How to Install a Farm Sink Easily: 3 Methods

Installing a kitchen sink is an easy task for any handy person. You can install a discount farm sink yourself in one day with the proper tools. First, take measurements for the required plumbing and cut pipes accordingly. Next, put in all the plumbing fittings and tighten them. Lastly, install the faucet and check all connections for leaks before turning on the water supply.

Below we detail each of these steps, making it easier to mount the sink. From installing drop-in sinks to installing undermount sinks, here is the right way to do it.

Types of farm sinks

1. Drop in farmhouse sink

drop in farm sink

With the price of water and sewer service on the rise, homeowners are looking for ways to save money. One option is to install a drop in farm sink in your kitchen. Also known as top mount sinks or self-trimming sinks, this type of farm sink has an easy-to-see lip that rests on the countertop and holds everything in place.

2. Undermount farm sink

undermount sink

Many people prefer to install an undermount farm sink in their kitchen because the design is sleek and it does not take up a lot of space in your kitchen. Unlike the drop in sink, the lip of this country style sink does not show.

´╗┐This kitchen sink is held to the counter by a strong adhesive. The sink allows you to easily wash large pots and pans and prepare big meals without worrying about the water spilling over the sides.

3. Apron front sink

apron front sink

Commonly found in farmhouse style homes, this farm style sink made of ceramic or stainless steel. The front side of the sink is exposed.

It also comes in two designs; single basin and double basin option. If you are looking for something classic and timeless, an apron front farm sink is the perfect option for your kitchen.

What tools do I need to install the sink

  • Sink: From the types above, pick the type that best suits your home.
  • Safety equipment: We recommend you get some safety glasses to protect your eyes as you work under the sink.
  • A wrench
  • Sealant and putty
  • Knife

How to uninstall an existing sink

One of the first things you need to do when planning your kitchen renovation is measure your old sink. While shopping, these measurements will come in handy and help you select the right sized sink. Also, determine if you want to replace any of the existing components such as faucets.

Next, you must shut off the water supply lines before removing the old sink. Place a small bucked in the farm sink cabinet, relieve pressure from it by turning on the faucets then using the wrench, disconnect the faucet from the line. The bucket will catch the remaining water.

Got a garbage disposal? With pliers, carefully unplug it, remove the drain line and remove the disposal.

Lastly using the screwdriver, loosen the metal clips, cut the caulk and remove the sink.

How to install a farm sink

After uninstalling your old sink, clean up the old putty, caulk and grime and any debris. Be sure to put on gloves to protect your hands.

Top mount sink

  1. Set the sink to ensure it fits perfectly in the existing cabinetry.
  2. Remove the sink then apply a bead of sealant around the cutout.
  3. Place the sink back and press it down firmly. Be sure to check it is aligned properly.
  4. Hold it in place for about 5 minutes then tighten the mounting brackets.
  5. With a wet cloth, wipe the excess silicone

Important tip: You can install the drain and faucet before installing the drop-in farm sink

Undermount sink Installation

  1. Set the sink under the cabinet to check if it fits. If not, make necessary adjustments using a jigsaw or tile cutter.
  2. Apply silicone around its edges.
  3. Raise it to the countertop and hold it in place. A second pair of hands is necessary to make sure it is properly positioned.
  4. Attach the brackets and wipe the edges to remove any traces of sealant.
  5. Below we’ll discuss how to reattach the other components.

Apron front sink Installation

  1. This type of farm sink needs more work and time to install. But, with a partner you can do it in a day or two. Most homeowners prefer kohler farm sink because they are more affordable and durable.
  2. After removing the old sink you’ll also have to remove the cabinet doors and countertop for easier access.
  3. Using an oscillating saw or jigsaw, cut the front of the cabinet and sand it.
  4. Attach supports on the inside of the cabinets
  5. Set the country style sink. Ensure it’s even with cabinets.
  • After installing the sink, reattach the components; faucets, sprayer and soap dispenser
  • Apply a bead of putty around the rim of the drain strainer then install the farm sink strainer by pressing it against the putty
  • Reattach the garbage disposal and drain pipes
  • Be sure to check for leaks

Farm sink installation faqs

1. How much does a farm sink cost?

Depending on the type of material used, a farm sink can cost anywhere from $250 – $500.

2. How far should the farm sink stick out?

Typically, an apron front farm sink sticks out anywhere between 0.75 inches to 2 inches.

3. What is the best farm sink to buy?

Kohler has some of the best farmhouse sinks on the market today. From fireclay kitchen sinks to stainless steel kitchen sinks, this brand designs and constructs affordable, easy-to-install, and durable sinks.

4. How big is a farm sink?

Farm sinks come in various sizes. Single bowl country sinks measure between 30″-36″. These are perfect for small kitchens. Double bowl sinks measure up to 48 inches. They are ideal for midsize to large kitchens. A triple-bowl sink could measure up to 60″. This is ideal for large busy farm kitchens or an outdoor setting if you host a lot. Most farm sinks are about 6 – 10 inches deep.

5. What materials are farm sinks made of?

Copper: Farm sinks made of copper are not only beautiful but add rustic charm to any space. Now copper sinks need regular maintenance compared to steel or fireclay sinks. Can a copper sink get damaged? Yes, harsh chemicals from foods such as tomatoes and lemons and rough scrubbing can damage a copper sink.

To maintain your copper farm sink you need to clean it regularly with a combo of vinegar and baking soda and wax it often. Do not leave dirty pots on the sink for long and avoid water spots. If you are looking for something classy and shiny, you can go wrong with copper farm sinks.

Stainless steel: Most homeowners prefer stainless steel sinks because they are easy to clean. A quick wipe with water and soap and you are good to go. When choosing this type of sink, consider the depth.

We recommend an 8 – 10 inch deep sink because it can hold a lot of dishes at a go. And, if you are using an undermount sink, keep in mind there is another extra inch.

Fireclay or porcelain: Made from natural clay, fireclay sinks are the ideal way to add glam and functionality to your farm kitchen. Farmhouse sinks from brands such as Sinkology do not rust, stain, crack or chip. If you are looking for affordable and beautifully finished sinks, consider fireclay sinks.

Final Thoughts

If you need to install a farmhouse kitchen sink, there are a few important things you should remember. First, measure the old sink then remove it, order the right size, then follow the instructions above to install the type of sink you’ve bought. From undermount farm sinks to drop in farm sinks to apron front sinks, we’ve listed easy-to-follow steps to install a farm sink. 

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