How to Keep Outdoor Curtains from Blowing: 10 Ways

Enjoying some private moments in your backyard is fun. But, what do you do if the curtains keep getting in the way of your relaxation? How do you keep outdoor curtains from blowing?

Curtains should offer you privacy, offer some shade, and some can block noise. There are various methods you can use depending on the type of drapery.  Below, we’ll discuss the best way to keep drapes from blowing around; some are diy while others require you purchase some accessories. Ready to enjoy time outdoor without interruption? Read on.

How To Keep Outdoor Curtains From Blowing

1. Use stone weights

Curtain weights can cause them to keep blowing around. Weighing them down makes them sturdy for the wind. How do you weigh down? You can attach some heavy objects such as stones weights to the curtains. There are two ways you can go about this. One, buy some natural rocks and get to pick a color that matches your decor theme or two go the diy way, pick a few stones around your neighborhood and insert them at the bottom hem to weigh the curtains down. 

2. Opt for heavier curtains

Buying curtains that are made of heavier material is another solution to keeping them from blowing around. Heavy curtain weights are not easily blown by winds no matter its speed and strength. The convenience that comes with heavy curtains cant be compared with the hustle of fixing them every now and then. Manufacturers have realized this and they are producing curtains with heavy weights for outdoor use. Also, you must be keen when choosing them and ensure you buy the option that will serve the purpose effectively.

3. Install some curtain rods On The Ground

This method is a great solution because once you have built the curtains rods on the floor, you can hang your outdoor curtain using the bottom hem. Once your curtain is fixed you can make it look stylish by adding some grommets to its hem. For your safety and that of others, use a curtain rod that is attachable to the floor to avoid falling down.

4. Block the wind

There is nothing much you can do to control nature. We don’t have that kind of power. However, when it comes to outdoor curtains, you can block the wind and ensure they are not blowing around. How can you do this in your backyard? Simple, If you have some furniture on your deck, you can turn them in the direction of where the wind is blowing from.

They will block the wind and keep your outdoor curtains weighed down. Alternatively, you can set a chair at the bottom of the curtain and weigh it down. However, the curtains must be long enough for you to achieve that. Also, if you have a big yard, you can plant a few trees in the future.

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5. Use of magnets

Most people have successfully used magnets to keep the curtains from blowing in the wind. This is done by placing the magnet at the bottom of the curtain which has an attachment to a metallic curtain rod. Ensure the rod is attached to your outdoor structure. And, to accomplish this you will need to have a strong magnet.

6. Cables

This is also a great way of ensuring your outdoor curtains are not blowing around. Run some cables through your curtains and secure them to the ground using some dog ties. Dog ties are available at pet stores and they are not costly. Once you have done this, ensure the curtains are not blowing by running a test.

7. Tie Backs

Curtain tiebacks are decorative and great for enhancing the style of curtains. Tie backs can be made from any fabric. The use of curtain tiebacks is a great way of preventing your curtains from blowing in the wind. They tie the fabric and keep it attached to one side thus adding on their weights. And, you can go for simple designs or elegant designs depending with the occasion.

8. Using Curtain Rods

A curtain rod is among the best ideas to keep your curtain from blowing. Rods are available in most home decor shops. There are those that are specifically made for a patio or deck. Such can withstand elements associated with an outdoor setting and are rust resistant. Once you hang your curtains on strong curtain rods, they will be stable enough to keep the curtains in place. Also ensure to choose rods that will fit into the washers or grommets perfectly.

9. Drapes

Drapes are fabric panels sold in pairs and have a lining. Drapery fabrics are heavier than the usual curtains making them better for outdoor use. If you live in a windy area then outdoor drapes could the best option. Additionally, outdoor drapes are great at blocking light. Add a  touch of elegance with with outdoor drapes.

What Are The Benefits Of Outdoor Curtains?

I know you might wonder if an outdoor curtain is worth all the above struggle. Tying them down might be hectic but here are some benefits of having an outdoor curtain.

The other benefits of having  include

  • Protection from the sun.
  • An outdoor curtain is easy to open and close
  • Great for keeping away winter breezes as you maintain a constant flow of air
  • They give you the option of adjusting their height.
  • Outdoor curtains give you control over your porch.
  • You can entertain friends and family on your porch without attention from neighbors.

How To Choose Outdoor Curtains

Choosing curtains could sound simple but a single error could interfere with your backyard. The treatment you give your porch or deck can elevate your home and make it appealing. Here are some tips that could help you choose the best outdoor curtains.

Curtain Top Style

Outdoor curtains are available in three styles namely tab top, grommets, and sleeve top. Tap top curtains are suitable for windy areas because they sturdily hang on the post. They boast a great appearance and will pull a statement for your patio or deck. The grommet top curtains are made of metal and are easy to open and close. They don’t cause any friction between them and the outdoor curtain post. On the other hand, sleeve tops are designed like a jacket’s arm. They boast high functionality and works well with any post or rod.

Fabric choice

The curtain fabric you choose is critical. The best curtains should be made from a heavy fabric which does not blow. It should also be easy to sew if the hem freaks out. As you choose the fabric, ensure that it matches your patio and can withstand weather-related elements.


Having the right measurements for your porch or deck curtains is critical. You don’t want to go back to the stores and make adjustments or get new ones. Your outdoor space will not look good with ill-measured curtains. The best way of getting the right measurements is by measuring the length and width. You should also determine the length of your curtain rods. Also, leave some allowance at the bottom in case you will want to use a stone to add its weight. This is meant to keep the outdoor curtains from blowing in the wind.


Installing curtains can be hectic at times. It is therefore important to understand the mode of installation before purchasing. This will save you from taking much time and energy trying to fix them. You can also find out if there are installation services at the stores where you intend to buy.


Outdoor curtains are a great addition to any patio or deck. This is more so if you hang them well on the window and get creative with them. The best outdoor curtains should have heavy weights and be able to block the sun from burning you. They should also be made from fabrics that are ideal for external use. The curtain rail and grommet should also be weather-friendly. You don’t want your curtains to spoil due to rust. The above discussed are the best ways to keep your outdoor curtains from blowing.

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