10 Farmhouse Paint Colors to Try in 2022

Do you want to change your house décor to modern farmhouse style ? Start by changing your paint color to make the process easier.

Farmhouse style has become popular and people love it because it’s easy to blend in contemporary style with country to bring out a comfy modern home.

The Fixer Upper show on HGTV left us lots of farmhouse paint ideas. Although the show ended a long time ago, farmhouse paint colors seem to be the hot cake at the moment.

The good thing about farmhouse colors that has made people get hooked is the combination of neutral colors which easily blend in with any type of home décor.

In this article we are going to talk about different farmhouse paint colors and tips on how to choose the right farmhouse paint colors.

The tips will guide you perfectly especially if you’re not a paint expert and want to try out something new.

What Is Farmhouse Style Decor And Why Is It Becoming Trendy?

Farmhouse decor style refers to the classic country style. Farmhouse entails more than the colors and decor. If you want to adapt the modern farmhouse style fully then you might need to change your lifestyle.

You might want to produce and eat organic foods directly from the farm or garden, recycle waste and focus on producing less waste. The county people were savvy and frugal so you might have to borrow a leaf from that kind of lifestyle.

Good thing about farmhouse lifestyle is that you spend less on home decor because you upcycle or repurpose furniture and many other items.

Another advantage is that you get to do lots of DIY projects in a farmhouse lifestyle which is fun and allows you to reconnect to your roots.

10 Must Try Modern Farmhouse Paint Colors

1. White Dove By Benjamin Moore

farmhouse painting colors

If you’re looking for a warm white paint color then white dove is a perfect choice for you. There are no gazillion options when it comes to choosing the perfect white paint.

And because the options are few, it even becomes much easier to pick a white paint that gives the hue that you’re looking for. Luckily, white dove gives you that perfect hue.

White dove is a favorite paint to most people if not all. The popularity of the white dove paint is growing fast and it’s obvious it will remain trendy for many years to come.

You can use the white dove paint for your exterior, interior, any room and even shiplap. If you want a warm white paint with a little bit of yellow then this farmhouse paint color is a great choice for you.

2. Alabaster White By Sherwin Williams

Paint colors for farm home

Alabaster white is a popular farmhouse paint. Probably more popular than all the farmhouse paint colors mentioned in this article.

Alabaster White farmhouse paint gained its popularity through Joanna Gains. This cute farmhouse paint by Sherwin Williams was used by Joanna Gains on Fixer Upper.

Joanna seemed to have fallen in love with alabaster white and she used it in every home especially on shiplaps.

If you’re wondering if you can use this farmhouse paint on exterior or interior trims, then you have nothing to worry about because you can use the paint in interiors as well as exteriors.

3. Silver Strand

farmhouse interior colors

Silver strand is a mixture of color and it changes depending on the availability of natural light. We love to call silver strand paint chameleon paint because of how it changes from grey, blue to green.

If you want to paint any of your rooms with a neutral color but would love a bit more bluish then grab a sample of silver strand.

One thing that might alter the result you need is the natural light coming into the room. If the room has ample natural light then you’ll definitely love the silver strand farmhouse paint.

4. Pewter Green

Pewter Green by Sherwin Williams is commonly used in kitchens especially for prevention of molds on the kitchen cabinets and kitchen islands.

This kitchen paint by Sherwin Williams carries blue and gray undertones which help to soften this rich farmhouse paint color.

However, the undertones do not alter the depth of green that you might want. You can use this beautiful modern farmhouse paint color on office or media walls.

5. Blushing

benjamin more blush pink country color

Another incredible farmhouse paint color by Sherwin Williams. Blushing is a soft rosy pink color which works well in most spaces.

If you’re not a fan of hot pink but still want some soft pinky color then this farmhouse paint color is perfect for you.

Blushing is commonly used to decorate girls’ rooms. If you’ve been looking for a farmhouse paint color that isn’t too loud for your little girl’s room then grab a sample of blushing paint color.

You can use this farmhouse paint color for your living room walls or dining room walls too.

6. Silver Song

benjamin more silver song best farmhouse paint colors

Are you looking for a grey farmhouse paint color that isn’t that greige than silver song is what you need. Silver song by Benjamin Moore is a soft muted farmhouse paint color with sage green undertones.

We love this farmhouse paint color on open spaces and it also works well on master bedroom walls.

Are you looking for a perfect paint color that will give your spaces a farmhouse feel? Then Silver Song if the paint for you. This paint will leave a slight green hue on your walls.

7. Waterloo

farmhouse color palette

Another beautiful farmhouse paint color by Sherwin Williams. Waterloo paint is a perfect farmhouse paint color for those who fancy blue color but want a blue paint with an earth tone.

Waterloo is neutral and has gray undertones that softens the blue allowing it to work well in different spaces. This farmhouse paint color brings an enchanting ocean feel to your home.

Although the Waterloo paint color is not so popular, this farmhouse paint color is beautiful in its own way just like other farmhouse paint colors.

You can use the Waterloo paint on your bedroom spaces or any other room in your home. We have seen that most spaces painted with this Waterloo paint color have a soothing feel.

If you want a bluish paint color that isn’t really navy blue then this majestic color might work for you. Visit a paint store to grab a sample and you won’t regret it.

8. Agreeable  Gray

agreeable grey farmhouse painting ideas

Agreeable gray by Sherwin Williams is currently one of the most farmhouse paint colors. Most people go for agreeable gray because it creates a warm cozy welcoming space when painted in homes.

Agreeable gray is a mix of beige and gray and is a perfect farmhouse paint color that works well with most space.

Gray paint is one of the old school paint colors but it seems to be trendy at all times. This farmhouse paint color is one of our favorite paint colors and we love how neutral it is.

You can have agreeable gray painted on your walls and have some bold colors for decor and still manage to get a beautiful home effortlessly.

9. Sea Salt

sea salt farmhouse grey paints

Want fresh air to breathe? Sea salt by Sherwin Williams can bring that fresh air feel to any space in your home.

This iconic farmhouse paint is blue-green paint that is muted and soft. Unlike some farmhouse colors, sea salt paint doesn’t work well in some places.

Sea salt is not that neutral because it leans towards green and blue so we can confidently say it’s more of a color than neutral.

There are two types of sea salt paint colors. One by Benjamin Moore and one by Sherwin Williams. You have to be specific and know exactly what you want.

Good thing is that these farmhouse colors are not close so you can’t confuse them.

Sea salt by Benjamin Moore is grey with violet undertones.   You can use the Sherwin Williams Sea Salt if you want a splash of color in specific rooms like laundry or madhouse.

Sherwin Williams’ Sea Salt goes well with crisp white and muted terracotta floors.

You just need a little of this color but if you’ve fallen in love with this palette then you can use it on common spaces.

10. Silver Sage

silver sage farmhouse color scheme

Silver Sage by Benjamin Moore is one of the most popular farmhouse paint colors. Silver Sage is a warm green tone with a hint of grey undertone.

This farmhouse color is great when painted on any interior or exterior wall and it works well when paired with dusty purple and off-white trim.

How To Choose The Perfect Farmhouse Paint Colors For Your Home

For you to achieve a perfect fixer upper rustic style in your home, you need to pick perfect farmhouse style paint colors.

Choosing the perfect farmhouse paint colors for your home can be a tough task. Especially with the existing trend of open concept spaces in most homes.                       

Luckily, we have compiled some pointers that will help you choose the perfect farmhouse paint colors for each and every room in your home.

1. Get Paint Samples

The first step you want to do to avoid living in a space that doesn’t please you is getting paint samples. If you have some paint ideas you can grab peel and stick samples from an online paint store and save yourself the stress of having a color that you don’t want.

2. Start By Choosing the Best White Color

The first thing you need to do is to pick a white paint. We recommend soft whites like Alabaster, Simply White or White Dove.

Use the white paint color on your ceilings, trims and moulding. You can also use the white paint on entire rooms.

You might be planning to have a colorful home but you need to understand that white is the foundation of a farmhouse style. If white is not compatible with your home décor, you can incorporate other neutral colors.

You can pick white materials for your backsplash or countertops and appliances.

3. Choose Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are essential in modern farmhouse style. You’ve already picked a white to work with and now you have to head on to neutral colors like gray and beige.

Choosing the right neutral color will help you create a perfect farmhouse style. Neutral colors play the role of base color in your home.

Most people use neutral paint colors to cover cabinets or walls and both in some instances. Cool whites and gray colors have trended lately but there are people who prefer an earthy palette.

4. Consider the Color Temperature

You have picked your white and neutral colors and now you have to consider existing elements in the space that you’re planning to paint.

Let’s say for example you’re planning to turn your kitchen space to a farmhouse style kitchen, you will have to consider the countertops and the flooring you’re about to work with.

The choice of a neutral color you choose should be determined by those surfaces. Ensure that your neutral paint color compliments the tones of the existing elements. This means that you will have to look for hues that have the same temperature as your surfaces.

If you have a wood flooring, then a cream paint will draw some warmth and if you have gray countertops then you can harmonize it with a beige.

5. Choose A Color To Use In Open Spaces

paint colors for farmhouse kitchen

Now that you’ve chosen a white color you have to go ahead and choose a main color that works well on your open spaces.

Choose a neutral color for rooms that flow into each other. We love how well Agreeable gray and Silver Song works in open spaces.

As you choose the paint color, keep your focus on the undertone to determine how well it works with your furniture, floors and other fixtures in your home.

6. Maximize Natural Light

One of the essential things to consider when picking a farmhouse style paint is light. A room with less light will need a lot of bright colors and some glossy finishes.

Save saturated and dark colors for accents if you want to paint a room with less windows or less natural light coming in.

If you want to brighten smaller spaces or crowded spaces like the kitchen, try to install glass pendants or light fixtures that don’t consume a lot of space.

7. Choose Dark Colors

You have chosen your white and neutrals and now it’s time to choose a dark color paint. The color you settle for should be determined by the natural light coming into the room.

For large rooms with ample light you can go for dark colors like blue, green or any other dark colors.

Your furniture should also determine the colors of your walls. If you have white furniture then you might have to use neutrals on your walls or add a little bit of color.

8. Paint A Small Section On The Walls

You might grab a peel and stick sample but and do all the aforementioned steps but trying to paint a small section on the wall is also crucial.

When you paint the small section and compare it to your decor and furniture can save you a lot of stress because you know how the paint works with everything in the room.

9. Choose Your Farmhouse Paint Colors Finishes

Most contemporary styles are glossy and modern farmhouse paint colors are matte and brushed surfaces. For a sleek modern farmhouse style, choose modern farmhouse paint colors in semi-glossy finishes or in satin.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that semi-glossy paints work well in busy spaces, especially kitchens.

10. Accessorize Your Farmhouse Home

You’re done with the painting and the next thing you want to do to add a farmhouse charm to your house is to accessorize your spaces. You can add farmhouse signs to your living room, dining room, bedroom or even kitchen.

You can order some of these accessories from online stores or have some fun with some DIY projects. You can find some helpful videos that can help you create beautiful walls signs and other

Frequently Asked Questions On Farmhouse Paint Colors

1. What is the most popular farmhouse paint color?

Alabaster by Sherwin Williams is probably the most popular farmhouse color we have in the list of farmhouse paints.

2. What colors are considered rustic farmhouses?

Rustic simply means not urban and in this case rustic style is about country style. Most rustic paint colors are natural and deep. Rustic color palette leans on neutral earthy tones like grays, greens and browns.

3. What paint colors are considered traditional farmhouse paint colors?

White, beige and gray are considered as traditional farmhouse colors. They are the foundation of farmhouse style.

4. What is the best modern farmhouse paint color?

Modern farmhouse colors are neutral and they carry natural earthy tones. If you want the best paint colors for your spaces, you can choose a neutral color like greige, earthy green or soft white.

Dark colors are also becoming trendy and they are cute especially if you’re aiming to add a dramatic feel and look to your space.

5. Is Gray Still Trendy?

Gray color is slowly getting out of style and people are now hooked to greige color. But that doesn’t mean that people are not working with grays anymore. There are people who are still using gray.                                      

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