19 Japanese Bedroom Ideas to That You’ll Love

When you mention the country of Japan, what comes into the mind of most people is the mysteries of a beautiful Asian country. Japanese are known for their deep rooted culture, food and their distinct lifestyle.

Japanese culture has been a main source of tourism attraction in Japan and other people are practicing the Japanese lifestyle, especially their décor style.

Japanese bedrooms have unique styles unlike other bedroom styles and they seem to be minimalistic in most instances.

Currently, most people are on the craze of transforming their rooms and everyone just wants to adopt the Japanese bedroom design.

If you’re one of them, then this article is for you. We are going to give you mind blowing Japanese bedroom ideas that will give you inspiration on how to create these unique bedroom designs.

Good thing about Japanese inspired bedroom designs is that they require natural materials that you can easily get.

Before we head straight into the ideas, we would love to discuss some of the key points that you need to consider before transforming your room into the Japanese style.

Things To Consider When Transforming Your Bedroom To Japanese Bedroom Design

  • Low Bed

What is a Japanese bedroom without a low bed? Japanese beds and furniture are known to be low to the ground and thus you must consider adding one to your bedroom.

  • Tatami Mats

Japanese culture forbids wearing of footwear in the bedroom. For that reason, the Japanese use tatami mats to cover the floors. Tatami mats are made of rice straw and they provide comfort because one cannot wear shoes in the bedroom.

Add a tatami mat in your bedroom if you want to adopt a true Japanese theme.

  • Declutter

Japanese bedroom designs are minimalistic spaces and thus you have to get rid of clutter if you want to create the Japanese bedroom design. Focus on maximizing space by getting rid of clutter (things you don’t need).

  • Add Japanese Decorations

How can you achieve a Japanese bedroom style without having some Japanese décor pieces? Add a few Japanese themed décor pieces like Japanese fans on your walls to bring in the Japanese accent. The options are unlimited so you don’t need to stick to the Japanese fan only.

  • Add a Throw Pillow On Your Bed

Japanese are well known for adding colorful accessories in their bedroom spaces. They love to use colored throw pillows on their low beds and thus you might want to add one or two on your bed.

  • Use Privacy Screens

Most traditional Japanese bedrooms have a folding shoji screen that adds some privacy around the bed space. You might want an added privacy around your bed. You can achieve that by using a privacy screen.

  • Sliding Doors

Most Asian inspired bedrooms have sliding doors and shoji screens. The shoji screens are brilliant window covers and they are great especially if you want to create a rich look in your bedroom space. There are other options too that you can use apart from the normal shoji screens and sliding doors.

  • Focus on Natural Colors

Unlike other decor styles that require bold colors, Japanese bedrooms are mostly neutral with natural colors that are inspired by organic elements found in nature.

  • Incorporate Natural Light

Create an open space and incorporate natural light in your bedroom space when creating a Japanese inspired bedroom. Try to add simple furniture to create enough open space.

  • Balance Textures

When going for a Japanese style décor you need to ensure that the textures are working together perfectly. Ensure that you use the right colors and highlight the space with accent lighting.

 Best Japanese Bedroom Ideas

1. Simple Bedroom With Sliding Doors

japanese bed style

We love this small and simple bedroom idea with sliding doors. It doesn’t have a lot of things but it does speak volumes. The view looks amazing with a chair and a table for relaxing when you want a cool spot for book reading.

2. Minimalist Bedroom With A Rustic Touch

japanese decor

How about this low bed with a wooden frame and neutral beddings? Remember we said that low beds are one of the things that Japanese bedrooms have. This Japanese bedroom has both the Japanese style and a little bit of rustic touch in it.

The exposed wooden bed frame brings out a bit of rustic accent. Adding some throw pillows doesn’t only compliment the bedroom but they also create comfort.

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3. Traditional Japanese Bedroom With Foldable Privacy Screen

japanese inspired bedroom

Source: jlifeinternational

If you want an authentic Japanese bedroom style without any compromise then this is it. Starting with the size of the room and the overall layout, this bedroom is with no doubt a real traditional Japanese bedroom.

This bedroom is small, just as many Japanese bedrooms and the textures are combined perfectly. The colors of the walls are neutral and they blend well with the beddings.

Go ahead and place two or one planter with some large green plants and add some life into your traditional Asian bedroom. A swinging chair can offer you the comfort you need for relaxation.

4. Modern Minimalist Style Bedroom

japanese room style

Source: grand.litier

This Japanese bedroom style has Japanese design elements but it has a modern touch to it with a little bit of farmhouse touch. The plain colors and the minimal décor brings out a modern Japanese décor appeal.

5. Industrial Design

Source: 5_corners_furniture

Did you know you can combine Japanese and industrial decor and still attain a world class bedroom design? Well, this is a perfect example of industrial and Japanese bedroom designs.

The room has Japanese elements like a low bed with built in nightstands and two industrial lights on the wall.

The bedding has a good combination of colors and the wall arts above the headboard sprinkles some beauty in this bedroom space.

6. Contemporary Japanese Bedroom

Source: getinspolis

This Japanese bedroom is simple yet it has a spark of sophistication. Have some lighting under the low bed and illuminate that space that most people ignore.

We love that this Japanese bedroom has an office and a small library. A perfect place to work in especially during the new normal era.

7. Bedroom With Ample Natural Light

Source: japanesebedding

One thing with Japanese bedrooms is to let enough natural light in. A big glass window or glass sliding doors highlights your bedroom space perfectly.

Add some artificial lights on the sides of the bed for extra light. The neutral colors of the bedding and the tatami mat makes the room look elegant.

8. Japanese Style Bedroom With A Swinging Chair

traditional japanese bedroom

Source: ohanahome11

If you have noticed, this Japanese bedroom looks big. The extended wood ceiling to the walls does the trick. The wood extension has expanded the room making it look bigger than its actual size.

Add a swinging chair in the bedroom or any other piece of furniture to create a perfect bedroom space.

9. Try a Futon Bed

traditional bedroom

Source: japanesebedding

The wall art has somehow captured our focus with the lighting above it. Most Japanese wall arts and paintings are simple and they can be acquired for any home design.

The bonsai tree on the headboard brings out an ancient Japanese accent and the other planter with a big tree on the window adds some nature in the bedroom.

Of course we can’t ignore the down to the ground futon bed. We love how the bed is designed with built in nightstands. The choice of bedding is also perfect it blends in well with the flooring.

10. Add Scandinavian Charm

japanese home decoratinions

Source: Behance.net

Sometimes you might want to combine two bedroom styles and this Japandi bedroom style might just be what you’re looking for.

Japandi décor is a blend of Scandinavian and Japanese style. Both of these styles focus on minimalism as you can see in this bedroom design.

This bedroom has a mix of Scandinavian and Japanese elements. There is a wicker rug at the bed area with two wicker low round stools on different points offering you a laid back dream.

The rule of Japandi style is that you focus on simplicity, natural materials and soft hues and this bedroom has exactly that.

11. Modern Design With Multifunctional Platform

japanese room aesthetic


Most of the Japanese bedroom ideas we have covered are incredible but you might want an idea that offers you more choices like storage.

This contemporary idea with a multifunctional platform allows you to store your items in your inbuilt storage below the bed and arrange some of your favorite books on the shelves.

The night stand is also multifunctional as it provides you with a tiny office space and a good industrial light illuminates the working area. Create a contrast by adding some dark colored bedding and a matching shawl.

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12. Modern Bedroom With Cherry Blossom Art

japanese minimalist bedroom

Source: wattpad.com

Monochromes and florals are the best choice if you want to decorate a Japanese themed bedroom. This bedroom is a perfect example of a luxurious modern Japanese bedroom with contrast colors.

The space above the headboard has been decorated with a cherry blossom art that matches the foldable privacy screen. The bedroom has lots of floral touches and art with a bonsai tree at one corner of the room.

13. Big Traditional Japanese Bedroom Covered With Tatami Mats

japanese bedrooms design

Source: Wattpad.com

This simple traditional Japanese bedroom design has all the elements you’ll find in the ancient Japanese bedroom.

Starting with the sliding doors, tatami mats, Japanese furniture to wall art this is one of the best Japanese bedroom ideas we have come across.

The good thing is most of the items that have been incorporated are inexpensive and thus you don’t have to spend a lot on interior design.

14. Warm Design

japanese style bedroom

Source: japanesebedding

Do you want a cozy and warm Japanese bedroom without compromising on your bedroom’s interior design? This is one of those rare Japanese bedroom ideas that you can get inspiration from.

The low canopy bed with an independent nightstand and the gray mat compliments the bedroom space in a brilliant way.

You don’t have to add so many things to have a perfect cozy or warm Japanese bedroom. Just keep it simple and elegant.

15. Japanese Bedroom With Blue Bedding

japanese style bed

Source: Japanesebedding

You can decide to break the norm and go for a little bit brighter colors than the usual neutrals. Blue bedding combined with white and a purple throw blanket will blend well with a purple wall.

Instead of placing a bonsai tree on the corners of your bedroom, you can have yours on top of your night stand.

An ancient Japanese wall art above the headboard can be a good way of decorating the blank wall. Although the interior decor of this room seems to be a little more different than most Japanese bedroom ideas we have talked about, it still looks beautiful.

This is a perfect Japanese style bedroom idea to those people who love bold colors.

16. Japanese Style Bedroom With Extended Wood Ceiling

japanese inspired bedroom

Source: japanesebedding

This bedroom is one of our favorite Japanese style bedrooms. We love it’s interior design. Everything looks perfectly and we love how the textures and colors are balanced.

The room has enough natural light coming in the room and it also has stylish artificial lights making it bright and well lit. The wooden headboard extending to the ceiling gives the room a stunning look.

A round rattan mat with some pieces of furniture gives you a great spot for sitting with your loved one. You might want to add a hanging light above your bed to provide some light when reading before you sleep.

17. Rustic Room Animal Art

japan bedroom

Source: japanesebedding

This is another incredible traditional Japanese bedroom design with a touch of rustic interior design. The bedroom has neutral walls but thanks to the leopard wall art the walls don’t look blank.

The platform bed has a good combination of colors on the beddings and the pillows and the throw pillows add beauty and comfort.

You might want to illuminate the sides of the beds with two lamps with black lamp shades to add contrasting colors. Complete the look by adding a tatami mat on the end of the bed for a complete japan theme space with Zen vibes.

18. Cozy Room With Zen Vibes

japan themed room

Source: hackrea_en

This Japanese style bedroom is ideal for those who want to create a serene and warm bedroom. Generally, Japanese homes are designed to create a perfect environment for Zen activities and relaxation and every other activity that calms the mind.

This bedroom with the Japanese furniture and decorations brings in that Zen energy. The colors and wall art above the headboard brings out a beautiful and textured look.


Can I Add A Personal Touch When Transforming My Room To Japanese Style

Yes you can. You are decorating your room and thus your room should have a personal touch with elements of Japanese style.

What is Zen?

The word Zen has different meanings but when we talk of a Zen room we are referring to a simple, warm, minimalist and free from any kind of distractions.

Why are Japanese Furniture Low?

Japanese have an obsession with low furniture most especially beds. According to their ancient beliefs, Evil spirits dwell above the head of a human body and that is why their beds are low. According to most people born and raised in Japan, sleeping low keeps them safe from evil spirits.

Are Japanese Low Beds Comfortable?

Yes they are. Most traditional Japanese homes use tatami mats for flooring and some sleep on those traditional Japanese mats. The mats are made using pliant material which makes them comfortable and easy to sleep on.

Traditional Japanese homes use the tatami mats as their floor beds but you can add a low bed in your room if you don’t feel comfortable with the traditional floor bed.

Can I Transform My Home To Japanese Home Design?

The key point to remember when trying to adopt the Japanese décor design is focusing on minimalism. We mentioned earlier that Japanese décor style focuses on minimalism.

Ensure you get rid of clutter when transforming your home. Incorporate nature and simple decorations made from natural materials. If you’re a plant lover, you can add some plants like bamboo and bonsai plants.

Bring Japan to your home even if you’re not in Japan by creating a sunken living room and install a Japan style bath. You can buy some tatami mats, privacy screens and other accessories with a Japanese accent. There are many design ideas that you can use to decorate your room or entire home.

Bottom Line

Now that you have several Japanese bedroom design ideas it’s time to get down to work and start decorating your home. You don’t have to do everything at once because you might get overwhelmed. Just take small steps and before you realize you will notice that you have a beautiful Japanese themed room.

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