How to Install Outdoor Hanging Chair: 5 Easy Steps

Having some relaxing moments in your backyard is blissful. And, you might feel more relaxed if you sat on a hanging chair than an outdoor sectional. Hanging chairs or egg chairs are simple and comfortable suspended seats that boast of a built-in shade.

You will enjoy some motion as you sit on this chair while the summer breeze pampers you to sleep. There is also some privacy that you get from this chair since you will be sitting on it alone. What a perfect way to keep social distance as you hang on a tree branch? You will love the flexibility of a hanging chair because you can have it anchored anywhere within your backyard or in the ceiling of your room. Let’s look at how you can install a hanging chair.

Types Of Hanging Chairs

There are many types of hanging chairs and they are similar in that they are all hung and keep you in motion as you sit on them. However, the chairs can be broken into two namely:

1.Outdoor hanging chair

This type of chair is designed for outdoor use. An outdoor hanging chair is made of UV-resistant and long-lasting material. You can leave the chairs outside no matter the season. They are hung on pergolas, a tree branch, or a ceiling joist with either a chain or rope.

2.Indoor hanging chair

Indoor hanging chairs are designed and hang in the house. You can ceiling mount them or drill a hole on the wall and hang them using a chain and some screws. Hanging chairs for indoors are stylish and will elevate the appearance of your room with a feeling of comfort and peace. A hammock chair is the best for indoors. It is made of a flexible, breathable soft fabric to enhance your comfort.

Steps to Install A Hanging Chair

Where do you want to hang the chair? Is it on the ceiling or on a beam? This is the first question to ask yourself before proceeding to install it. The following mounting steps are only applicable if your chair didn’t come with some hanging instructions. Otherwise, if you purchase it with some instructions, you should then mount it as per the manufacturer’s guidance.

What You Need To Mount a Hanging Chair

  • A hanging chair
  • 3/8 inch screws if your chair didn’t come with some hardware
  • A strong chain or rope. They should be strong enough to hold your weight in your desired height. The chair should sit between 3 to 4 feet above the ground.
  • A drill

If you would like to use a rope instead of a chain, then here is what you should go for

  • Purchase a rope with a diameter of 3/4 inch which can hold at least 299 pounds capacity.
  • It should be made of a manilla because it serves both outdoors and indoors well. However, nylon and polyester ropes are also great options for heavy-duty.
  • Determine the length of chain and ensure you have three to four and a half inches or some extra feet to allow you to tie the knots. Please note that you can adjust the length of the rope to fit your needs.

Step 1

Locate a ceiling joist in your preferred location. The joist should be at least 12 inches so that it carries the chair and your pounds. In case you have a covered ceiling, you can use a stud finder to identify the position of the joist. What is a stud finder? A stud is horizontal support of a ceiling. Once you have located the joist, mark both sides and draw two lines to establish a center point where the chair will hang. Still, in step 1, make sure you choose a spot that leaves a space of at least three feet at the back of the swing and fourteen inches on both sides so that you don’t hit the wall. Remember to reinforce your joist with beams in case you feel it’s not strong enough.

Step 2

Drill a 3-inches pilot hole into the center mark on the joist in the ceiling. However, you should ensure that the drill bit of the drill is smaller than the width of the screw.

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Step 3

In step 3 install the eye screw carefully into the pilot hole that you drilled in step 2.Be careful not to split the wood. Twist the screw until you no longer see the threading. If you notice the need for tightening, you can wedge the screw eye.

Step 4

Attach a locking carabiner or an S-hook to the eye screw.

Step 5

Attach one side of the chain to the hanging device of the chair and the other end to the carabiner or S-hook found at the screw eye. You can do this in different ways depending on your chair’s type. In most cases, people use knots or a carabiner. At this point, you should follow the instructions that came with your chair. However, if there are no instructions, here are some of the steps you can follow.

  • Make a double bowline knot at the top and bottom of the rope to create two ropes.
  • Attach one rope to the carabiner or S-hook of the eye screw.
  • Clip the carabiner to the hanging ring of the chair by attaching it to the bottom of the rope loop.

What to Consider When Choosing A Hammock Chair

Here are a few things to consider before you purchase a hanging hammock chair.


The space where you intend to hang your hammock chair is critical before you purchase one. Do you want it inside or inside? If it is meant for the outdoor then you need to buy a chair that can withstand all weather elements. On the other hand, if you want it in your bedroom, you must ensure your ceiling is strong enough to hold the chair once you attach it. You don’t want your ceiling to crumble down and cut short your relaxation.


You can not ignore this factor when it comes to a hammock chair. There are some for adults and kids and each has a limit. Therefore you will need to check on the manufacturer’s label to ensure your desired hammock chair fits your weight. Another thing to check is the capacity of the chair. You don’t want a chair that your ceiling won’t be able to support.

Suspension Height

The height of the beam or ceiling on which you want your hanging chair to swing is important. A hammock chair is better when it is high, however, if you feel the beam is too high, you can adjust it by extending your hanging chair easily with a rope. This will also ensure you swing around without straining.


At the end of the day, the design of your hammock chair will have the final say on the outlook of your room or backyard. You should not take this piece of furniture lightly because it can pull a statement in its surrounding. Choose a hammock chair that will match your balcony, room, or garden.


The amount of money you have is a great determinant when buying a hanging chair. As mentioned earlier, the seat is available in different types and prices. As you shop for a hammock seat, consider the amount you want to spend on it. The market has both cheap and expensive chairs and therefore you can’t miss one.


Having a hammock chair is a great idea and will allow you to have some moments of relaxation. The seat is best especially when you don’t want to keep on chasing the sun. A hanging chair stand can be fixed anywhere in your yard and boost its decor. The above-discussed steps are the easiest when it comes to installing a hanging chair.

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