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Carpets for the living room: Which one do I choose

Finding the ideal carpet for the decoration of the living room isn’t an easy task. In addition to adding texture and color, the right carpet should unify the general design of the living room and help define the different areas of the room. Whether it’s wool, fur, long or short hair, jute or cotton, there’s sure to be a carpet for you.

The carpets are one of the key pieces in the decoration of a living room. It is the central piece where furniture is set and plays a key role in unifying the general design of the living room and helps to define the different areas of the room.

Actually, the perfect carpet can completely change a living room.

The color: the starting point when choosing a carpet for the living room

The color It is, of course, the first detail in which we look at when choosing a carpet. Obviously, you must think about what colors you like and what colors you would like to live with day after day.

The color of the carpet will set the tone for the entire living room, making it a crucial decision

Cook House Kos.

A carpet can:

  • highlight
  • or unify with the rest of the room colors.
Styling and photography by Michelle Halford for

Carpets to unify the general design of the living room

Therefore, think about what effect you want to create when choosing the color of your carpet. You prefer a smooth carpet in a tone similar to the furniture, walls and other decorative elements in your living room. achieve a sense of continuity.

BS Residence | Photography Juan Rodriguez.
Photography Kristofer Johnsson for Residence.

Carpets to help define different areas of the room

Or on the contrary, you lean towards a contrasting color, or even a patterned carpet, to take all the prominence and help highlight and focus a specific area of ​​your living room.

Seen in AD Spain | Photography Ricardo Labougle.

Salon rugs: smooth or with patterns?

Do you want something flashy or a little more subtle? If your furniture and walls are neutral colors, a patterned carpet can give a lot of life to your living room.


A clear example of the use of patterns to break the neutral tones of space, is this beautiful and elegant apartment in Berlin designed by the renowned interior designer Annabell Kutucu. Annabell, she has used a beautiful kilim carpet to give a note of color to the room.

Styling Annabell Kutucu.

On the contrary, if your living room is decorated with floors and furniture of darker tones, patterned tapestries, and brightly colored sheets, a neutral tone carpet can have a calming effect. It’s about balance!


Large or small carpets: size does matter!

Choosing the right sized carpet is essential since a small rug can make everything else look out of place and look out of place. In the following image, we have a clear example of a bad choice in the size of the carpet. Everything looks out of place! It is always better to sin by big than by small.


At a minimum, in a living room, the edges of the carpet must surpass the furniture that rests on it and leaves part of the floor exposed.

Felix Forest Photography | Seen at

Ideally, a carpet should be large enough to completely place all the furniture in it. In the dining room decoration, you should leave enough space around the table so chairs can slide easily on the carpet.

Olive photography Thebaut.

Halls with carpets to define spaces

The carpets won’t only help you establish and delimit spaces within a living room, but also add a layer of texture and make your room look even warmer and cozy.

Marco Ricca Photography.

Interior design Annabell Kutucu and Michael Schickinger | Photography Steve Herud.

I said, whether wool, skin, long or short hair, jute or cotton, patterned with patterns or smooth, neutral tones or bright colors, sure there is a carpet for the living room from your house.

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