9 Gothic Living Room Ideas to Spur Your Creativity

From bold, dark colors to rich textures, Gothic home decor is different from other types of decor styles. If you are looking to transform your living room, you are in the right place. In the article below we’ll explore different ways, small and big, you can add Victorian Gothic charm to your room.

And to make it easy for you to follow, these decorating ideas will start from the top (lighting) to the bottom (floor). At the end, we’ll include a few images to help you pull everything together. Let’s start.


There are various ways you can light your Gothic room. One of the best ways is to opt for a vintage chandelier. Gothic light fixtures for the living room include vintage black chandeliers or towering floor lamps. For high ceilings, opt for large chandeliers with exquisite crystals.

Gothic Furniture


Gothic furniture comes in dark colors but it does not have to be dull or boring. If you have a small living room, we recommend you opt for a high back club chair such as this Gothic style chair by Christopher Knight. Check that the accent chair is upholstered in beautiful, easy-to-clean fabric. Also, go for a tufted chair.

For a larger space, we recommend a Gothic sofa. Dark, rich texture, and large enough to accommodate at least two people. Christopher Knight has a nice option that also features nailhead trimming to make it more stylish. Black, cool, and elegant.

To make your seating area more cozy and bright, you can add a few throw pillows. Go for white pillows with decorative writings.


Depending on your Gothic living room design, you can go for a small or large table. A few recommendations. One, you can try this gray dragon Gothic decor table with a glass top. Intricately designed sculpture and large enough to hold a tray, it’s perfect for small Victorian Gothic living rooms.

Two, if you have kids around, opt for a trunk table. Large enough for most living rooms, this beauty from Sei furniture will add a touch of vintage sophistication to your home.


Living room gothic walls are characterized by dark walls. But, even with light colored walls there are various ways you can add Victorian Gothic charm to any wall. Here are a few Gothic living room decor wall ideas you can try.

  • Mirrors: One thing I like about Gothic style mirrors is the frames. Mostly made of wood, the dark frames feature intricate designs that ensure they standout.
  • Coffin bookshelf: Another way to add style to your bare walls is by hanging a floating coffin bookshelf on your wall. Add a few witch room decor to complete the set up.
  • Macrame: In a recent article on boho wall decor, we lookerood at a few macrame designs and we loved this woven hanging that comes in black. It’s the perfect backdrop curtain for any modern Gothic living room.
  • Fireplace: If you want your living room to look and feel Gothic, you need a Victorian inspired fireplace. Whether working or non-working, this feature provides the ideal place to show off your Gothic accessories and collectibles.
  • Wall art: From sexy witch Gothic wall art to skull posters, there is plenty to choose from.


Another important piece of Gothic interior design style is the floor rug. What type of rug should you go for? You could try this refined serpent area rug for a large Gothic room or this small faux fur rug for small space.

Potted plants

Lastly, a few potted plants will look at home in your Gothic room. I checked a popular online store and there are plant decorating ideas to go with.

Gothic living room designs ideas: How to put everything together

After choosing the accessories and furniture that will go well with your Gothic style living room, here are a few inspirations to help you create a cozy space in your home.

1. Large wall art to fill your vertical spaces

gothic living room ideas

If you prefer minimal art on your walls, this large photo frame idea could be for you. It’s bold and beautiful, making it the perfect focal point for any Victorian Gothic style home. A small couch and farmhouse side table to add rustic charm to your interior space.

2. Basket living room design ideas 

gothic room decorations

Gray walls? No problem! Add some style with traditional style basket decorative pieces. Hang the pieces depending on the size of your wall. From this inspiration you can also borrow a few throw pillow ideas to make your sofa more comfy and elegant.

3. Modern Gothic living room designs on budget

gothic room

On a tight budget? You can repaint old furniture to your living rooms needs. Add a large potted plant and a few throws and you are good to go.

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4. Large open spaces; Elegant and classic

If you have white walls, there are a few Gothic living room ideas you can borrow from this set up. From the black sofa to the dark TV stand to the gorgeous sculpture on the background, everything comes together perfectly. And instead of traditional Gothic decorative accessories, you can opt for classic guitars that make the space look sophisticated.

5. Spooky living room decor ideas

interior design gothic

Source: @Xhanta

Xhanta shared a few Gothic living room ideas that you’ll absolutely love. The large farmhouse design sofa looks cozy and comfy. Perfect place to snuggle and watch Netflix all day. Unique Gothic throws for your head and a thick quilt to cover up on those cold days.

The dark purple ottoman is the perfect place to place your tired feet after a long day. For the walls, I love the large round mirror and the black ladder, you can hang your throw blanket when not in use. This Gothic living room looks simple yet classy. Perfect for any stylish young lady.

6. Scary Bat Wall Decal

dark room decor

Source: @eternal.mama.lion

Bats decal is a cool way to add life and soul to your bedroom or living room. Most packs come with as many as 28 3D bats. We also like the coffin that eternal.mama.lion has used to show off her favorite Gothic art and decor accessories. Black Halloween throw blanket perfect way to keep warm in a Gothic style living room.

7. Vintage Mirror for dark interior Idea

black wall decor

Source: CellarySellery

Antique mirrors are a staple in any Gothic living room. Rich brown color matches the metal candelabra. Intricate design lends elegance to the dark background. Add an arrangement of your favorite flowers to add a pop of color.

8. Add plants to give life and soul to your Gothic living room decor

gothic chic decor

Source: gothicdecor

Every living room needs a few plants. There are different types of decorative plants you could use in your Gothic rooms. Gothicdecor has added the agave americana that looks like a pineapple, a cane plant, and the money plant look at home next to the Gothic wall decor. We also like the unique Gothic candle holder and other decor pieces.

9. Gothic interior design for a modern home

stylish room decor

Source: hornsbystyle.com

A modern home needs modern ideas. We were inspired by ideas from hornsbystyle.com. From the unique stylish furniture to the gorgeous fireplace, any goth would feel right at home in this gorgeous living room. Unique chandelier adds vintage charm to the room while the gold table adds a touch of elegance to the room.


Most Goths prefer unique living rooms. And, if you are looking for gothic living room ideas to spruce up your space, the ideas above are inspired by other Goth lovers. From unique furniture to floor rugs, there is something for everyone. We’d also like to hear from you if you have some other ideas to share with us. Happy decorating.

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