How to decorate a minimalist style living room
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The decoration of a Living Room: Latest Trends 2019

What are the latest trends in the decoration of rooms for this 2019? We bet on 8 styles of decoration. 8 styles of interior design and decoration, so you have ideas and can decorate the living room of your home.

How to decorate a room? It depends! It all depends on your tastes and your style … Are you going to the most ethnic and natural spaces, or maybe you lean towards a more baroque and sophisticated aesthetic, or can you bet on more minimalist and functional interiors?

If you didn’t have it very clear, I show you eight styles of interior decoration so you can find ideas and the lounge style which best suits you:

  • Minimalist
  • Nordic
  • Rustic
  • Boho chic
  • Industrial
  • Wabi Sabi
  • Japandi
  • Modern

How to decorate a living room ?: Ideas for decorating living rooms

The decoration of minimalist salons

Less is more in the decoration of the living room

The minimalist decoration is characterized by its simplicity, sense of order and serenity. And is that the maxim of minimalist interiors is to simplify to the maximum and leave aside all those elements that are superfluous and are not necessary.

How to decorate a minimalist style living room
Estilsmo Nicolas Schuybroek.

Vincent Van Duysen is an internationally renowned architect and interior designer. Celebrated for its clean and minimalist style, its interiors are warm and welcoming. Vincent calls his way of understanding interior design “essentialism”. Focusing on the essence of things, helps you create these amazing spaces that “please all senses”.

The minimalist design in the decoration of houses
BS Residence | Photography Juan Rodriguez.

His respect and use of natural materials, organic colors and traditional crafts is a constant and unifying feature of his work. Another, his use of light as a “building material”, something that in theory sounds simple, but that is tremendously difficult to do.

The light when decorating a house
DRD Apartment, Knokke, Belgium.

In a recent interview, Vincent commented:

Eliminate is the best form of elegance. I eliminate and limit myself to the essentials without compromising comfort and well-being

And their salons are proof of that. Every time I admire one of Vincent Van Duysen’s interiors, I feel a strong sense of peace emanating from them, along with admiration for its powerful simplicity. Less is more!

Minimalist style house
VVD II Residence, Antwerp, Belgium.

Textures to decorate the minimalist salons

This doesn’t mean that minimalist interiors have to be boring, far from it. For this, you can play with different textures such as textiles, ceramics, wood, and clay.

Decoration of rooms with a minimalist design
Styling Annabell Kutucu | Photography Claus Brechenmacher.

North of Vancouver, in Canada, this is a minimalist but cozy mountain house. David and Susan Scott, the couple behind Scott & Scott Architects, have used wood and warm textiles to break the minimalism prevailing throughout the house.

Living room of a country house
Photography Scott & Scott Architects.

Quality over quantity in the decoration of a minimalist lounge

Little, but of better quality. The difficulty of decorating a minimalist room is the little you really have to choose. This makes the decision process even more difficult than usual. A table, a sofa, maybe chairs, and little else.

Pococ furniture in the decoration of salons in minimalist style
Design furniture in minimalist interiors

You should carefully consider each piece before it enters your home, but this will also mean that the final result will be more thought out. A good example of this is the Hunters Hill House, a beautiful house in Sydney awarded with numerous prizes.

Living room in a minimalist style home
Felix Forest Photography | Seen at

With a monochromatic palette and a distinctly refined aesthetic, the house is full of details: the leather of the sofa, the marble of the coffee table, the lacquered sparkles of the auxiliary tables, the wood of the beams and the floor, the linen of the blinds, the silk of the carpets, and the careful selection of furniture.

Design furniture in a minimalist aesthetic salon
Felix Forest Photography | Seen at

Open spaces in the minimalist style

The sensation of space is another very important element in the minimalist current. Make sure objects have room to breathe. Decorated by renowned Belgian interior designer Axel Vervoodt, the former home of Calvin Klein in Miami Beach, is a clear example of the use of open and open spaces.

White color and open spaces in the decoration of a living room

Neutral colors to decorate a minimalist lounge

In the same way, keeping the color combinations to their minimum expression will improve the environment even more and will create more serene and balanced interiors. Photographer Kate Zimmerman, served for her living room in her home in Texas, USA. UU., Of the white color and the neutral tones of the carpet, furniture, and ceramics. Warm and beautiful!

Neutral colors to decorate the rooms
Photography K. Zimmerman | Seen in Domino.

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Nordic style living rooms

Due to the harsh climatic conditions faced by the Scandinavian countries and the need to spend so much time inside their homes, the Nordic decoration seeks above all:

  • create spaces as cozy, warm and comfortable possible
  • Maximize the low light available in these countries.
Nordic style living room

White color and neutral tones in Scandinavian salons

In order to reflect the low natural light available, the Nordic houses are characterized by the use of white. With this, they achieve more luminous and wide spaces.

Comfort and luminosity in the Nordic style rooms

The living room of this beautiful Swedish apartment has been decorated with white and soft pastel shades. A chair from the 70s designed by Bruno Mathsson and a sculptural and baroque pendant lamp, complete the decoration.

The white color in the decoration of living rooms
Styling Greydeco for Stadshem | Photography Jonas Berg.

However, Scandinavian interior designers are not limited to the color white to decorate the homes of their customers. In addition to classic white rooms, neutral colors such as beige, gray and brown are also widely used in Nordic salons.

How to decorate a room with neutral colors
Photography Jonas Berg for Stadshem.

A clear example of this is the living room of the apartment of the Swedish architect Andreas Martin Löf. The Studio Lotta Agaton interior design studio has opted for a palette of darker colors and has achieved a beautiful contrast between the dark wood of the tables and armchairs, and the lighter colors of the upholstery and textiles.

Neutral shades of gray and beige in the decoration of living rooms
Styling Lotta Agaton | Photography Residence Bookazine.

The gray rooms are also very common in Nordic decoration. The living room of this apartment located in the center of Stockholm, has been painted in soft shades of gray that give it a feeling of spaciousness and elegance. The striking glass chandelier creates a focal point, and the gray wall blends perfectly with the pale parquet floor and is offset by the white Moroccan Beni Ouarain carpet.

Shades of gray to decorate a room

Warm textiles to decorate a Nordic style living room

Warm textiles such as wool, linen, sheepskins and soft cotton provide warmth and comfort in Nordic-style salons. A clear example of the use of textiles is the magnificent outfits of the Norwegian photographer Line Kay. Delicacy and elegance in each of his photographs.

Furniture made of wood and textiles in Scandinavian salons
Line Kay Photography.
How to decorate a Nordic living room
Line Kay Photography.

Scandinavian furniture

The Nordic furniture is characterized by a very simple and above all, functional aesthetic.

Gray colors to paint the walls of the living rooms
Spaciousness and space in Scandinavian-style living rooms
Nordic style furniture in the dining room of a house
Furniture by Ameé Allsop Studio | Photography Glen Allsop.
Design furniture in a Nordic style living room
Styling Studio Lotta Agaton | Kristofer Johnsson Photography for Residence Magazine.

The modular shelves String (Nils Strinning – 1949), are a good example of how Scandinavian furniture can combine functionality and design, without sacrificing style. Practical, elegant and beautiful!

String shelving to decorate the living room of an apartment
Styling Lotta Agaton.

Pictures and frames on the living room walls

When it comes to decorating walls and in order to break with the white that floods everything, an element widely used in Scandinavian interiors are the photographs.

Photo plates to decorate the living room wall
prints and photos in Scandinavian interiors

Flowers to decorate the room

The decorative details in the form of plants and floral arrangements are also very common in Scandinavian decoration, as they provide a note of color and help create more natural spaces.

Plants and flowers in the decoration of living rooms
Styling Gray Deco for Stadshem | Photography Jonas Berg.
Design and decoration of rooms with plants and flowers
Line Kay Photography | Via

The decoration of rustic rooms

If you don’t fill the house with cuckoo clocks and Tyrolean motifs, the rustic decoration can be a great ally to decorate the living room of your home. And, the decoration of rustic style, does not necessarily have to be like “The House of the Prairie”. And if you don’t believe it, then I show you some rustic salons that take away the hiccups.

How to decorate a rustic style living room

Polished wood, stone, and cement in the rustic style rooms

Thanks to the warmth of the wood and the elegance of the stone, you can get interiors as inspiring as those I show you in the following images.

Modern rustic lounge
Photography James Brittain.
How to decorate the living room of a country house
Seen in
Wooden beams in the living room of a rustic house
Polished cement floor in the living room of a rural house
White color in the living room of a beach house

Charlotte De Cock, a renowned painter and interior designer, found her private refuge in a dream castle lost in a forest in Belgium. Wood floors, lush carpets, animal skins, and reindeer horns, dress the room.

rustic details in the decoration of a living room
Photography Tim Van de Velde | Seen in

Along with a scheme of warm and autumnal colors, the rustic details do the rest. Wonderfully baroque!

rustic interior decoration
Photography Tim Van de Velde | Seen in

In the snowy mountains of Cortina d ‘Ampezzo, you will find this elegant and cozy chalet. White walls, untreated wood, antique pieces and objects, and a wonderful fireplace for a house that invites you to get lost in it on weekends.

Cowhide sofas in a rustic living room
Objects and antique pieces in the decoration of the living room
Photography Stefano Scatà.
Rustic interiors with wooden furniture
Photography Stefano Scatà.
Wooden floor in a rural house
Photography Stefano Scatà.
Decoration of rooms with rustic details
Photography Stefano Scatà.

For its part, the salon of the country house of the French antiquarian and interior designer Serge Castella, is a waste of elegance and delicacy. Sober and elegant shades of beige, vintage furniture, a vintage fireplace, antiques, and surprising and beautiful details. Very pretty!

Decoration of rooms with rustic style
Seen in
How to decorate a rustic style living room
Seen in

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Boho chic rooms

One of the styles that is gaining strength in recent times is the combination of bohemian accents, natural elements, and ethnic details. And it doesn’t surprise me! 

boho chic lounge with ethnic and bohemian details
Styling Annabell Kutucu | Scorpios Mykonos photography.
Ceramic shelving in a boho-style dining room
Styling Annabell Kutucu | Photography House Cook Kos.

Natural materials and ethnic accents to decorate

Natural materials and textures and a mixture of ethnic and Scandinavian elements, in a house designed by Belgian interior designer and architect Peter Ivens. Simple, but very elegant.

Wooden furniture and natural elements in a boho-style living room
Chair with skins and ethnic details in the decoration of a bohemian style lounge

Tulum Treehouse, is a wonderful house for rent decorated by the renowned interior designer, Annabell Kutucu. Local textiles, ceramics, Oaxacan rugs, wicker baskets and custom-made wooden furniture by local artisans complete the decoration.

Bohemian accents in the living room of a beach house
Photography Brechenmacher & Baumann Photography.
wood and linen to decorate the living room
Photography Brechenmacher & Baumann Photography.

Also, by the hand of Annabell Kutucu, an elegant apartment in Berlin decorated with a palette of earth colors and ethnic winks. Annabell has used skins, precious kilim rugs, ceramics, wooden furniture, and warm shades of beige, brown and gray.

How to decorate an ethnic style living room
Styling Annabell Kutucu.

Designed by Block722architects +, this beautiful house in Mykonos, Greece, is the perfect refuge to escape the summers.

living room of a mediterranean house with ethnic and bohemian accents
Photography Block722architects +.

Whitewashed walls, neutral colors, natural materials such as wood, stone, and wicker, for a house with a dining room, which invites peace and tranquility. Sober, but very welcoming.

Dining room in a beach house
Photography Block722architects +.

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Industrial style rooms

Predominantly masculine, industrial style decoration emerged in New York during the 1950s, when young artists began to settle in spacious and spacious factories abandoned in search of space and light. Over time, the style evolved and matured into what we know today as lofts.

Industrial style interior

Structural elements in sight and vintage furniture in an industrial design room

The living room in an industrial style interior is a combination of structural elements in sight, such as wooden beams, exposed brick walls, and bare concrete and iron, with vintage furniture, usually rescued in flea markets.

vintage furniture to decorate an industrial style lounge
Open space and diaphanous in an industrial type loft
Living room of an apartment with an industrial style aesthetic
Styling Annabell Kutucu | Photography Steve Herud.
Leather, wood and iron in the salons of industrial aesthetics
Living room in an old industrial warehouse
Vintage furniture in industrial rooms
Decoration of an industrial rustic style lounge

This apartment located in Tribeca, New York and designed by Chelsea Reale and Diana Rice, from the interior design studio Sissy & Marley, is the loft with which all New Yorkers dream: arched windows, exposed iron, brass hoses, wooden planks Oak wood on the floor, vintage furniture and design, enough space to accommodate the dining table … and above all, lots of light!

How to decorate a living room in a loft
Styling Chelsea Reale and Diana Rice | Marco Ricca Photography.

Who said that the industrial style is cold? With the help of natural materials, delicate neutral tones, and with its huge industrial windows overlooking the green gardens of Amsterdam, this room is warm and comfortable. A very inspiring interior!

living room in a loft
decoration of loft-style living rooms

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Wabi Sabi rooms

A style that I particularly like, is the Japanese aesthetic of the Wabi Sabi. Yes, I know, maybe it’s a bit gloomy and more appropriate for decoration magazines, but it’s undeniable that it’s extremely elegant.

Living room of a hotel room with aesthetic wabi sabi
Axel Vervoordt Styling | Photography

Decoration of a Wabi Sabi room

Reduced to its most intimate essence, the Wabi Sabi is the Japanese art of the search for beauty in imperfection. So the Wabi Sabi interiors celebrate the peeling paint, the dull colors, the rusted elements, the frayed textiles, the asperities and the low light.

Color and lighting off in a wabi sabi lounge
Axel Vervoordt Styling | Photography Greenwich Hotel Tribeca Penthouse.
Interior wabi sabi
Axel Vervoordt Styling | Photography.
Aesthetics wabi sabi in a country house
Axel Vervoordt Styling | Photography
details wabi sabi in a rural house
Axel Vervoordt Styling | Photography
Interiors of inspiration wabi sabi
Axel Vervoordt Styling | Photography
Dark colors in wabi sabi decoration
Axel Vervoordt Styling | Photography

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Salons Japandi

In the last two years, interiors from around the world have been inspired by the Japandi, a fusion between Japanese and Scandinavian design. A Japandi style room has the best of both worlds; the peace and harmony of the Japanese decoration, with the warmth of the Nordic decoration.

Decoration of japandi style rooms

Simplicity and beauty in a Japandi lounge

In many ways, it is a natural combination: although they originate in different parts of the world, Japanese and Scandinavian design share many similarities. Both focus on simplicity and functional beauty, and both show a special attention for natural materials and quality craftsmanship.

How to decorate a japandi style living room
Styling Jonathan Fleming | Photography Denise Braki.

Textures, colors and tones in the Japandi trend

But there are also differences: while the Scandinavian aesthetic tends to neutral colors and smooth surfaces, the Japanese design incorporates warmer tones and a large number of textured materials such as rattan, bamboo and tatami.

The trend of japandi style in the decoration of living rooms

Decoration of modern living rooms

Surely, each of us has a very different idea of what a modern living room should look like. However, I am sure that we would all agree on a series of elements: neutral colors (white, shades of beige and gray), minimalist and functional design furniture, metal tables and chairs, works of art, ambient lighting, etc.

Decoration of modern living rooms
Minimalism and functionality in the most current design
Pastel colors in interior decoration
How to decorate a modern living room
modern style living rooms

Design furniture, minimalism and neutral colors in a modern design lounge

In the latest work by Danish architects Norm Architects, one can be surprised by the masterful fusion of contemporary design with the Japanese aesthetic of Zen decoration.

minimalism in the current architecture
Photography Jonas Bjerre Poulsen, Norm Architects.

The focus of the living room is in the fireplace, which is covered from floor to ceiling with an elegant and dark stone. A couple of black and white marble blocks have been Used as coffee tables. A very inspiring interior!

Stone fireplace in a modern design living room
Photography Jonas Bjerre Poulsen, Norm Architects.

Located just half an hour’s drive from Marrakech, on the outskirts of a small town called Tagadert, is Villa K, a five-bedroom retreat designed by the French firm Studio KO. The lounge, elegant and minimalist, is dressed in beautiful designer furniture and warm and lush Moroccan Beni Ouarain rugs.

Design furniture in the decoration of living rooms
Photography Dan Glasser.
Contemporary design room
Photography Dan Glasser.

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Have you found inspiration and ideas for the decoration of your living room?

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