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10 original ways to decorate with wall shelves

Nowadays combining decoration and functionality is almost an essential factor in most of our homes. Either for lack of space or aesthetic, decorating with wall shelves has become popular for a long time, a bet that more and more decoration addicts are opting for. But if you think you still hesitate to welcome them home, don’t miss this post. It will be the little push you need!

decorate with wall shelves
Source: Concept House

Make a geometric shape with shelves

If you have a large space to accommodate several shelves, betting on geometry with them can lead to ​​visual charm. Depending on the shape, playing with the length of each of the shelves can be very interesting. In the example that I show you below, the circular shape together with greater shelf space in its central area, is a wise move to enhance the aesthetics of the room. Don’t you think it is ​​original?

decorate with wall shelves III
Source: Pinterest

Take advantage of the corners

Whether you are short on space, or if the place allows you to expand, taking advantage of the corners can become an ideal practice for your home and tremendously original for you. In the first case, taking advantage of the corners can be decisive to help you enhance functionality and make the most of the room or passage area in question. In a second, generate a feeling of greater visual continuity, gain in storage and show off an unusual aesthetic, will lead you to show magazine results;)

decorate with wall shelves VIII
Source: MaryJane

Create spaces and dress walls incorporating them

Either due to their small size or the place where they are located, there are walls in the house that seem to neither say nor ask for anything. Due to the little depth they usually have, decorating with wall shelves can become the ideal way to dress them. And not only decoratively, but also functionally. And is that depending on the type of shelf in question, you will be able to create new spaces to take advantage of. Magazine racks are a clear example of this. Creating or improvising a reading corner at your feet can be a great idea to keep in mind if you are a lover of reading.

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decorate with IV wall shelves
Source: Handfie

Create wall compositions with them

Decorating the walls of our home in a brilliant way can be easier than you initially imagine. A tip not to get overwhelmed with practice if you pursue the more aesthetic side (although perhaps and depending on the case, something less practical) is to go step by step. Choose the shelves that you like the most and create your own particular wall composition. Once you get the visual effect that you like the most, think about the decoration or in the way of taking advantage of each one of them.

decorate with wall shelves X
Source: Digs Digs

Bet on ways that are out of the ordinary

The same shelf model incorporated in different dimensions and forming part of wall composition, can give you results that are as integrated as they are harmonious in the space. Decorating with conventional wall shelves or in the same color as the facing will lead to more linear results. But if what you need is a spark in the room, it will be a way out of the ordinary that will help you achieve unique results and the sea of ​​personal.

decorate with wall shelves II
Source: Shelfmate

Decorate with wall shelves: Take advantage of corners

Taking advantage of your corners may be the only way to find the functionality you lack at home in a specific space. Of course, flee from normality and sharpen the ingenuity to do it!

decorate with V wall shelves
Source: The Broken Wallet

More can also be more

If this of the creation of compositions clearly isn’t your thing, you are in luck. And it is that luckily for you, there are elaborate wall shelves on the market (at least visually). they will make it very easy for you to fill some of your walls with life.

decorate with wall shelves IX
Source: Decortrends

Touches of visual appeal and interest

And if what you are after is a different touch, there are real original ideas to go to. And it is that practically any element with a minimum thickness can become an ideal candidate to fill your walls with life and originality!

decorate with wall shelves VII
Source: Perfect idea

As you can see, decorating with wall shelves can admit as many different ideas as ways of putting them into practice. Choose the one that best suits your tastes and free walls and bet on welcoming one of them at home!

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