How to Iron Curtains: 7 Steps to Follow

Curtains create a beautiful, soft accent for your home. You can easily transform a boring space into a stunning home with beautiful curtains with cute patterns, colors, and design.

However, the cute patterns and colors your curtains have, if they are creased, they’ll look bad. Iron your curtains to achieve that aesthetic feel to your home decor.

When you purchase your curtains, you’ll notice that they are wrinkled right out of the package. The best thing to do before you put them up the windows is ironing your curtains. Don’t let the creases downgrade the high quality curtains you’ve just purchased.

Some people have several pairs and designs of curtains and they store the curtains in cabinets or any storage. When changing the curtains, you’ll notice that some have wrinkles. It will be unwise to put them up without ironing the wrinkles.

The material used in making curtains differs from other types of fabric. For that reason, you need to employ special tips and tricks on how to iron your curtains without damaging the material.

Are your curtains suitable for ironing?

iron for curtains

Before you jump out of excitement and start ironing your curtains, you need to ask yourself if your curtains are suitable for ironing. There are some types of curtains that are not meant to be ironed.

Read the label instructions carefully before you try to iron or steam your curtains. The labels on the curtains usually have the care instructions and some state the curtains are suitable for steaming only.

Since taking care of the curtains that aren’t suitable for ironing might be hard, you can take them for a professional steaming treatment. Most dry cleaners offer steaming treatments.

By taking your curtains to the dry cleaner, you don’t have to worry about damaging the curtains because the dry cleaner will follow the manufacturer’s instructions promptly.

Tips ironing curtains

Now that you know whether your home curtains are suitable for ironing, it’s time to take the next step, ironing. Follow the tips below on how to iron your curtains the right way:

1. Purchase good quality curtains

If you want curtains that will leave your guests in awe, then you need to get curtains with high-quality material.

Polyester fabrics are sturdy and they don’t wrinkle easily. You also need to choose the right colors and patterns that will blend in well with your decor.

2. Wash the curtains

Now that you have the curtains of your choice, you need to wash them before you head on to the ironing process. Unpack the curtains and wash the curtains on a cold water delicate cycle.

Don’t tumble dry your curtains, we recommend you air dry them. You can also dry them on low heat on a gentle cycle.

Washing your curtains with cold water helps prevent shrinkage and fading. But if your old curtains are coming out from a storage or if they are dirty, you can use warm water to wash them but you have to check the instructions label first.

If your curtains have a delicate fabric, you can use a mild detergent to wash them. For bright colored curtains, you need to use a specially formulated detergent to prevent fading.

All curtains come with instructions on a separate piece of paper or the instructions are on the curtain label. These instructions are important, so ensure you keep them because some curtains require special treatment.

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3. Set up the equipment

After washing the curtains, it’s now time to set up the equipment you need to iron curtains. Start by setting the ironing board.

Set the ironing board close to the location you intend to hang your curtains. This helps to prevent wrinkling when transferring the curtains from the ironing board to the curtain rod.

Pro Tip: Set up your ironing board to the highest level to enable you to transfer the curtains without them forming wrinkles.

4. Set up your iron box

do you iron curtains before hanging

Let your iron get hot for about five to ten minutes, depending on the type and age of your iron box. Chech the instructions on the label of your curtains. If the label doesn’t recommend steaming, then you will have to take the curtains to a dry cleaner.

Select the right temperature before ironing according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You don’t want to damage the curtains, so don’t skip this step. Most fabrics like cotton, linen and polyester are listed as iron friendly.

Just before you begin, ensure that you don’t lay the heated part of the iron on the ironing board because the hot iron will burn the ironing board.

You can use a garment steamer or a regular handheld iron steamer to steam iron your curtains. Just ensure that the iron steamer is at least 1400 watts to remove the wrinkles effectively.

NB: You might use to wear long sleeve shirts or tops to avoid getting burns during the steaming process.

5. Prepare your spray bottle

A spray bottle can turn your ordinary ironing game to a pro level ironing. We can’t stress enough how a spray bottle works magic when ironing curtains.

The good thing about it is that you can still use your faucet water. But you have to be careful and know the type of water coming out of your faucet is not hard water.

Hard water causes discoloration and thus you might need to use distilled water if you get hard water from the taps.

If your iron has a spray feature, you can use the feature instead of using a spray bottle. However, you will still need the spray bottle later to treat the wrinkling that forms after ironing.

6. Lay the curtain on ironing board

drapery steamer reviews

You’re done setting the equipment and now you want to iron your curtains on the ironing board. Some people find it hard to iron the curtains on the ironing board because they are way too big.

There are various ways you can lay your curtains on the ironing board and some tips might or might not work for you.

Start ironing the top of the curtain going down. This helps you not to miss some wrinkles, and it also makes the hanging process easier.

Check for the pockets and the rod loops and start ironing from that point going down. You will need to reposition the curtain several times when ironing.

If the iron you’re using doesn’t have a spray feature, then you will need to get a spray bottle and spray the curtain until it becomes damp.

Iron along the width of your curtain slowly in a back-and-forth motion until you notice that the wrinkling is smoothed and then go down the bottom of the curtain.

It’s hard to iron the whole curtain properly on the ironing board, so you might need to hang the already ironed part off the ironing board. The ironed portion might touch the floor as you go on with the ironing. The curtain might form some loose wrinkles after ironing if you iron the whole curtain on the board.

So, to avoid re-wrinkling, you can hang the already ironed part if your board is high enough to allow you to iron the bottom part.

If the ironing board is short, you can use a stool to drape the ironed part of the curtain to avoid wrinkling as you work on ironing the remaining part.

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How to iron curtains while hanging

Some people don’t use the iron board because of lack of enough space to work on. For that reason, they prefer ironing the curtains while they are hanging on the curtain rod.

Below are some steps you can follow to iron your curtains on a curtain rod:

  • Start by hanging the curtain on the rod and arrange the curtain along the rod so that it is completely closed.
  • If you want to use a steamer, ensure that you fill it with enough water and adjust the setting to maximum temperature.
  • Begin with the top of the curtain going down the bottom. You can ask someone to hold the bottom of the curtain as you steam it. Ensure that you hold the steamer away from the surface of the curtain.
  • Let the steam cover the iron completely before you move to the lengths down. This will prevent the fabric from drying and getting damaged.
  • Move the iron back to the top of the curtain and to the steamed section.
  • You can repeat the process until you get the desired results.
  • Let the curtains dry.
  • Always remember to iron one part before moving to the other when the curtain is on the curtain rod.

NB: You don’t need to purchase a special sprayer to remove wrinkles from your curtains. Warm water works perfectly, especially if you have a spritz bottle.

Tips on ironing delicate sheer curtains

There are some curtains that are made of delicate material. Embellished and satin curtains can easily get damaged by high heat of iron. When ironing such curtains, you’re advised to spray them with water and iron them under low temperature. You can also use a pillowcase or sheet in between the iron and the curtain when removing wrinkles through ironing.

Before ironing pleated curtains, read the care instructions and arrange the pleats before ironing the curtain to define the pleats. Take extra care when ironing silk and satin curtains because the fabric easily gets damaged by heat.

How to remove stubborn creases from a curtain

It’s easy to remove normal creases, but it’s hard to remove stubborn creases just by ironing. Luckily, there are few ways you can use to remove those tough creases on your curtains.

Wash your curtains and then iron them immediately. This tip sometimes works wonders. When ironing after washing, put your focus on the stubborn wrinkles. Another clever way is by spraying the wrinkle with 1:1 water vinegar solution and then ironing the wrinkled spot.


Curtains are cute additions in our homes. How cute and neat they look depends on how we care for them. Ironing your curtains will give your space an aesthetic look. The problem is, if you don’t iron them using the right way, they will get damaged.

professional drapery. The tips above will help you maintain the beauty of your curtains. Use the tips and you’ll love the outcome. Before you rush to iron your curtains, ensure that you check the care instructions to prevent damaging the window curtains.

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