How to Grow Bamboo in Containers for Privacy on Pergola

Privacy is important more so in your patio. A good screen should keep off on-lookers especially if you live in densely populated areas. One of the ways to ensure that your space is not intruded is by growing bamboo in containers for privacy.

There are different types of bamboo plants and they vary in size, colors, and texture. However, you will love the beautiful sight they bring to your home besides giving you privacy.

But how do you go about that if you are renting an apartment and therefore you don’t want to invade someone’s space permanently? This article will discuss everything you need to know about growing bamboo in containers to offer a screen.

Planting Bamboo in Pots

How to grow bamboo in container as privacy screen

Bamboo plants in containers can be grown in various places within your home. The best place to grow bamboo is outdoors because that’s where most intrusion and peeping come from.

If your intention is to have a good barrier, it would be best if you planted the smaller species because their height is manageable. Also, they won’t grow too big and make it difficult for your to move them.

Best bamboo for privacy screens

potted bamboo

Many people face challenges when choosing the best bamboo plant for privacy. There are many bamboo that you can choose to give a barrier to your home. Here are some of them.

  • The Multiple Hedge Bamboo

When planted in open spaces, this bamboo can grow to a 15 ft height. However, the height can be restricted when it is grown in containers.

You will keep and maintain them easily when in containers because they hardly exceed a height of 8ft. This type of bamboo can withstand the winter and they are a perfect choice for a bamboo screen.

  • Phyllostachys

These are other good bamboo screen choices mostly found in Asian countries. They are among the most famous and widely grown bamboo species in the world.

They are tolerant to extreme winter colds but can also survive in any climate. When grown in containers, their roots and rhizomes are restricted and therefore you can keep them in an area that is well defined.

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How to choose the right type

There are several things you need to consider when choosing a good bamboo barrier. Here is a discussion of each.

  • Running bamboo

Bamboo are different and this is why you must consider if your choice is a running bamboo. These plants are invasive and they are not a good preference for privacy screens.

The issue with running bamboo is that they are not uniform and they spread out too much. Nevertheless, this doesn’t rule it out when it comes to your privacy needs.

All you have to do is to grow them in a planter so that you contain the roots. Otherwise, you will have problems with your neighbor when the roots start invading their space.

  • Clumping bamboo

Most people prefer this type of bamboo because it is not invasive. The clumping bamboo stays in one area and its growth is gradual and takes place from the center to the outwards.

It also grows gradually and you can easily control it. Clumping bamboo, therefore, is the best option for screens and you don’t have to plant them in pots.


As mentioned earlier, bamboo species may differ in color, size, and height. These aspects are great determinants of how your privacy screen will look like.

There are green, red, blue, black, brown, and yellow types of plants. Also, you will find some with a combination of all these colors. Some are taller than others and therefore you must consider these aspects in your choice.

Coping with elements

Bamboo species differ when it comes to weather. For instance, some are cold hardy and others do well in tropical climates. Nevertheless, you have to be more careful with the ones that are not persevering to the cold.

This is because if the temperature goes slightly below, their growth might be affected. You should therefore consider the climate of where you live before choosing a bamboo plant.

Choosing right container

growing bamboo in pots

Now that you have chosen bamboo, it’s time to pick the perfect container for your plant. Since the market has different types of pots, your search for one might be hectic. Here are some factors that will help you pick a good container.

  • Size

The size of the container is the main factor that you should look into. It is determined by the size of bamboo you have chosen. Nevertheless choosing a big container is great because bamboo have rhizomes and roots that like much space.

If you have smaller bamboo plants consider picking an 18 by 18 inches container and ensure that it is also 18 inches deep. You also need to divide or replant the plants at least after every year if you plant them in tiny containers.

  • Soil

Soil is another important aspect to consider when choosing a container. Different bamboo plants require different types of soil although they are not picky.

However, the soil should offer better conditions for the growth of the plants. Also, it should have proper drainage so that water doesn’t get stuck on top of the pots. This plant requires enough moisture for it to thrive well.

  • Construction

Bamboo plants require stronger containers because each root will eventually grow and become heavy. This will make it hard for plastic or weak wooden pots to hold the plant. You, therefore, need a strong container.

If you are going for a wooden one, ensure it is well screwed and it has a metallic reinforcement.

Maintenance tips for Growing bamboo in pots 

Finding the perfect container for your bamboo is the next step that comes after choosing the plants. You need to know that bamboo grown in a pot requires more care than the one grown in the soil.

You have to divide them after every three years. This is because they become thick and might not be contained in the pots.

Another reason why potted bamboo requires much care is that some are easily affected by environmental stress more than the ones planted on the ground. Nevertheless, with proper maintenance, bamboo can grow anywhere whether outdoors or indoors.

At first, you might note that your bamboo is drying. This is because of root containment. Also, cold, sun heat, and strong winds might also affect the plants. Nevertheless, with proper care, the plants will thrive well if taken good care in pots.

Benefits Of growing bamboo on your patio

Growing bamboo at home

Bamboo are the best materials for privacy screens. It is most homeowners preferred because they also serve as windbreakers. Also, a potted bamboo hedge comes with lots of benefits and here is why you need them in your garden or around your compound.

  • Sound barrier

Besides being a privacy screen, bamboo hedges are a great sound barrier and you won’t regret planting them. They will block any noise from the streets, vehicles, or schools.

Also, people from outside will not hear your conversation thus offering you utmost privacy. However, for the hedge to block sound completely, you must ensure it is dense.

  • Aesthetic appeal

This is another reason why you should consider a bamboo hedge. Their evergreen look will add beauty to your home and lift its appearance.

The screen will also offer shade and keep the temperatures low during the summer season since they are tall.

  • Protection from elements

A bamboo hedge also permits enough flow of air into your compound and this will be a great justice to your outdoor space.

You won’t have to feel suffocated and stuffy in your home. Also, it helps in light penetration unlike with a concrete wall which sacrifices your view.

  • Cost-effective

Unlike other screens, bamboo hedges are easy to maintain and cost-effective. You don’t require them to paint or wash them.

All you will be doing is trim the shoots thrice a year to ensure they don’t extend outwards.


Bamboo fencing is a great way to transform your garden, patio pergola and ensure that your space is free from disruptions, onlookers, and noise.

It is therefore important to choose the right bamboo in a container for a privacy screen. The running and clumping bamboo are the best because they are cold hardy and can be potted easily. This article has discussed how to grow bamboo in containers for a privacy screen.

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