25 Clever Ways to Organize a Small Bedroom (Tip & Tricks)

Do you have a small bedroom and you’re wondering how you can organize it and have some extra storage space?

Organizing a bedroom is hard but not as hard as organizing a small bedroom. Small spaces seem to look cluttered even though you seem to have few items.

You need to be very creative to have an organized small bedroom. You have to utilize every space in your bedroom to get that extra storage space.

In this article, we are going to show you easy and practicable ways in which you can get a small bedroom organized and neat.

Most of the items used on the ideas are inexpensive and some of them are actually easy DIY projects.

1. Under Bed Drawers

small bedroom storage ideas

A bed is an essential asset in the bedroom and they occupy most of the space. You can utilize the space by getting under bed drawers for extra storage. Most under bed drawers are wooden and they come with wheels so you can easily pull it out.

You can store some clothes in the under bed drawer or use it to store shoes or linen that you don’t use regularly like extra towels and rustic bed sheets.

2. Below The Ceiling Shelves

storage ideas for small bedrooms

You need extra storage and your room might look full already so you can’t set up some shelves on the walls. In this case, you might consider setting up high shelves just below the ceiling. The shelves can be used to store things that you don’t use on a daily basis.

You might need a ladder to help you get the items stored on the shelves but at least you won’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of things you have to bump at anytime you get into your bedroom.

3. Linen Basket Under The Bed

clothing storage ideas for small bedrooms

Linen baskets are another clever way to get rid of extra things in your room. Great thing is they come in different sizes so you can get any size according to your needs.

Use linen baskets to store extra linen under the bed, especially things that you don’t use every day. You can choose any type of under bed linen basket. You can purchase a wicker linen basket or a polyester linen basket.

Good thing with linen baskets is that they easily fit under the bed and they come with a cloth lining to protect your linen from damage.

4. Get A Revolving Shoe Rack

room organizer ideas

One thing you’ll love about a revolving shoe rack is how versatile it is especially when working with tiny spaces. Great thing is you can use the revolving shoe rack organizer as a shoe rack or a storage for any items and a night stand too.

Just as the name suggests, a revolving shoe rack organizer rotates enabling you to access items easily. Store your books and other items in a stylish revolving organizer that doubles up as a piece of decor.

5. Install A Door Rack

The space behind your bedroom door can be big enough to store some essentials. You will need to get a door utility rack or an over the door rack to store some items.

You can use the racks to store accessories, self-care products and anything else like small handbags.

Don’t run out of space while your bedroom door is bare. Get yourself a door rack and organize some of your things behind your door.

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6. Rolling Cart Besides The Bed

how to utilize space in a small bedroom

A rolling cat can be used to store anything and it also has several purposes. You can buy the rolling cart and use it as a night stand or a storage.

Another advantage of a rolling cart is that you can use it anywhere so when you feel you don’t need it in your bedroom you can take it to the kitchen or even the living room.

7. Install Brackets On The Walls

bedroom organisation ideas

Wall brackets are a brilliant option when it comes to organizing a small bedroom. They are a versatile option and they help you get an extra storage space in an underutilized wall if your closet is full.

With the help of these shelving units, you can create a custom closet if you don’t have one or use them to hang clothes that you’re planning to put on the following day.

The wall brackets are also great for laundry rooms and spacious bathrooms.

8. Put Up Hangers Behind Your Mirror

The space behind your mirror can provide storage for a few hangers. Get some hangers and hang some of your clothes like shirts and light sweaters.

The rod behind the mirror can also be used to hang other things like umbrellas.

9. Rustic Wall Jewelry Organizer

You need a functional accessory storage so that your accessories don’t get misplaced. A rustic jewelry organizer on your wall can help you put all your accessories in one place minimizing the chances of you misplacing them.

A handmade rustic jewelry organizer can help you organize a small bedroom by holding accessories and also play as a piece of decor.

10. Add A Floating Shelf Above Your Bedroom Door

The goal is to utilize even the smallest space in your room. A floating shelf above your bedroom door can hold up a few things that might make the room look cluttered.

If you have books that you’re not using currently, you can place them on the floating shelves above your door.

If you want to store other things, you can get a sizable storage basket, place the items in and put it up on the floating shelf.

11. Install Cute Wall Hooks

storage solutions for small bedrooms

If you don’t like wall hooks then you might love wall hooks. Wall hooks look cute and they come in different colors and designs and they double up as decorations.

Hang extra items on the walls using the hooks and get an organized small bedroom without too much sweat.

12. Mount A Floating Dresser

When trying to organize a small bedroom, you don’t have much choice and thus you have to utilize bare wall spaces. A small bedroom doesn’t give you the space you need to place vanity tables, dressers and desks.

This however doesn’t mean that you can’t have your dresser. You can mount a makeup dresser on the wall. Purchase a compact makeup dresser and fix it on your walls.

You can also mount floating shelves and drawers for your makeup storage and even light fixtures.

13. Mount A Wall Desk

Most of us love having some working space in our bedrooms. If you’re wondering how you’re going to get a desk into your small bedroom, maybe you need to consider mounting a desk on the wall.

A bare wall can become your tiny bedroom office and help you become more productive. You can have shelves besides the desk for storage of books and other office essentials.

14. Corner Shelving

The corners can provide some space for storage of small items and you can also decorate the shelves and get a stunning bedroom. The power of shelving cannot be underestimated as long as we talk about organizing spaces.

Try to utilize that empty corner in your room by putting up corner floating shelves and get extra storage for your loosely lying items without a home.

15. Get A Rack

storage ideas for small bedrooms on a budget

Have you ever thought of getting a clothing rack for the excess clothes you have? Sometimes, you might just have a lot of clothes and the space in your closet seems to be too small for the clothes to fit in.

A clothing rack is also a great idea for those who don’t have a closet. Instead of letting your clothes pile up in one place you can have them nicely arranged on a floating closet.

Good thing is you can get a clothing rock with a single or double tier shelving enabling you to store other things on the shelving.

The shelving can also double up as a shoe rack and help you organize your extra pair of shoes.

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16. Cloth Rack Under The Shelf

Don’t let the space below the shelves just stay bare if you still need an extra space for your clothes. You can simply install a rod below the shelves and get a cloth rack to hang some of your outfits.

You will be amazed at how much space you were leaving free after hanging all your clothes under the shelves. Shelves do take up pretty much space that you can utilize.

17. Create A Storage Corner

The empty corner in your small bedroom can be utilized and become a superb space with proper organization. The space can be used to store as many things as possible as long as you have some creativity.

Install floating corner shelves, a rod that will act as a cloth rack and then get some storage boxes. Organize some things on top of the shelves and hang your clothes on the cloth rack.

You might have some items remaining you can store them in the basket organizers. The corner space can play the role of a wardrobe or anything depending on what you want.

18. Get A Loft Bed For Extra Space

wardrobe solutions for small spaces

Loft beds are now trending for the right reasons. With a loft bed, you can easily organize a small bedroom without stress because it maximizes your small spaces by creating more room for other items.

As we said earlier, a bed occupies most of the bedroom space and if you have a small bedroom then chances are that you remain with very little or no space at all after bringing the bed in.

A loft bed is a great choice for small bedrooms because it leaves you with enough space to put a desk and storage space.

19. Turn Double Towel Rods Into A Shoe Rack

Do you have lots of pairs of shoes and are wondering how you’re going to organize them in your small bedroom? Have you thought of getting double towel rods?

Although this idea seems to be funny, you will be amazed how neatly your shoes can look arranged on towel rods. Just make sure that you purchase double towel rods for the best results.

Get a bunch of the towel rods and stack them on the walls or behind the door and arrange all your shoes on them.

The towel rods not only help you achieve an organized bedroom, they are also good for displaying your shoes enabling you to choose the shoes you want to put on before going out.

20. Get An End Of Bed Storage

box room storage ideas

You can add storage at the end of your bed and store some of your items safely. A good example of such a storage can be an ottoman.

Good thing is you have lots of choices when it comes to end of bed storage. If you want extra storage for your linen for example, you can have a regular ottoman and store some of your linen.

Ottomans have larger space so you can store your extra blankets and duvets. You can also have an ottoman shoe rack if you want extra storage or organizer for your pair of shoes.

21. Get Some Wicker Baskets

Apart from decorating, wicker baskets are great storage that can help you organize your room in style and help you declutter too. Throw in some of things you use from time to time but you don’t want them to lay aimlessly in your room.

Put a wicker basket besides your resting chair or bedside and put extra throw blankets and pillows in.

22. Headboard With Bookshelf

Do you know that you can have a bookshelf or two on your rattan headboard and organize some of your books there?

If you don’t have a headboard then this trick is easy but if you already have a headboard then it will be hard to create the shelves.

You can get a headboard with a niche in between the wood and use the space for your books. You don’t have to stress yourself if you can’t make a headboard yourself.

There are a couple of headboards that come with built-in shelves so you can purchase one easily.

23. Hanging Organizer For Extra Storage Space

You can get a simple fabric hanging organizer for your small bedroom and create room for items that are still homeless. The hanging storage are great for storing stuff that don’t require too much space.

You can put together a hanging organizer if you’re a creative person and love DIY projects or purchase the organizer from online stores. The organizer is quite affordable.

24. Get A Platform Bed

wardrobe solutions for small spaces

Because a bed is that one piece of furniture consuming most of your bedroom space, you might want to consider getting a platform bed instead of the regular beds.

You can achieve this by putting a slat bed on top of strong cube storage in order to maximize the space underneath your bed.

You can beautify the space by getting decorative storage baskets and storing some items in those baskets.

25. Floor To Ceiling Wardrobe

With a small bedroom, it’s obvious you cannot have a walk in closet. This however, doesn’t mean that you can’t have your dream wardrobe.

You can have a big floor to ceiling closet with open shelving. You can use storage boxes if you want to achieve a minimalist look.

Another trick to make your floor to ceiling wardrobe look organized is to arrange clothes according to their colors creating a colorful pattern.

26. Utilize The Vertical Headboard Space

Install some rods on the vertical headboard space and hang your clothes. We are trying to utilize as much free space as possible and the headboard space might be just enough for a mini closet.

The frame of your bed on the headboard can also hold a hanging rod for a few pairs of clothes. When working with a small bedroom, saving space is not an option.

Bottom Line

There you have it. Several tips that can help you save space in your small bedroom and live in a clutter free space by organizing a small bedroom like a pro. Try some of these tips and you will have a neat organized bedroom without spending a lot of money.

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