The white color to paint small bedrooms
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How to Decorate a Small Room

Are you looking for inspiration to decorate a small room? Here are some decorating ideas to make a small bedroom look bigger than it really is. What you lack in space, you will compensate with style! We give you lots of small bedroom ideas

Anyone who lives in a big city surely has to face the problem of how to decorate a small room. It may seem that the options are limited to choosing a bed and, if you’re lucky, a bedside table. Keep reading to learn how to arrange bedroom furniture in a small bedroom.

To optimize the space as much as possible you can play with the choice of furniture and different storage solutions… With decorative accessories such as carpets, with the colors of the walls and with various textures, such as linen.

The white color: your great ally for painting small rooms

Nordics have it very clear. And it is logical, with only seven hours of natural light in the long and dark winter months, the Scandinavians, paint the walls, ceilings, and floors of their houses, with the color white, and thus be able to reflect the little natural light of the that they have.

The white color to paint small bedrooms

And this, is especially suitable in small spaces, since the white, in addition to providing luminosity, extends the space.

The white color brings luminosity and expands the space

Dark colors to paint a small room

Don’t limit yourself to white or neutral tones when trying to paint the wall of a small bedroom. The mantra; “Never paint a small room with a dark color” is not an absolute truth. Not much less! Painting a room in charcoal gray, navy blue or earthy green can look really good and, above all, very elegant.

Dark colors to paint the walls in small rooms
Photography Frederic Boukari.

Linen curtains and linen textures for decorating your room

Whether you prefer a darker shade or stay on white, enhance natural light. It is the key to prevent the room from falling on you. Good advice is the use of curtains linenBeing a lightweight fabric, it lets a lot of natural light through.

Natural light in small spaces
Styling Joakin Walles | Photography Adam Helbaoui.

And not only in the curtains, but linen also is the perfect choice for your bedroom textures. It is as cozy as possible.

The linen as bedding

Large carpets to decorate small bedrooms

A large carpet will also make the bedroom look wider, so choose a carpet that fits almost the entire room and leaves a little space on each wall. A very good idea is to use a Moroccan Beni Ouarain carpet. As well as it is beautiful, also it will add warmth in the bedroom.

Carpets in the decoration of small rooms
Photography Anders Bergstedt.

Functional furniture for small rooms

When decorating a small room every centimeter counts. And for that, nothing better than resorting to Nordic furniture.

Storage under the bed

The Scandinavians, being such a practical people, aspire to optimize the space as much as possible. For this, they create furniture with a lot of storage capacity, like the classic ones folding beds with interior space.

Storage under the bed in a small room

An elevated platform with storage space

In this apartment, they have chosen to combine a raised platform with curtains, and thus create the illusion of having a separate bedroom in the studio. An added advantage to the elevated platform is the storage space. Its spacious and spacious drawers are perfect for storing linens and seasonal items, keeping clutter to a minimum.

Elevated platform with storage space

Bedside tables to decorate small bedrooms

Too-large furniture will prevent you from easily circulating around the room. But today, you can find in the market, a large number of small Nordic-inspired bedside tables for your bedroom.

Bedside tables to decorate small rooms

Desks for the decoration of small rooms

Scandinavian designers are also very inclined to create tables and desks with thousands of compartments. If you can scratch some space in your bedroom, a wooden desk, however small, will always be a “must have”.

Desks in bedroom decoration

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Transparent chairs to decorate a small room with style

To accompany a desk in a small room, nothing better than the Ghost chairs. Being transparent, you can barely see, for those that are ideal for bedrooms that have little space. Not only they are super elegant, but visually, they will lighten your small room (less visual clutter).

Transparent chairs to decorate small rooms

Floating shelves on the walls

Another good idea is to use a few floating shelves mounted on the wall.

Floating shelves on bedroom walls

A bench at the foot of the bed

Putting a bench at the foot of the bed is another smart way to squeeze even more the little space available.

A bench at the foot of the bed in a small bedroom
Seen on

Live vertically

If the space of the room is very limited but you have high ceilings, consider adding a loft or raised platform to the sleeping area, with a space under the bed for storage or work area.

Elevated platform in a bedroom

Embrace minimalism

If your room is cluttered and messy, the last thing you want to do is hang out in it. And more, if this one is small. Put order and, above all, keep in mind that everything around you influences your mood very powerfully.

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Order and minimalism in the room

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