outdoor weddings
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Outdoor Wedding: Decorating tips for different styles

outdoor weddings

Getting married is one of the best moments of life. It is a moment of happiness, joy, and prosperity. And that why we want everything to be perfect on the wedding day. So if you think about ideas for outdoor weddings, we are going to give you some decoration tips for the perfect dream wedding.

Tips for decorating outdoor weddings

There are different themes for outdoor wedding decoration. There are rustic weddings, vintage wedding, and even beach weddings. Each of them completely different and for that reason, we are going to give some decoration tips for each of these outdoor weddings styles.

Outdoor rustic wedding

outdoor weddings

Lately, we see how the rustic style became popular at weddings. It is true that it has always been a very helpful style for outdoor weddings. But it is also true that rustic style is one of the most romantic outdoor styles.

rustic wedding arches for your outdoor wedding ideas

In the case of rustic weddings, we recommend doing it in a location where there is a lot of vegetation. Trees, shrubs, flowers …, everything rural will be welcome in this type of wedding.

For decoration, it is best to use a lot of wood. Wooden chairs, wooden tables, and even the altar should be made of wood. One hundred percent country. You can also use the stone to intersperse with wood and create contrasts, which is always good.

It is true that this type of wedding, sometimes, are usually monochromatic, so I recommend that you add some color (in the centers of tables, for example) to create a more cheerful and even fun.

Outdoor vintage wedding

outdoor weddings

Vintage-style outdoor weddings closely resemble rustic weddings, but with a difference, vintage type weddings are a little thinner and have more details. What stands out most of a vintage wedding are the flowers, vintage accessories, and the empty bird cages. That is why a good option is to place natural flowers of warm colors, as white or pink, inside those two accessories.

Bicycles with basket, Candlesticks or candles are also common accessories at these outdoor weddings. Also, don’t forget the fabrics, the arches with flowers and even put swings on the trees. These little details make a vintage wedding perfect.

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Outdoor minimalist wedding

outdoor weddings

Minimalism is popular. There’s no doubt. This style began in the decoration of homes, but now it has moved to the outdoor wedding decoration. But how do you decorate a minimalist wedding?

The minimalist weddings have a very particular style. They are very simple and are based on accessories made of very fine steel, although sometimes aged wood is also used. Small flowers and benches are used with white mats. Simple and very elegant.

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It is true that, in the end, these types of weddings tend to be more economical, since the expenditure on ornaments is much less, but it all depends on your tastes.

Wedding on the beach

outdoor weddings

Weddings on the beach are a classic. They will never go out of style. In addition, the decoration in the case of beach weddings is usually very simple since the magic resides in the place of the celebration.

A good tip for this type of wedding is to place candles. Many candles on the altar, in the hall, on the tables of the guests …, the candles will give a warm touch and even hippie. Another option is to place on each table a center composed of shells, starfish and sand. It will be very original. Just do not forget to put aa carpet of rose petals in the arento. It is ideal for this type of outdoor wedding.

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