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Easy and Cheap Kitchen Decoration Ideas

It is not necessary to have a lot of knowledge in design to decorate kitchens with good taste. With ingenuity, we can make kitchens look nice and cozy, and above all, make it practical. We will show you some cheap and easy tips.

Separate zones

The kitchen, together with the bathroom, is one of the places that get the dirtiest on a daily basis, so it is recommended that they be well organized and everything kept in its place. One of the ways to have the kitchen always well organized is to divide it into two spaces: cold zone and a hot zone.

This makes our kitchen always tidy because the different things in it will not be mixed. If, for example, we are going to cook a salad, only the cold area will get dirty while the hot one will remain clean. Believe me that if you separate the room well, you will be surprised to see your kitchen clean for longer.

Hot zone

In one of the spaces things that are hot or that require fire will be placed. That is the oven, the microwave, the stove or ceramic hob, and everything for cooking.

Cold Zone

Dishes, dishwashers, refrigerators, cutters, and everything that does not require hot things will be placed in the cold area. Normally, the cold zone is already established by the sink, so where the sink is located will be this zone.


White kitchens never go out of style. White tiles, open shelving, and perhaps cabinets with glass doors make a kitchen look more spacious.

White kitchens with some pop of color look fabulous.

That means everything must be super organized, so closed doors could make a better option.

Dark cabinets can look ultra-stylish in the lower half of the kitchen, under the counter. They can be dark gray or in some shade of teal.

But of course, you can give color to all the cabinets, as we see in the kitchen below. Shades of sage green are being used a lot today.


Lighting is key to making a kitchen comfortable and beautiful, so invest in a light bulb or smartly placed pendant lighting.

If you have cabinets above the counter, it might also be worth putting LED lights under and even inside them to light up the space.

Storage in kitchen decoration

When we have already found the style of decoration that inspires us and the colors that we like, we still have to face a requirement that will allow our kitchen to always look wonderful and also be functional, and it is the organization. Keeping everything in place is vital, just like in any home environment.

It is when we should consider integrating shelves and other furniture that allow us to maintain glassware, dishes, food, fixtures, and everything that is needed in the kitchen. To admire a beautifully decorated kitchen, you have to keep it organized. In these images, we will see some details integrated into the decoration that make the kitchen more beautiful and more functional.

Side tables

A side table, with or without wheels, can be very decorative and functional.

Functional tables that have enough space to place not only dishes and other utensils, but also fruits and vegetables.


A nice tray with spices on the counter.


Pans and pots hanging on hooks are easily available and you will have everything you need on hand and organized.


Beautiful vases will serve to place the spoons and other items and they look great.

Small details that we add to the furniture and that make the difference, to place the chopping board or the stewardesses, you will be surprised to see everything you can organize and make the kitchen look more beautiful.

If you have an uncomfortable space in the kitchen that you don’t know how to take advantage of, you may consider customizing a custom pantry. It’s amazing what kitchen designers can do with a space that you see as wasted.

Open shelves

Today, it is very common for interior designers to include floating shelving or open storage in kitchens. This is because open shelving makes the kitchen look bigger and brighter, and also serves a great function as a decorative element. Placing matching plates, cups and crockery with each other and combining with the rest of the room or contrasting with the other colors, is perfect for adding style to your kitchen, functionally and originally.

Floating shelves taking advantage of a small space on the counter to store all the bowls.

Shelving can also be an easy way to add interest in kitchen décor, and of course, it’s much cheaper than cabinets. Without a doubt, open storage is a practical, easy, and good taste idea, if you know how to take advantage of it.

Aromatic plants in kitchen decoration

Aromatic plants can also be a decorative element, make the kitchen always smell great, and you can also have aromatic herbs on hand to cook whatever you want.

It can be a simple wooden box with small potted herbs inside.

They also sell planters with special shapes.

Or you can put shelves near the kitchen window.

Most popular plants

Parsley: this is the plant that is usually in all the houses par excellence. If someone is growing something in the kitchen, it is surely parsley. They give an incredible smell to any place and are perfect to decorate multiple dishes giving them a lot of flavors.

Mint: it is another of the plants that can be put without a problem, in our multiple pots, if we decide to put aromatic plants in the kitchen. The mint is used to prepare sweet drinks and make delicious teas.

Garlic: garlic grows fast and is also very useful for many meals.

Boat labels

Kitchen pots are a great help 100% of the time since they allow us to have everything well ordered and above all to know what we have in each place. We will give you some ideas that will surely get you out of trouble on more than one occasion, especially if the kitchen pots are the same as each other. Another way to contribute to the correct kitchen decoration.

Have you ever thought about how beautiful all the boats in your house would look with labels so that you can put the name of each thing? We are going to present to you different labels for the kitchen.

To enjoy these beautiful labels, all you have to do is download them to your pc and cut them out.

Then you stick them in your cans. For it not to peel off, you need a glue that does not dissolve in water, which means it must be an industrial glue. With this, it is achieved that when it comes to washing the cans, the label does not end up taking off.

This is an excellent craft to make an afternoon. Besides, these cards not only serve you for the kitchen, but you can use them for whatever you want.

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