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Do you want to change but don’t want to do works? Bet on the wallpaper. Do you know what it takes? Trees, green leaves, flowers, geometries … Take a look at our gallery, we show you most beautiful spring wallpapers!!

GREEN LEAVES WALLPAPER: SUPER-TREND! Ferns, monstera, large leaves, and tropical look. It gives full of life to any room. Here accompanies the headboard wall and decorates the room providing even more light.

SPRING TOUCHES IN BLUE: It is a paper that refers to the springtime bloom with its trees full of birds.

WALLPAPER IN LIVING CORAL: A corner. Few pieces. This allows concentrating the decoration on the walls and nothing better than a paper stamped on figures in living coral, one of the trend colors.

YELLOW FLOWERS FOR SPRING: Fill your house with yellow flowers this spring. Nothing is more fresh and bright. This is a wallpaper that brings light, vitality, and optimism.

AND FLOWERS ALSO IN THE HEADBOARD: But soft flowers, without strident colors, very easy to combine.

COMBINE DIFFERENT WALLPAPERS: You can cover wallpaper like this headboard and the wall in another. The effect is super cozy.

MORE GREEN LEAVES FOR AN EXTERIOR: The large green leaves again decorate the walls of this balcony.

MIX STREAKS AND FLOWERS: The vertical stripes create a kind of wainscot that protects the wall and at the same time gives warmth with its aesthetic of aged wood.

WALLPAPER IS NOT ONLY FOR WALLS: The wallpaper is also perfect to give a new life to any piece of furniture. A design that as colorful as this is able to change the air of a whole room.

A PRINT THAT SEEMS TO FLY: It is a sweet wallpaper, soft and delicate, in a palette of powdery pink colors. To give the spaces a romantic air full of fantasy.

A CHILDREN’S BATHROOM WITH WALLPAPER: A small space with a dark wallpaper. Works. How is it achieved? The white ribbon below, which gives it luminosity and elegance, and makes it lighter.

WALLPAPER BRICKS: You can also change the architecture of your house with wallpaper. If not, look at this wall covered in wallpaper that mimics brick painted white. No need to cover the walls. In a clean way, you have the urban aesthetic you are looking for.

A COLORFUL PAPER FOR YOUR ROOM: As if the characters of a story had jumped to the wall.

THE OFFICE WALL WITH WALLPAPER: It shelters the space, gives it character, but, at the same time, zones the office and protects the walls from chafing. 

MAKE SPACE LOOK BIGGER WITH WALLPAPER: Here it has been achieved with a wallpaper of spikes that point towards the ceiling and make us perceive the space with more height than it has.

FLOWERS IN THE BATHROOM: They look good for classic English style.

STARS AND CLOUDS TO SLEEP BETTER: They are a classic for children’s rooms. They always look good Especially in soft colors like this silver gray.

IN THE KITCHEN, CHANGE THE PAINT WITH WALLPAPER: Make it washable to make it durable and easy to maintain and clean.

MINIMALIST NORDIC LOOK: In white it is luminous and its details, in warm colors, fit well with any type of furniture.

WALLPAPER ALSO ON CLASSIC FLOORS: It is perfectly combined with moldings. Even if it is a paper look exotic like this. Update the space and make it much more personal. Bet on the green-white combination.

A WALLPAPER THAT GIVES ORDER: In white and with the drawing of a delicate grid, it multiplies the clarity and at the same time, makes the spaces appear more serene and in order. It fits well in any space, from a hall to a children’s room.

WITH TEXTURED WALLPAPER: Coating the walls with textured papers creates much more welcoming spaces. And you don’t need it to be a rustic house like this. They fit in any style.

Do You Want More Spring Ideas?

A LUMINOUS AND LIGHT WALLPAPER: Luminous, simple, light … a paper that brings light and delicacy.

MORE HARMONY? MATCHING PAPER AND FABRICS: Bet on this formula if space is wide and the light dominates. If not, it may be somewhat overwhelming.

More Wallpaper Ideas

HYDRAULIC MOSAIC AND WALLPAPER? You are right. It is never excessive if you harmonize them looking for a color that unites them, as happens in this bathroom. Sharing tones, although the drawing is not the same, there is no problem.

A LEADING ROLE IN OPEN SPACES: The flowers, the birds, the leaves, are printed with a lot of character. Use them in spaces with light decoration, like this hall.

FOR AN ENGLISH COUNTRYSIDE ATMOSPHERE: Great flowers, pink tones, classic look …Combining paper with fabrics is a perfect decorative option if harmony and serenity are sought.

ILLUMINATED WALLPAPER: The perimeter lighting of this corridor reinforces the warmth of the textured paper that covers it. The color, toasted, also helps the space to feel more welcoming.

A “WICKER” PAPER FOR MARINE SPACES: Choose the wallpaper depending on where your house is. Look this one-story lounge by the sea. The back wall has been covered with a wallpaper that imitates the wicker.

PLAIN AND PRINTED WALLPAPER: Look for a dominant color, like the blue here, and cover the walls of a room combining smooth and patterned papers. The result is perfect.

A WARM BABY ROOM: Although it is spring, we want you to have the warmest, brightest and most beautiful space.

PAPERS THAT GENERATE OPTIMISM: Since last year, the walls have been filled with colors that inspire optimism: emerald green, yellow curry, and deep blues. Bet on them because they follow the maximum trend.

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