, a barn door will anchor your bathroom style effortlessly.

You can paint your barn door white or if you want a chic rustic style you can use a rustic paint.

Reclaimed Wood

For you to achieve a farmhouse theme in any type of decor, reclaimed wood must be used.

Good thing is, you can use reclaimed wood in different ways.

You can use reclaimed wood for your tables, construct a plank wall or install a beamed ceiling.

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Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse sinks are deeper than modern sinks and adding one to your modern bathroom transforms your bathroom instantly.

Also known as apron-front sinks, farmhouse sinks come in two designs; single basin style and double sink style.

You can also choose between copper and stainless steel farmhouse sinks because they are the most common farmhouse bathroom sinks.


You definitely need some natural light in your bathroom and thus a window is important.

A farmhouse bathroom design requires lots of natural light so you have to incorporate natural light in your bathroom space.

I love ceiling to floor windows for my bathrooms. If you can reconstruct your windows then it is important you try out ceiling to floor windows. Ceiling to floor windows allows enough natural light to get in your bathroom.

Farmhouse Antiques

A modern farmhouse bathroom must have some antiques sprinkled sparingly. Don’t go overboard. You want a country accent yes but you don’t want to end up with so much clutter.

I love the minimalist kind of a bathroom because it retains elegance and looks clean too.

Open Shelves/Open Storage

Most modern farmhouse bathroom designs I have seen come with open shelves. Majority of homeowners prefer floating shelves.

Whatever your choice may be, having a shelf is important.  Shelves give you that feel at home kind of a feeling and I’m sure you don’t want to miss that.

You can white wash your shelves or have them in the wood grain color.

You can have the shelves attached on the walls with visible brackets or just opt for floating shelves.

Hooks are also great for extra storage and you can hang towels on them if you don’t want to install a towel bar.


I have realized that most of the modern and farmhouse bathroom designs I have come across have a sconce lighting.

However some sconce lights don’t look appealing and so you have to go an extra mile to get those cute sconce lighting for your modern farmhouse bathroom style.


At first, I was worried about having a shiplap in my bathroom due to the humidity levels and of course I don’t want any disgusting decay or mildew in my bathroom.

I did a bit of research and found out that I can install shiplap in my bathroom but in places that don’t get water splashed on easily.

Shiplap tends to give a bathroom a cozy feel and at the same time a rustic look to a modern bathroom.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas

1. Farmhouse Green Bathroom

Ever thought of getting rid of that white or neutral color in your bathroom? How about the green paint for a brighter look? I feel that this bathroom has actually changed my perception of colored bathrooms.

I used to lie to myself that white and neutral walls looked gorgeous than any other color but this design has changed those thoughts.

Vessel sinks are cute and they add a modern touch to farmhouse bathrooms. Combined with the giant mirror and a white square vessel sink, everything feels cozy and adds earth to the space.

The wood cabinets with a beautiful black top adds a more farmhouse inspired look in the bathroom.

You can place your essential oils on top of the sink and some hand towels in an open glass storage.

A pot with a plant and some scent candles add a chic style in your bathroom. The pendant light looks so cute with its reflection on the mirror.

2. Vintage Touch!

This modern farmhouse bathroom vanity decor is everything you would want for your bathroom.

The black marble top cabinet with a copper finish tap gives the bathroom an elegant and classy look.

The vintage frame oval shaped mirror gives the bathroom a beautiful finish. I love the subway tile color choice.

The other accessories like the glass tissue holder compliments this modern farmhouse style perfectly.

Let’s not forget to talk about the lights besides the mirror. You can go a notch higher and install these vanity lights besides your mirror and you’ll love how spectacular your bathroom will be.

3. Bathroom Wall Decor

If you want a minimalist modern farmhouse bathroom design then you might want to check out this idea.

The vintage wood theme perfectly matches the tiles. The decorative bottle on the bathtub together with the faux plant adds a sense of vitality.

If you thought you can’t hang some picture frames on your modern farmhouse then you were wrong.

As you can see here the wooden picture frames look so good on the blank walls.

4. Gold and Glamour

Sometimes simple translates to elegance. This modern farmhouse style is one of the best I’ve come across so far.

The wood vanity walls make this style a unique one. The wood tones on the tap and the opposite wall brings out the modern farmhouse bathrooms accent.

Other bathroom accessories like the flower planters and the white plastic bin makes this space look elegant.

Adding a faux plant in a vanity planter with a rustic stand adds a sense of life in your bathroom. You can also add two planters under the sink with gold painted planters and get a super cute designer bathroom.

Add some scent in your bathing space with some scented candles.

5. Rustic Towel Holder

You probably need to hang your towels and brushes. You can use reclaimed wood to make your towel rack on a budget.

This towel rack doesn’t require any expensive materials and it is a simple DIY project you can handle.

6. Unique Wall Lighting

If you want an all French country decor for your bathroom then this is for you. I love how this bathroom has nothing like marble countertops, just a simple elegant powder room.

This bathroom has cute bathroom accessories like a wicker basket to hold the toilet paper.

The black soap dispenser bottle gives the bathroom a rustic accent. The arched wall mirror compliments the wall and illuminates the space.

7. A Touch of Green

Want to give your bathroom a modern farmhouse touch? Farmhouse bathrooms don’t have to be boring. This idea here got me wanting to change my bathroom design.

The gray and orange tiles go so well with the gray main tiles in the bathroom. The leafy green wallpaper with banana plants theme makes the walls look so beautiful.

8. Sink Ideas

If you want a minimalist modern farmhouse bathroom design then you might want to check out this sleek bathroom.

The trough sink with a white marble top and a black finish looks cute for the small space and draws visual interest. They greyish floor tiles and the vanity wall tiles and a white paint on the upper walls makes this space cozy.

9. Farmhouse Cabinets for Bathroom

How about these gray floor tiles with white bathroom wall tiles? The combination of these colors and the wood cabinets makes the space look beautiful.

The metallic decorative towel rack that you can use to hang your towels adds an extra storage making the space less cluttered.

The massive vanity mirror plays a great role here in making the bathroom space look bigger.

This idea is ideal for you if you want to upgrade your bathroom to a cozy and classy bathroom.

10. Fine Living

Do you love luxurious farmhouse bathrooms? Honestly this looks superb. The stylish wooden wall storage with LED lights gives the room a natural look, something to leave a statement.

The vessel sink also sits effortlessly on top of a dark wooden cabinet. The cabinet and the dark tiles add rustic touches taking the home decor a notch higher.

11. Ensure there is Enough Natural Lighting

A traditional farmhouse bathroom in your urban home. The wood vanity floor and a freestanding tub adds an inviting look.

The metallic gold painted stool with a white top holds a small storage for essential after bath products.

The round window also makes the room beautiful as it let’s in natural light.

12. Linen Shower Curtain

Most farmhouse bathrooms have curtains or barn doors. For this one, it has classy gray curtains with some patterns on the lower part making the place look amazing.

This modern farmhouse bathroom decor idea is ideal if you want to revamp your master bathroom.

13. All White

Wooden floor tile design and a wood vanity cabinet combined with wood paint dispenser bottles bring out a country style effortlessly in your modern space.

This powder room with white matter walls is quite spacious with enough storages for your towels and other bathroom items.

14. Add Planters

You can’t go wrong with white on white or white on black bathroom themes. Black and white tend to bring out a classy look on a room or any space.

This black and white patterned floor and white shiplap walls offer a welcoming and warm ambience to the space.

Add some indoor plants and faux plants in your farmhouse bathroom space to add a spark of life.

15. Bathroom Countertop Decor

Another rustic style traditional farmhouse bathroom idea for your modern bathroom renovation.

The vintage cottage decor wood serves as a visual interest because of their uniqueness.

Mason jars can also be great planters and this mason jar and the faux plant sparks up the room.

Marble countertops are the new craze. This sink cabinet with a white marble countertop looks classy with the black metallic handles.

The bathroom vanity mirror and the lights on top of it adds a modern touch to the space.

16. Vintage Vanity

Here’s another bathroom vanity idea for your bathroom renovation. A white freestanding tub and dark walnut painted cabinets for your storage.

The dark and white decor theme matches the gray walls so well. The rugs also go well with decor.

Industrial touches have been added to the theme by painting the faucets,mirror frame and other bathroom accessories black.

17. Bathroom Chandelier

A modern farmhouse master bathroom with a clawfoot tub near the window and a chandelier above the tub is a brilliant idea.

If you are a kind of a person who loves luxury then you are in for this one.

The arch shaped mirror with the lights besides it illuminates the cabinet and sink area.

Add chic and farmhouse touches with wood cabinets with a white marble countertop and a vessel sink.

The rug spices up the space with a country touch.


There are so many ways you can incorporate the farmhouse decor in your bathroom and get a stylish good looking bathroom. Using the ideas above, you can turn your bathroom into an interesting space.

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