15 Gold Wall Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Spaces

Do you want to create an elegant and luxurious ambiance in your home? You can easily achieve your goal by adding gold wall decor pieces.

Although you want that elegant look for your home, you have to be careful on how you go about it because if you go overboard you’re going to end up with a flashy looking space.

Gold wall decor refreshes dull spaces and the good thing is that gold art goes well with all interior decor designs and styles. Whether you have a farmhouse themed space or modern themed home, gold wall art can spruce up your home.

We know how hard it is to make or buy gold wall arts and sometimes you can feel confused on what exactly to buy for your walls. For that reason, we came up with a list of gold wall art items that you can either buy or pick a leaf from for your walls. Below are some of the gold wall decor items:

1. Metal Gold Wall Decor With Frame

Coming from Lulu Home, the Lulu golden wall decor with frame is made of iron and comes in a set of two so that means you get two beautiful golden hangings when you shop for this package.

The leaves on this wall art has a 3D design, carefully intertwined together forming a slight hollow curve. Some of the leaves appear dark while others appear light forming an elegant artistic appeal.

The paint used on the Lulu golden wall art is not too yellowish, just a perfect golden color with some elegance. The paint used is anti rust so you don’t have to worry about your wall hangings turning ugly due to rust.

2. Rustic Mason Jars Scones Decor With LED Strip Lights

Want a touch of shabby chic in your modern home or farmhouse home? These rustic Mason jars scones decor with LED lights is probably what you need. The Mason jars scones decor come in sets of two and they create a strong visual appeal of beauty, elegance and harmony.

Made to match any walls or rooms in your home, the GBtroo wall art are made of plain wood and they come with Iron hooks at the back to make it easy for you to hang them on your walls. This would look awesome next to your farmhouse hutch.

3. Large Wall Clock With Roman Numerals

3D clocks are the in thing in this era and they are highly functional as long as wall decor is concerned. Vangold 3D wall clock is a great wall decor piece with gold color. The wall clock comes with adhesive and an auxiliary ruler that makes it easy for you to install.

The clock also comes with an instructional video so you can follow the guide when installing the clock.  The numbers on the clock are big enough so you can easily read them at a distance.

The clock’s size is adjustable so you can reduce the size to fit the wall of the room you want to install  the clock on.

4. White Floating Shelves With Golden Brackets

You might want something different from the usual wall decor and shop for this set of three white MDF wood wall mounted shelves.

While the shelves are great for decorating and creating a vanity design in your home, the shelves can hold some items in your room depending on where you decide to install them.

The shelves have strong triangular shaped golden brackets that give them an elegance and create an artistic look.

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5. Golden Glimmer Wall Art

Madison Park Golden glimmer wall art comes in a set of two and they add a glam to your room instantly after installation.

The wall art is made of canvas with a little bit of cardboard backing and has an abstract design with a little bit of metallic hues giving it a striking luxurious look.

The Madison Park wall decor is easy to hang on your walls because it has 2D rings at the back which you can use to hang the golden glimmer set.

6. Star Gold Round Mirror

If you’re the kind of a person who loves mirrors then this Andy Star Golden round mirror is something you’ll  fall in love with. The mirror has a perfect circle design and can be best used on bathroom walls, living room or even on doorways.

Simply add some touch of sophistication  in your home by adding some light to get a beautiful reflection and create a vanity look.

The mirror’s frame is made of stainless steel painted gold and it measures 30 inches. The mirror is big and you might need to take measurements of your walls before adding the mirror to your cart. Perfect for a small bedroom.

7. Handmade Bohemian Gold Lunar Moon Phase Wall Hanging

Made of hammered iron sheet metal, the gold moon phase wall hanging comes with a garland of 13 moons with a 36 inch length.

The phases of the moon are golden with a beautiful shining effect making them an ideal gold wall art to add on your bedroom, living room or any other room in your home.

If you want to add a touch of vintage touch to your home, this moon phase wall hanging is the best pick. The hanging is lightweight and you can easily hang it on your walls using nails.

8. Metal Wall Hanging Planter

The Schwhousi black metal wall planter comes in a black color and has a gold bracket to hold it on the wall. The planter can be used to decorate any walls in your home. Add some greenery by adding small faux succulents or any other air plants.

The triangular shaped metal planters are easy to install and they are best for decorating modern spaces.

9. White and Gold Wall Art For Living Room

This set of three wall arts are perfect for decorating your living room, bedroom, home office and other rooms. The wall arts are made from canvas stretched on pine bars.

When you order the wall art, you receive a park of three pieces of art which measure 16 by 12 inches each.

Gold Wall Decor Ideas: Styling Your Space

10. Beetles On The Wall

Source: thriftysretro

Combine nature and glamour with three golden beetles on your walls. The gold beetles can be used to decorate tables, sideboards and walls. Use all the three beetles together or separate them and decorate different parts of your home with each beetle.

11. Vintage Gold Wall Shelf

gold wall plaques

Source: rosehaus.collection

We love this idea: a highly functional piece of decor that can be used as a storage or small plants propagation station.

This vintage gold wall art can be used to decorate bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, or bathroom. You can install the wall shelf on your bathroom or bedroom wall and use it to store nail polish and some other small bottled beauty products.

12. Bring The World On Your Wall

gold wall decorating

Source: redcandyuk

How about having the whole world in your home walls with this geometrical gold world map? This world map made of metal and painted gold can act as a focal point in your space no matter where you decide to mount it.

The gold map hangs on the walls thus it creates a 3D effect on the walls casting some shadows on the walls, a great wall art for your living room and home office.

13. Gold Geometric Wall Art

decorating with gold

Source: jumi_home

Here’s another brilliant wall art idea to turn your empty walls into an elegant space. This irregular triangular shaped geometrical wall art is extra large, big enough to cover a big wall.

This minimalist wall art is made of metal painted in matte gold color. You don’t need to be an expert to install the wall hanging because it’s easy to hang using screws.

Add this luxurious wall art on your modern themed home or even country themed house and add a spark to your space.

14. Vintage Gold Owl Wall Decor

gold wall accents

Source: Januaryviolets

Are you an owl lover? How about adding this beautiful family to your space. This vintage gold owl wall decor idea is a good symbol of harmony in the family.

The decor piece comes with two big owls and a small one a symbol of complete family. You can hand the owls on your walls in any room in your home or office.

15. Contemporary Gold Wall Mirror

decorating walls

Source: Codifyatcustomview

You might want to expand your space by adding this contemporary wall art with a vintage mirror to provide reflection to your room.

This piece is beautiful and is best for modern style decor. A white vase and some greenery beneath the mirror can tie everything together.

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