How to decorate a rustic style living room
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9 Rustic living rooms that will make you fall in love

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The rustic rooms have stolen our hearts. And it is logical, combining the warmth of the wood and the elegance of the stone, is a perfect decoration style to decorate the living room of the house. Here I show you a series of ideas, but I warn you, with these rustic-style rooms … You will want to go to live in the country!

Think of the rustic decor, and the first thing that will come to mind is a beautiful and cozy wooden cabin in the Alps or an old stone and wood country house.

The term “rustic” is somewhat ambiguous but simply refers to what is linked to the country or farm. In the world of interior decoration, rustic is often described as the decoration of traditional rural houses.

The decoration of rustic rooms with a lot of charm: The best ideas!

Next, I show you the decoration of a country house that removes the hiccups, so you can inspire and take ideas to decorate a living room rustic style.

A rustic room with vintage touches on a farm in New York

This beautiful 19th-century country house belongs to Taavo Somer, founder of Freemans, a restaurant in New York, which has a hairdresser, and even a men’s fashion store, all in one. Taavo has used vintage style furniture, like the two different antique cabinets that flank the fireplace, to decorate the living room of the house.

How to decorate a rustic style living room
Photography David Prince for Harper Collins.

Original wooden beams and floors, paintings, an old ethnic carpet and various furniture recovered in flea markets, complete the decoration of the living room.

Decoration of rustic rooms
Photography David Prince for Harper Collins.

A country house in Belgium with a rustic style living room with lots of charm

Surrounded by a tranquil and dazzling landscape, and the green fields of Belgium, this dream house has been completely restored, but preserving its original features, such as the old stone fireplace, the ceiling beams, and the oak floor.

How to decorate the living room of a rustic house

In the living room, a beautiful contrast has been created between the neutral tones of the floor and the furniture, and the white walls, ceiling, and the imposing wardrobe of the living room.

Stone and wood in the living room of a country house

A Mexican hacienda with a rustic style lounge with industrial accents

In the architect, Alejandro Escudero’s last project, the stone, the glass, the wood, and the steel, are the main elements of the house. The chromatic palette is dominated by the warm shades of walls and floors, contrasted with the black details of the wall and the slate floor.

Modern spaces in a country house
Photography Max Carballo | Seen in

In the living room, the black color of the oak wood ceiling and sofas bring elegance. While the texture of the untreated wooden shelves, and the soft earth tones of the lime and plaster walls, provide warmness. A living room that is modern and classic at the same time.

Decoration of rural style salons
Photography Max Carballo | Seen in

A Nordic style rustic design villa lounge with wooden floors and ceilings

The interior of this mountain house, in the French Alps, is an updated and modern version of a traditional chalet. The architects, although the number and size of the windows were restricted, tried to take advantage of the views as much as possible.

Living room of a wooden chalet

With a minimalist decoration, but very cozy, the living room is completely covered with light colored wood and has a selection of comfortable and modern design furniture: a sofa bed, two armchairs, some shelves on the wall, a bench, some stools, and a coffee table. With this room, you’ll want winter to come!

Designer furniture in the living room of a log cabin

An elegant rustic white and gray living room in an old barn

Respecting to the materials and the agricultural past of the building, this old barn built in 1900 in England, has been restored by the interior design studio White Limes. The main space on the ground floor has been divided with a kitchen island. On one side, the area for cooking, and on the other, a large and bright living room with a palette of gray, charcoal and white.

Open spaces in a rustic style home

The light brown old wooden beams, furniture, and ceramic and wicker accessories occupies a prominent place in the decoration of the living room.

Decorative objects and accessories in a rustic style living room

The decoration is minimalist, with some large pieces specially selected. A very inspiring interior!

Neutral colors in the decoration of a rustic style living room

A very cozy rustic room in a country house in Sweden

Designed by the Swedish interior design studio Bjurfors Home, this cozy country house gathers all the characteristic elements of the Nordic decoration; the white color on ceilings, floors, and walls, in order to reflect the maximum natural light available in the Scandinavian countries. The use of wood in the furniture achieve a warm and comfortable interior as possible.

Rustic decoration in a Nordic house

In this Nordic room, the curtains have been dispensed with, in order to make the best possible use of the daylight that they enjoy in these latitudes. The visually relaxing aspect of the living room should also be noted. We must remember that in the Nordic countries it is very cold in the street, so they are forced to spend a lot of time inside their homes.

Wood and white color in Nordic decoration
Warm textiles and wooden furniture in a Nordic style living room

A rustic style luxury lounge on a modern ranch in New Mexico

The architecture and interior design studio Atelier AM, founded in 2002 by Alexandra and Michael Misczynski, has been designed this beautiful and charming vacation home in New Mexico, south of the United States.

Decorating living rooms in country houses

In the large living room, the walls are covered with light wood panels that have been exposed, giving a feeling of greater spaciousness to the living room.

Wooden walls in a rustic style living room

The interior of this modern ranch is governed by imperfect textures and surfaces; like the irregular wooden planks of the wall and the floor, and the porous materials of the furniture and decorative objects, vaguely reminiscent of the subtle beauty of the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi.

Floors and wooden walls in the rustic halls
Decorative ceramic and wood objects in a rustic style living room

Works of contemporary art and antiquities cohabit harmoniously and with great coherence, contribute greatly to improving the space of this beautiful rustic room. A dream home!

Rustic decoration in a country house

A small rustic-style lounge in a rural hotel in Portugal

Very close to the long beaches of the Formosa Delta, in Tavira, Portugal, there is an old and abandoned farm, which has become a coquettish and fantastic rural hotel.

Colors and neutral tones to decorate country houses

La Pensão Agrícola has been decorated in a rustic key with vintage winks. The interiors combine old and recycled objects, most of them recovered from the old farm: farming tools, furniture, lamps, photographs, wicker baskets, old wooden boxes, books …

Living room of a rural hotel

The floor of the whole house is a continuous concrete pavement, which combines perfectly with the furniture in brown tones and wicker accessories, and white walls and ceiling.

Wooden furniture in the rustic halls

Many of the elements of the old farm have been respected, such as the reed roof, the doors, the windows and the niches of the walls. The perfect place to disappear for a few days!

How to decorate the living room of a rural house

A rustic living room with a fireplace

The country house of the antiquarian and French interior designer Serge Castella.  It is a show of elegance and delicacy. The living room has been decorated with beige colors, vintage furniture, numerous antiques, and surprising and beautiful details. A very elegant room!

Decoration of rooms with rustic style
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How to decorate a rustic style living room
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rustic style spaces in country houses
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decoration of rooms with a rustic style
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Which room did you like the most? I love them all! 

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