20 Farmhouse Office Ideas to Improve Productivity

Do you want to set up a farmhouse home office? Currently, there are so many people who are working from home and the number keeps increasing. The only thing that will keep you productive is setting up a farmhouse office that excites you and makes you productive.

There are so many ways you can try to blend your farmhouse home office with your farmhouse interior decor. Whether you want a modern farmhouse home office, a rustic office and more beautiful, the options are unlimited.

I am going to take you through several ideas that you can try out when decorating or even setting up your farmhouse home office. But before we jump into the ideas, there are things you need to put into consideration like the space you need for your office and the position you want your work space to be.

Modern Farmhouse Home Office Must Haves

There are items or furniture that you must have in your office no matter what idea you’re trying to pour out from your brain. Some of those items are:

1. Desk

farmhouse office

A cottage office desk is probably the first item you’ll want to own. Before nailing it down, you have to know exactly what you want your desk to look like. Whether you want a rustic executive desk with some drawers or just a plain desk for writing, it all depends on your needs.

You also have to consider the space where you’ll set up your desk. Are you going to put up your desk against a wall or are you going to set up your office in the middle of the room?

Your farmhouse desk should also match your farmhouse decor so that you don’t get off the plan. Remember, you want everything to blend in well.

2. Comfy Chair

It goes without saying. A comfortable chair plays a huge part in your productive life. Choosing the wrong chair can cause back related complications.

Remember, you are going to spend the better part of your days sitting on your farmhouse office chair and thus your decision must be treated as a critical one.

Choose a farmhouse office chair that offers back support and has a thick cushion that you’ll sit on and I highly recommend a farmhouse chair with wheels.

You obviously want to scoot around like a boss that you are and so those wheels at the bottom of your farmhouse home office chair are essential.

3. Storage Shelves

I don’t know why most people tend to overlook the fact that they need an office storage until the need of storing something comes in. Office storage should be put into consideration the moment the idea of setting up a farmhouse office pops up.

You want everything to be in place before you start being productive and trust me, the underestimated items like storage can affect your productivity.

You see, most distractions get people out of track. Having a heap of files and other items on your farmhouse office desk can pause as a distraction when working from home.

Choosing a storage that matches the theme is also essential. You can pick up a simple cabinet or set up some shelves and play around with the color to blend in with the farmhouse home decor.

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4. Plants and Flowers

country office decor ideas

Decorating a farmhouse office is not a must do but having a neutral working space can be boring. Spice up your working space with one or two plants, add a little green and have some clean air in your home office.

There are low maintenance plants that you can actually manage without them stealing much of your time. Some succulents or cacti plants can be great and they can give life to your office.

If you want a brighter color and you prefer flowers to plants then you might get some bright flowers from your kitchen garden. You can also purchase some artificial flowers with colors that match your farmhouse home office decor.

5. Storage Baskets

If you ask me, a farmhouse office setup is incomplete without one or two storage baskets.

These two hand woven maize basket drawers in white cupboard look absolutely amazing and you can store your office essentials here.

6. Farmhouse Office Rug

A rug can make a great difference on how your farmhouse home office looks. A plain rug gray rug makes the space look elegant with less distractions.

I love the gray rug because it makes the floor look less busy hence minimizing distractions when working.

7. Farmhouse Home Office Wall Decor

I know you’re setting up a working space and thus you might feel you don’t need to do anything on the plain walls.

Wall decor makes your room or farmhouse home office look lively. You don’t want dull walls around you.

8. Farmhouse Office Wall Clock

wall decor

You need to keep time but don’t like large numerals? How about this beautiful white wall clock with a golden copper finish?

I think this wall clock will not only help you with checking time but it also adds up as a modern wall decor.

9. Speakers

If you love working with some ambient music playing in the background like me, you might want to add a speaker or two in your farmhouse home office.

This tiny silver speaker compliments the white desk perfectly and the plant in a wooden planter adds up some beauty to this space.

10. Farmhouse Office Lamp

A farmhouse office lamp is an essential item. You don’t want to strain in darkness trying to read while you can simply add a lamp in your office.

I love this modern versatile white lamp head that you can easily tilt thanks to its adjustable arm. Its industrial design combines beauty and functionality.

Country Home Office Ideas

11. Keeping things simple but classy 

cottage office ideas

Talking about simple and classy things. I love this modern farmhouse home office setup no doubt about that. The executive office chair takes the mantle here and the office hasn’t taken much space from the room either. This idea is amazing especially if you’re working on a small space.

The office desk with metal legs has been set up against the wall with a simple carpet to compliment the space.

The floating shelves are great for decorating the space as well as storing some few items but you don’t have to overdo that because it will get messy.

12. Decor ideas for small office 

What do you think about this simple office setup? This idea is amazing for small spaces and if you’re just setting up a small farmhouse home office with few office supplies.

The vintage woven chair makes the whole setting look gorgeous but it might not be that comfortable for working with for long hours.

The cream jag is a cute choice of a planter and that statement taking lampshade looks absolutely beautiful.

13. How to create space for a small farm office

open space office

What about this tiny office space with a wooden two legged desk and two metal legged foldable chairs and a stool. I love how plain and classy the setup looks besides the kitchen sink.

The wall art above the office desk looks stunning and a small lampshade underneath it to illuminate the office space.

This is more of a modern office setup and you can pull this anywhere in tiny spaces.

14. Boho office ideas 

farmhouse home office ideas

I love everything about this farmhouse home office idea. Just look at the way the office essentials have been brought together effortlessly.

This office setup has basically everything you need for a farmhouse home office.

You can turn your bare walls into a farmhouse office by setting up a ladder desk. The ladder desk is made of wood and you can use the open cubby to store your office accessories and office supplies.

The open shelf offers more than enough space to display your favorite books, photo frames, plants and some souvenirs  you collected when out having some good time.

15. A modern touch for your space

I love comfort when working and this modern farmhouse home office idea has captured my heart.

The black swivel chair with back support and headrest goes well with the white desk and the gray rug.

The desk has a simple yet great set up with a bronze architect lamp with an adjustable arm.

The ladder shelf or storage helps in storage of office essentials making the farmhouse office look clean and well arranged.

You can add up some plants and flowers to spice up the office space if you love plants.

16. Add some plants to your office

What about this beautiful setup? If you ask me, this setup is perfect. The black chair and white farmhouse office table made of wood and metal legs look elegant. One thing with black and white combinations is that they blend in effortlessly.

Another thing worth talking about is the artificial plants in the white plants and a rustic black housing.

I also love the lamp. It doesn’t only brighten the desk but also adds up as a decor making the space look beautiful.

17. Transform a corner in your bedroom

rustic office decoration ideas

This is one of the best farmhouse home office ideas because everything looks unique from the floor to the desk.

Do you want to set up your farmhouse home office in your bedroom? This farmhouse bedroom office simply sums up every trick and tip you need.

The animal skin rug and the white plastic Eiffel chair with metallic base makes a good bedroom combination.

The black mesh chair can be a great resting seat after long hours of work.

18. Use a small table and chair for squeezed spaces

This farmhouse home office idea is a great one for squeezed spaces. The white table with wooden legs and upholstered farmhouse office chair with a bed made of wood.

The wooden white storage with a plant on top makes the space look organized and clean.

The farmhouse home office desk has everything setup for work from the computer to smaller items like pens and brushes arranged in a cardboard organizer.

The lamp and the flowers beneath the light make the table bright.

The idea of having the pink couch on the side is a brilliant one. You might want to relax on that chic couch and read your favorite book.

19. Shabby chic office decor Ideas

I love this chic farmhouse home office decor with massive white storage on the walls. The smaller storage made of wood supplements the big storage.

Let’s pause for a minute and talk about the big white planter. This planter makes a strong statement and the plant choice makes it more beautiful.

In this farmhouse home office setup there are two desks. A big desk with metal legs with a computer on top and a smaller desk that acts as a study desk with tiny drawers.

If you want a cosy farmhouse home office then this office idea might work perfectly for you.

The contrasting desk and chair blends in so well with the wooden storage on the side. There is also an additional storage space on the one tier floating shelf where you can arrange a few books and one or two photo frames.

Let’s not forget about the lamp standing on the side of the couch adding light on the sitting space.

I love the way this farmhouse office has a combination of plants at different points.

Not all working desks should be triangular and you can change the game by having a white circular table with a white wood base.

The gray mat on the table and the gray jug as a planter acts as a beautiful centerpiece.

This farmhouse home office idea is a great one especially if you’re going to share it with one or more people.

A cream throwing blanket on one of the chairs seals this farmhouse home office idea.

This modern farmhouse home office idea is perfect for content creators. If you’re a digital content creator and you just want a natural farmhouse home office then this idea will work out perfectly.

With the most important items like a camera mounted on a tripod, a laptop, and a notebook, you’re ready to start creating your content.

Bottom line

Working from home seems to be a tough task due to monotony and distractions. However, having a nice farm

So there you have it. 12 best office ideas that will make it easy for you to work from home.

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