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Kitchen open to the living room, pros and cons

It is known as American kitchen to one that isn’t delimited by four walls but is connected to the rest of the space, which is usually the living room. Taking into account that the size of the houses is increasingly smaller, this is one of the main trends of decoration nowadays since it allows to create diaphanous and wide spaces. Of course, one kitchen open to the living room It has both advantages and disadvantages, which are worth knowing to assess whether it suits personal needs or not.

Advantages of the kitchen open to the living room

The creation of this type of space is an ideal solution for small apartments, in which an independent kitchen would be very small and there would be hardly room to move and cook in comfort, which is why it has been incorporated into the kitchen decoration in such a popular way

Modern design

One of the main advantages of this type of cuisine has to do with style and aesthetics. It turns out a most attractive and modern solution, adapted to the tastes of the users of the XXI Century.

Kitchen open to the living room

Natural light

Another benefit to be taken into account is that since the interior space of the house is less divided, natural light flows better. In general, the living room is the living room that has more natural light. Thus, if the kitchen is open to the living room you can take advantage of it.

Kitchen open to the living room

Large elements

By having a larger and larger space, it is possible to integrate elements that would be impossible in a closed kitchen, such as a kitchen island or an American bar or breakfast bar, for example.

Kitchen open to the living room


And finally, highlight the breadth that for practical purposes means a kitchen open to the living room. In addition, as there are no compartmentalized spaces, those residing in the dwelling can encourage your communication.

kitchen open to the living room

Disadvantages of the kitchen open to the living room

Of course, not all are advantages in this type of kitchen. There are some drawbacks that it is also important to know.

  • Smells: One of the main disadvantages of the kitchens that are open to the room is that, in the same way, that natural light flows, so do the smells. While it is true that there are currently very powerful extractor hoods on the market, in the end, it is inevitable that the smells of certain foods flood the space.
  • Noises: In the same way as smells, a kitchen open to the living room can also cause noise problems. Today there are very quiet appliances, but finally, they are always annoying. In addition, many noises are generated in the kitchen: opening and closing of taps, organization of pots … They can be a bit annoying for those who want to be quiet in the living room, reading or watching television for example.
  • Disorder: in general, the kitchen is one of the spaces in the house where the greatest disorder is generated since a large number of utensils and food are used at the same time. Although collecting them is sufficient, this disorder is more exposed to the view of the visitors.
  • Separate spaces: One of the advantages of this type of kitchen has to do with the greater interaction between family members. However, sometimes this can become a problem. For example, when children want to be watching television in the living room and parents quietly cooking in the kitchen. There is no possibility of closing the door.

About the question about whether really a kitchen open to the living room It is a good idea or not, there is no universal answer. Taking into account the advantages and disadvantages, we must assess the needs and personal circumstances each. For example, if it is a couple who, due to work issues, tend to eat outside the home and don’t make much use of the kitchen, it is a great option to gain meters. On the other hand, if it is a family with several small children at home, it may be a better option to have separate spaces.

Do not forget that people are very different from each other, and the ways and lifestyles are also different. When choosing the type of kitchen, you just have to assess the advantages and disadvantages and choose the one that best suits each one.

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