18 Forest Themed Bedroom Ideas You’ll Love

Do you want to create a relaxing and comfortable haven? A forest themed bedroom is what you need. You can go for a rustic, elegant, luxurious modern style, or contemporary style based on your personal preference and choices.

Forest theme decor is all about layering different textures and colors to create the depth that you’ll only find in forests.

You can decorate both girl’s and boy’s rooms with forest-themed decor because this theme lends itself to all age groups and all genders.

We have compiled some of the best forest theme ideas that can inspire you to get started with a bedroom transformation project and bring the outdoors right into your haven.

1. Beautiful patterns inspired by nature

Start by transforming your bed before heading on to the walls and other parts with this beautiful forest trail patterned bed set.

The 3-piece lodge printed is made from ultra-soft fiber that offers the comfort you need while letting nature rest on your bed in beautiful patterns.

The sheets are all season so they keep you warm in winters and cool in summer all thanks to the 100% polyester fabric material.

You can get any size from twin, full, king to queen size with 17 inches deep pockets that fit any bed. These bed sheets are a clever addition to your forest theme bedroom and they give you a great starting point as you head-on with other parts of your room.

2. Add a beautiful forest wallpaper

You obviously can’t bring in the trees and all the features found in the forest physically but wallpaper can. If you love camping then this wallpaper will bring the jungle right into your bedroom.

The wallpaper is easy to install and is thick so you don’t need to worry about it tearing. You can install it on your own or call a professional to help you with the installation process.

3. Brighten it up with a woods wall art

Brighten your bedroom with this canvas wall art with a window and forest patterns on it. This wall art can brighten up your space easily.

If you want it bright in the dark, a led light that doesn’t heat up can be a clever addition to the wall art. The wall art comes in different sizes so you get to choose the best fit for your bedroom.

4. Add rainforest themed stickers on the kids room and nursery

Spruce up your kids’ bedrooms with forest-themed bedroom stickers with different characters like trees, animals, and birds. These stickers create a woodland concept and are easy to install.

HoneyJoy stickers are not age-restricted so if you want to create an adventurous space in your bedroom you can go ahead and install them in your bedroom wall.

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5. Bring the misty look indoors with an evergreen Coniferous  wall art

Another beautiful wall art for your forest-themed bedroom. This high-quality wall art with pines and flying birds in misty weather is a great addition to your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or even office.

The wall art comes with hanging hooks so you don’t have to do much, you just hang it straight from the box and get that misty forest in your space.

6. Add a wild animals metal art work

If you don’t want to install wallpapers then this forest-themed bedroom decor piece might be ideal for you. The wall art is made of high-grade metal with laser cutting technology to make the bear, deer, trees, and the mountains. The wall art comes with hooks so it’s easy to set it up on your wall.

7. Go for a unique log pillow

Apart from the walls, you can add a forest element on your bed like this 3D log throw pillow that looks like a real log.

This cylindrical pillow is made of safe materials for your family. The shell is made of 100% polyester microfiber and the liner is pure cotton. The manufacturer of the pillow used the latest 3D technology to print the realistic log.

8. Unique outdoor themed bedroom

An ideal piece of art and source of light to your kid’s bedroom or nursery. This lamp and shade includes a fluorescent energy-saving bulb and is a clever way of bringing the woodlands to the kid’s bedroom.

If you want a fully customized decor space you can sum this up with Lambs and woodlands forest 100% cotton baby fitted crib sheets.

9. Forest decor ideas with a unique headboard

forest bedroom theme

If you don’t have an elongated headboard and you’re wondering how you’ll decorate the blank space above the headboard then this concept might work for you.

Bring the misty woodlands right in your bedroom with this wall chart and blend it in with earthy beddings.

10. Create a forest themed bedroom with palm wall art

forest decor

Brighten up the blank space above your headboard with two panel paintings printed with green leaves. The palm tree painting and the green leaf are a great way of adding nature to your space in a modern way.

The unframed wall art was made using canvas and was done using an oil-based painting so it doesn’t fade easily. You can decorate any room: your bedroom, living room, kitchen, office, and even kid’s rooms using these wall arts.

11. Dark forest themed bedroom with wooden tiles

woods themed bedroom

Source: beliani_uk

Go fully in with forest-themed elements from the walls to the indoor plants. You can never go wrong with a combination of earthy tones and forest-themed decor.

This bedroom has forest-themed wallpaper and a planter with some plants on the side. These natural elements have been complimented by the earthy beddings and floor. The misty forest on the wall brings a cool outdoor adventure.

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12. Minimalist woodland themed bedroom

outdoor themed bedroom

Source: the_turret_house

Keep it minimal with a woodlands painting on one side of the walls, especially the headboard space. You might need some woodland patterned bed sheets or linen to get forest-themed bedroom vibes.

13. Forest room decor for kids bedroom

Source: renovating_thehoneypot

If you’re struggling to create a forest-themed bedroom then this bedroom can give you some inspiration. You don’t have to spend a fortune on the transformation, purchase some woodland decals and turn those blank walls into magnificent ones.

14. Trees silhouette decals 

nature bedroom decor

Source: pinterest.com

Decorate the plain walls in your kid’s rooms, guest room, living room, or bedroom with vinyl tree decals. The tree decals bring a small forest in the room giving you that forest-themed bedroom vibe you need.

15. Create a little paradise in the nursery

forest room decor

Source: gypsytribex

We can’t hide it, this bedroom is nothing less of heaven. Look at how everything looks so beautiful. A little bit of boho and forest theme combined to create a beautiful nursery. Add some lights on the decals and bed frame to brighten up the space.

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16. Simple forest inspired bedroom

forest home decor

Source: worldoftapestries

Create an illusion of a deep magical forest in your bedroom with this awesome tapestry. Some ceiling lights just above the tapestry will do the mystic wall hanging some justice.

The good thing about these wall tapestries is that you get to remove them any time you feel like and they don’t require a lot of work to hang them.

17. Soothing woods bedroom ideas

Source: theforcegallery.com

A luxurious bedroom might not be complete without a touch of forest theme decor. Thankfully you can add some calm forest wall arts and turn the room into an interesting themed bedroom.

Consider earth tones when working on other parts like the bed, walls, floors, lighting, and other decorative elements.

18. Forest canopy bed

forest decorating ideas

When we talk about forest-themed bedrooms we don’t just mean adding forest-themed decorative elements on the wall only, you can embrace forest theme decor with a 24K gold forest canopy bed.

Have a restful night under the golden leaves and with an enchanted finish made just for you. We love how the branches are thoughtfully twisted individually to create a fanciful forest.


1. How do I make my bedroom earthy?

Opt for brown color beddings, add a few indoor plants, and low lighting. Here are a few earthy bedroom ideas you can try.

2. Which theme is best for the bedroom?

Most common themes include forest them, earthy bedroom, farmhouse theme, Japanese bedroom, gothic bedroom, and futuristic bedroom ideas.

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