22 black kitchens you want to copy
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22 Black kitchens you want to copy

Black kitchens are so special. The interiors are dressed in intense, bold, dark tones are very popular and stylish, and our kitchens aren’t far behind. Does this mean we will stop seeing white kitchens? Not much, but they will no longer be the only ones.

Within the great variety of shades, black seems fantastic for many reasons. In the first place, black is a less chosen tone when decorating kitchens and we like to skip the rules. Do you also like to take risks? If so, you have to know that black kitchens can be as modern as conservative. You will find it very easy to adapt black to any decorative style. We are also interested in black kitchens because they never go out of style. Do you know a more timeless color than black? Well yes, white, but as we said at the beginning we are saturated with white kitchens. In addition, the black kitchen is a trend. It isn’t a new discovery because this color has long begun to be incorporated into kitchens but it is true that lately much more frequently and without fear.

If your kitchen needs a change and you are looking for different options and with personality, consider the color black. We show you the interiors of black kitchens to inspire you.

Black and wood kitchen

Black kitchens can create a dark room or a cave effect. But don’t worry, you have the perfect ally: the wood. It will help you reduce the intensity of the black and will also bring warmth to the kitchen. We show you examples of how it can turn out:

22 black kitchens you want to copy

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Black and white kitchens

Playing with a combination of black and white is also a good option to bring luminosity to black kitchens. You can choose to paint all the walls white. Or to install on your black kitchen a white countertop. A white dashboard, or a combination of two-tone furniture, are other ideas used in black and white kitchens.

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Ikea black kitchens

The Ikea brand, creators and discoverers of equal trends, has been proposing black kitchens in its catalog for a few years now. There are innumerable photos of environments that design with black kitchen furniture. They know well what their customers want. Without going any further, in their 2019 catalog, we find all these ideas of Ikea black kitchens.

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