How to make a Fire Pit Screen: DIY Project

Your safety and that of your home is important. Sparks can be dangerous and if you want to enjoy your evenings with peace of mind you need a spark screen. If you want to go the DIY route, we give you easy-to-follow steps on how to make a fire pit screen at home.

There is some hardware you’ll need. And you can customize the spark screen depending on the size and shape of your pit. A spark screen is best used with an open fire. This ensures those sitting around the fire are not burnt. Here is what you need to make your mesh material screen.

Easy DIY Steps to make a spark screen

measure fire pit
measure fire pit

Fire Pit screen material

The best material for fire pit screen include:

  • Metal ring
  • Steel metal
  • Measuring tape
  • Welding tools
  • High temp black paint
  • Jewelers wire

Step one:

Get the right measurements of the fire pit. Measure your pit’s diameter first. The measurements help you in determining the right size and shape of the pit so as to have a customized screen that will fit your fire pit.

Step two

fire pit ember screen
fire pit ember screen

Get an iron rid whose circumference equals the measurements you took. The rid can also be made of mesh or stainless steel. This forms a pit cover base resulting in a perfect circle.

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Step Three:

Weld two strips of steel metal with each 1-inch wide. Ensure each strip has a length of eight inches making it longer than the diameter of the ring. Ensure the pieces run to one another perpendicularly forming an X at the top of the ring’s center.

Step four:

Get a hardware cloth and stretch it over the frame that has been formed by the ring metal and sheet. However, the hardware cloth should not have an opening that exceeds an eighth of an inch. The efficiency of the diy fire pit screen is determined by the mesh and its smaller openings between the wires. If you want to make your screen darker, you should stretch the metallic mesh from an old window screen over the frame.

Step Five:

fire ring screen
fire ring screen

Wrapping the mesh around the ring is the fifth step. This allows it to back up to the top and loop under the ring’s bottom. Sew the metallic mesh using a wire that is similar to the jeweler’s wire and ensure it’s in place. The sewing will join the two layers of mesh on the metal ring’s top in order to have an enclosed ring in a metal mesh casing. At this point, the spark screen will start taking a dome shape.

Step Six:

This is steps involves constructing the handle that you’ll use to lift the screen from the pit. You can do this by screwing a metal eye on top of their fire pit ember screen to create a handle.

Step Seven:

custom firepit screens

Once you have your screen fully assembled, you can now paint it with black color. This is done by coating the spark screen on the inner and outer sides. Also, ensure you use quality fire-resistant paint to prevent more causes of fire. With time, you might see the paint is chipping off but you can repaint the screen to protect the metal.

How to choose the best materials for fire pit spark screen

A fire pit spark guard is a great accessory for any outdoor setting. Its efficiency depends on the material you intend to use and its quality. There are many options in the market and you might be confused. Stainless steel is the best when it comes to fire pits. Its strength and heat conductivity are what make it ideal.

Additionally, the steel is rust-resistant making it the best for outdoor use. if you add it to your outdoor space you will like the way it comes in handy especially in cold seasons. However, if you want the spark screen to serve you for years, you must ensure that its exterior has enough paint. This helps prevent oxidation which causes it to rust.

Things you should consider when Making Fire Pit Spark Screens

spark arrestor material

Apart from the material, there are other things that one should look into when making a spark screen. They include portability, aesthetics, and weight. You may lack some details about fire pits if you have never had a chance to work with them. Here are some of them

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Weight and size

Most people think that sparks screens that are light in weight are the best. The truth is heavier ones are more ideal. You can easily lift a heavy fire spark screen, especially in windy weather.

Consider the weight when making one however don’t exaggerate it. Make it sturdy enough for your convenience and ease of movement. Also, too large or small spark screens allow embers to emit escaping sparks thus burning you.

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Having outdoor fire pit screens in your outdoor space is great. After all, we all love good things. Ensure that you like the way your black fire pit spark screen looks at the back of your home. A fire pit safety screen will enhance the appearance of your yard. It is also good to note that if your backyard is large, the fire pit mesh screen should be taller by several inches.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there fire pit spark screens for sale?

Yes. If you don’t have enough time to make a spark screen then you can buy. There is a variety of them on online stores.

2. Which is the best place to store a fire pit?

You should store a fire pit in an open place. Embers can cause sparks that can trigger fire outbreaks.

3. Which are the best fire pit spark screens for 2021?

Firepit spark screens made of stainless steel. We recommend the Sunnydaze option. It’s made of sturdy material and is ideal for round fire pits.


The method of making a fire pit spark screen is simple. The above-discussed steps are critical for an amazing spark screen. Fire pits are great during family bonding moments while fixing something on the day’s menu. They allow you to enjoy your outdoor fire safely. A fire pit contains embers that could cause a fire explosion at the back of your home. Your domestic friends like cats and dogs are also safe with this dome-shaped item. You can depend on the protection of a fire pit and a guarantee of great memorable moments.

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