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8 Ideas for Decorating a Small Kitchen

Do you have a small kitchen? Are you thinking about your decoration? With these 8 ideas to optimize spaces and decorate small kitchens, what you lack in space you will compensate with style.

Don’t you have space to tear down walls and create an open-plan dining kitchen? Do not worry! We have put together 8 ideas to maximize a small kitchen and make the most of the limited space available.

They cover everything from storage to lighting, so I hope you find some idea that will help you transform your own kitchen into the most elegant, practical and useful corner of your home, whether you’re starting from scratch or updating a existing scheme.

Let’s go there!

Keep things simple in a small kitchen

To avoid that a kitchen looks too crowded, and more if it is small, it is best to embrace minimalism. When choosing cabinet doors, drawer fronts and other accessories, keep things as simple as possible.

how to take advantage of space in a small kitchen
Photography Astrid Marie Vie.

The white color or very soft colors will also help you to create the illusion of space. I recommend that you limit yourself to three or four different tones at the most.

white color for small kitchens

You could even consider using the same color on furniture and countertops, as well as on walls, and thus eliminate any visual barrier that breaks the kitchen. You will make the kitchen look much bigger than it really is.

how to paint a small kitchen

It is also worthwhile to bet on discrete mangos instead of big and big designs, or even eliminate them completely in favor of integrated “push to open” mechanisms.

minimalist kitchen
Photography Fanny Hansson for Nordiska Kök.

And remember that simple doesn’t mean boring. In the minimalist decoration there is a trick that never fails: the textures. You can add interest and personality to a minimalist kitchen with plants, pottery, rattan and wicker.

ceramics to decorate the kitchen
The Gjovik House | Norm Architecture.

Outside cabinets on the wall in small kitchens

The cabinets on the wall really invade a lot of space and can make a small kitchen look even smaller. So you should consider if you can do without them on the walls and have them only, in the lower areas.

Outside cabinets on the walls in small kitchens

If you really can’t manage without them, consider having one or two, instead of having a closet that covers the entire wall. If you have a corridor-type kitchen, you can also have them on one side to prevent the space from looking even narrower.

Wardrobes on a wall in a small kitchen

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Shelves open for a small kitchen

Open kitchen shelves are an excellent choice for smaller kitchens. In addition to gaining visual amplitude, the open shelves provide an ideal place to show some decorative details, such as ceramics, and have at hand the pots and accessories that you use most.

Open shelves for small kitchens
Photography Scott & Scott Architects.

You can use floating shelves painted the same color as the wall to achieve a more stylized appearance.

White color for a small kitchen

The classic string shelves are also a very good option, and you can even use reclaimed wood for a more rustic effect.

wooden shelves for the kitchen

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Rails and kitchen hooks

The rails and hooks for hanging are a very good (and attractive) way to store pans and other utensils, and gain even more space. They can be fixed directly on the wall or on the bottom of the shelves.

Rails and kitchen hooks

In the following image, a hanging rail extends throughout the kitchen and is used to hang cups, utensils and other knick-knacks. A pair of hanging lamps create a focal point without taking too much of the valuable kitchen space.

Hanging rail in the kitchen for hanging cups, utensils and other knick-knacks

Maximizes space in closets

There are also many smart tricks in the market to help you gain every square centimeter of storage in your cupboards. You can use removable inserts and door inserts to greatly increase the amount of usable internal space.

additions in the kitchen doors

Other quick solutions include storing food in glass jars or clear cans. You can stack them on top of each other and find what you need at a glance, and even install hooks inside the doors for the little ones.

glass jars and transparent jars for the kitchen

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Consider what kitchen gadgets you really need

Ask yourself what utensils you usually use and eliminate all those that aren’t really necessary. Do you really need that elegant designer coffee machine or that fresh pasta machine that someone once gave you for Christmas? They can be very nice tools, but if they remain inactive most of the time, you probably don’t need them.

Decorate small kitchens

If you have gadgets that you need to keep but don’t use every day (blenders, toasters and the like), try to find some place to store them and thus free space on the countertop.

How to decorate a small kitchen

Be smart with lighting

Many people assume that by having a small kitchen you only need a single light on the ceiling. But this can leave your kitchen with dark corners, and you will often find that you are working in your own shadow.

Lighting of small kitchens
Sundling / Kickén Styling | Photography Osman Tahir for Nordiska Kök.

Therefore, consider installing lights over work areas, plates and sinks. There are many compact tubes and LED spotlights that can be mounted on the bottom of the shelves or cabinets, and many come with attenuation functions so you can adjust the light according to your mood.

How to light a small kitchen

Put a cart with wheels in your life

Yes, I know, they are very kitsch, but a wheeled cart is a super practical way to add extra storage space in a small kitchen. You can take it where you need it and keep it when it isn’t in use.

small kitchen trolley

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