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17 Gothic Bedroom Ideas to Spur Your Creativity

Spacious rooms, bold and dark colors, gorgeous bed frames are part of the modern gothic bedroom. And there is more. If you are looking to transform your sleeping space into something more dramatic, this article is for you.

Below, we’ll explore elegant gothic bedroom designs that will make your space stylish and comfortable. From stunning gothic chandeliers to goth furniture, there is something for everyone.

Gothic Style Bedroom Ideas

There are some must-haves in every gothic bedroom. And, here is our short list of what you’ll need.

Gothic mirror

Gothic bedroom mirrors come in different styles and patterns. The main three include skull, royal pattern, and floral pattern. Also, most mirrors come in gold or black. Floral mirrors are larger than the other options. Choose wisely!


Another staple gothic bedroom idea is the candle. You can go with a skull candle holder or vintage style holder for a more romantic setting.


Black or purple bedding will do for any gothic style bedrooms. These bedding come with different patterns ranging from plain textured fabrics to gothic butterflies to skull duvets and pillow cases.

Wall decor

From hanging macrame to coffins to witchy wall decor, there is plenty to choose from. We recommend you go for goth accessories that will match your wood furnishings, wallpapers, and duvet.

Area rug

Stylish Victorian gothic bedrooms need a good area rug to keep your feet warm or for your furry friends. Choose a gothic rug depending on the size of your bedroom. Make it patterned and darker for the right ambiance.


Have a plain ceiling? A gorgeous Victorian style chandelier will be a great gothic decor idea for your ceiling.

Nightstand and dresser

Some important gothic furnishings for your bedroom include a nightstand and dresser. Black with glossy surfaces will complement any room.

Now that you know all the must-haves, here are a few gothic bedroom ideas to help you put everything together.

1. Black and white Modern gothic bedroom ideas

Simple yet elegant. This bedroom has plenty to borrow from. I love the large bed with a tall headboard. The textured white duvet cover and pillows cases add elegance to the space. A gorgeous gothic rug adds style and keeps feet warm when stepping out of bed.

For the wall decor, the interior designer goes all out with a large coffin that can fit different souvenirs and a large wall mirror. This gothic mirror helps distribute light in the room, making it appear bigger. Over the headboard gothic curtain adds a classic look to the room. If you are looking for gothic bedroom decor that stands out, there is plenty to borrow from this black and white goth room.

2. Black Gothic decor for bedroom

Don’t like white? Spookylittlelair shared this gorgeous gothic style bedroom idea. According to some cultures, dream catchers help one sleep comfortably by keeping away from nightmares. This chic bedroom has two, ensuring sleeping patterns are not interrupted. A large moon painting adds style to the dark walls.

The black nightstands also add to the drama while the black bedding provides comfort. Want to bring the outdoors into your room? A gothic planter will help you do just that. Pumpkin and skull decorative pieces add charm to this unique bedroom setting.

3. Create gothic ambiance with black walls

This interior designer shows step by step transformation of their bedroom from a traditional plain room to a chic gothic bedroom. Starting off, they painted half the wall black. The dark walls complement that large Victorian style bed frame.

Also, they added two Victorian gothic furniture pieces that add style and offer more space to display their gothic inspired accessories. Large oversized floor mirror adds vintage charm to space while the ceiling lighting complements the bedding. If you want to marry a traditional style bedroom with gothic decor, this inspiration is the best pick for you.

4. Gothic wall decor for modern bedroom

There are a few ways to create a gothic atmosphere in your bedroom. Apart from dark wall paint, there are a few wall decor items you can add to spruce up your space.

I love this classic wall. The interior designer has added two large paintings with shades of purple, a small wall coffin, dream catcher to add boho charm, and small star mirror. instead of the traditional gothic chandelier, this designer opts for a rustic lamp. Black fan ensures her summer nights are cool and comfy.

5. Purple Gothic bedroom ideas

Dark purple is synonymous with Victorian style gothic bedrooms. From the gorgeous purple curtains to the unique wall mirror, there is plenty you can borrow from this designer. Instead of the traditional black bedding, this designer opter for a more modern white bedding with beautiful black vintage floral patterns. The thick duvet is complemented by the black and white pillow cases and floral lamp.

The tall floor lamp ensures the room is well lit while the wall bookcase provides plenty of room to keep your latest reads close and a few gothic accessories. This Victorian purple gothic bedroom is perfect for anyone looking for romantic themed gothic decor.

6. Gothic red and black bedroom ideas

Chic and stylish. This goth interior design inspiration is perfect for any young man or woman. Cozy and intriguing, this is the perfect example of what you can do with a small bedroom. There are a few things we love about this space.

One, the five piece painting adds a sense of mystery to the room. Over the headboard decor includes five gothic dolls. Speaking of the headboard, it’s covered with beautiful velvet fabric for a luxurious look and feel. Instead of large floor lamps, opt for smaller bedside lamps. Black gothic side tables offer plenty of space to keep your books close. Santa hats are a great way to add a sense of cheer to the space.

7. Gothic Victorian Bedroom with beautiful velvet upholstery

Luxurious and spacious, this gothic bedroom idea is perfect for anyone looking for a master goth home decor idea. The vintage chandelier adds a classic look while providing enough lighting for this space. Large bed can fit a couple and the silk bedding looks quite inviting.

The gorgeous tufted headboard adds a dramatic look to the space. If you have a lot of clutter, this goth room provides plenty of storage ideas, from the side table to the end bench. I love the large windows that ensure the bedroom is well lit and airy. This gothic theme bedroom looks classic and elegant.

8. Modern gothic office in bedroom

Due to recent happenings around the globe, most of us have had to work from home. Great! And, to ensure you don’t develop pains and remain focused, we recommend you set up an office in your bedroom.

I like what Karina has done with her space. A comfy black and purple high back chair, small gothic desk with plenty of drawers is all the gothic furniture you need to add. And, if you have a small bedroom window, add a few wooden mirrors to make the space appear larger. Decorate your dresser with a few gothic accessories.

9. Go with skull bedding

If you don’t want to change your room’s interior design, there are other ways you can add a gothic ambiance to your space. One, Johnny or arancafaria69 added some gothic charm to his bedroom by using the large black skull bedding. I looked around and found skull bedding that come in different fabrics, colors, and patterns.

We like the simple patterned rug. The side tables are quite intriguing too. Notice the candle holder? I think it’s the icing on the cake.

10. Sun and Moon curtains and bedding to make a statement

Nothing adds cheer to a room like sun decor. And for good vibes, the curtains and bedding of this gothic bedroom includes the moon and stars. Instead of the white floral arrangement, go with a black roses arrangement.

11. Luxury black gothic bedroom with purple lighting

Have a canopy bed? An elegant black mosquito net will not only keep bugs away but give your bed a mysterious and classic feel. Tufted bed frame adds vintage charm to this black goth bedroom. Instead of traditional lighting, go for playful colored bulbs. For over the headboard decor, we recommend a gold mirror or painting.

12. Try a greet couch

Want a small gothic reading nook in your bedroom? I like what this decorator did with their room. A small tufted leather couch provides the perfect relaxation spot in the bedroom. The vintage gothic canopy bed frame makes a great background.

13. Simple yet elegant

Dark wall paint, vintage side lamps, large headboard, and antique dresser are some of the gothic bedroom ideas you can borrow from this space. For the end of the bed gothic bench, we recommend you get one with a hidden storage compartment so you can keep your gothic style bedding.

14. Goth room with a playful touch

Looking to spruce a teenager’s room? Featuring some playful aspects, this bedroom inspiration is ideal for any girl. I love the large floral mirror that matches the large over headboard decor and gothic floor lamp. The purple wall paint brightens the room while the black curtain kinda tones it down. String bedroom lights light up the bedroom while the photo collage brings everything together.

15. Luxury gothic black bedroom ideas

Now this is the epitome of all things gothic bedroom ideas. Stunning, vintage and charming, I know most of us would love to have a closer view of this room. Nevertheless, I really love the antique bed, black and gorgeous patterns that make it standout. Gothic chair is the ideal reading nook for any bibliophile. Gorgeous gothic rug, chandelier, curtains, Oh, there is so much to love about this room.

16. Black bedroom ideas

Is black a good color for the bedroom? Absolutely. And, you need to get it right from the start. Opt for stylish furnishing with pretty detailing. For bedroom curtains, pick long flowing curtains with sheers to allow natural light in. Spider wall decor is a great addition to the walls. Large vintage bedroom chandeliers are a great way to light up this gorgeous gothic style bedroom.

17. Dark purple goth room

Don’t like black? Purple gothic decor is a great way to bring your bedroom to life. Rich textures, long flowing bedroom curtains, and beautiful detailing on the bed transforms this space into a luxurious room. Add a few decorative pillows to complete the look.

Final thoughts

Looking to decorate your bedroom? Dark, mysterious, and elegant is the best way to describe goth themed bedrooms. What are some of the must-have decor accessories? You’ll need long flowing curtains, a bed with a black bed frame, a skull or vintage candle holder, and textured bedding.

For the wall decor, opt for a large goth mural or a photo collage. Ensure you have a gothic vanity for your make up and more. In the article above we’ve explored 17 gothic bedroom ideas to suit any age and different style. You’ll find what you need to transform your room into a cozy space here.

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