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Decoration trend 2020: All keys you need to know

What will your interior look like this year? Answers in pictures and decryption of 2020 decoration trends to follow, or not! A little curly wool here, caning there, funny faces, ceramics, tiles on the linens.

If you are curious to discover the materials, colors, atmospheres and other inspirations that will punctuate this new year, you are at the right time! When certain decorative trends are confirmed, others point the tip of their noses or come back in force in 2020. Identified and deciphered by us, they will soon have no secrets for you!

Zelliges around the house

Small jewels inherited from traditional Moroccan know-how, the zelliges, these glazed terracotta tiles, adopt a good number of colors and capture the light to better reflect it. In credence in the kitchen or around the bathtub on the pond side, the zelliges are legion. Pssst, we can even use them to make decorative accessories, the proof with this DIY tray in zelliges.

Paisley pattern impresses its style on all textiles

Also known as the cashmere motif, the Paisley comes from Persia and it has come a long way before coming to our homes. After being imported into Europe and Scotland in particular, it is now available in bed linen, table linen, and even wallpaper!

Curly wool loosens the foundations

In the comforter family of materials, I would like curly wool! Synonymous with cocooning and cozy moments, it sublimates chair, armchair, pouf, and sofa. The remnant of the years that saw the birth of our elders, curly wool, especially if it is immaculate, makes us totally crack.


Mediterranean decor changes the mood

Beautiful revisit of the seaside style that we could no longer see too much in painting, the decor inspired by the Mediterranean has only one desire: to make us travel. This is how shellfish, crustaceans, natural materials such as rattan or wicker and immaculate walls bring back delicious holiday memories. It looks like the south!


Burnt wood raises the temperature

As comfortable inside as outside the houses, the burnt wood brings together tradition and modernity. Also called Shou Sugi Ban or Yaki Sugi, the technique of burning wood is ancestral and comes to us from Japan. After combustion, the layer of carbon created will protect the gasoline it covers.


Caning is decidedly ageless

Successful comeback for caning. Falling into disuse, this braiding technique is once again on the rise, carried by the return of natural fibers, rattan, and wicker at the head. Available in furniture, seat, lighting, and accessories of all kinds, the cane has not said its last word in decoration!


The faces show their heads in the decor

Line drawing fascinates the decor with an obsession, especially for faces. On a cushion, a vase, a rug or even a wall jewel, the portrait is available in different eras and styles. The hard part will be to choose between ancient inspirations, tributes to Matisse or ethnic influences.

Leather goes clear

Here is a trend that should reconcile more than one with leather! This season, this one goes to the living room in a clear and natural version for a softer and much brighter result. Sofas and armchairs set the tone followed by highly decorative details such as the furniture handles or the straps of the shelves.


The grid or when the decor is checked

Timeless and not very complicated to combine, the tile continues to twist the entire household. From table linen to bed, this pattern squares living spaces in style and offers a graphic side worthy of the Memphis style.


Indispensable, the lounge chair asserts its power of attraction

As a nod to the iconic Eames Lounge Chair of the eponymous couple, the lounge chair offers the epitome of comfort. Between wood structure, low seat and braided finishes, each brand signs its revisit and the hardest part will be to choose only one.


Furniture asserts itself and takes on relief

The storage units are done with smooth fronts and are becoming more and more original. The doors are thus worked with care to offer an elaborately sculpted rendering, ultra graphic geometric figures, precious fish scales or even weavings which give an incredible relief. In other words, the storage unit goes on the offensive and offers a spectacular rise in the field of decoration.

Scheduled iridescence

Fashion and beauty were the first to adopt it. It is now decoration’s turn to dare to iridescent trend. Furniture, lighting, and accessories are adorned with rainbow reflections that are a bit fanciful, almost magical. Something to shine in society.

iridescent box

Pampas herbs you want, here it is!

In line with the dried flowers, pampas grass makes the happiness of those who are far from having a green thumb. Once treated with delicacy, they gently bring nature inside.


Second hand in first position

If the trend was already to “nothing is thrown, everything is transformed” with upcycling or over cycling, ecological aspirations are asserting themselves for 2020 and the second-hand offers a new youth. Finding and reselling becomes the favorite hobby of decoration aficionados, whether in garage sales or flea markets online! So place old pieces and objects of a character whose history is now extended.

Wire lights shade traditional pendant lights

The choice of a lamp doesn’t stop with its style! This season, we carefully choose the effect projected on the walls so that the shadows participate in the decor. Inevitably, it is the luminaires with wire structures (natural or metallic) which are found in the light to create a graphic and theatrical motif on the wall and the ceiling after dark.


Ceramics are almost automatic

Whether it is crockery, lighting or decorative accessories like sculpture, it is difficult to miss ceramic as it invites itself in all collections. We adopt it in a refined version with beautiful gradations of color or a more raw version full of character. Better? You take your lessons to learn to master the secrets of this craft.


The home office is gaining ground on open space

It is no coincidence that during its last edition, the Maison & Objet trade fair explored new ways of working. More and more people are opting for teleworking and this inevitably results in the house where office space becomes a necessity. The furniture skillfully mixes practicality and design to integrate as well as possible into the living space and creative storage like pegboard are multiplying without counting on office supplies which are transformed into real decorative accessories.


The decor is doing its 70’s show!

While we thought they were out of date forever, the codes dear to the seventies are far from having said their last word. A wave of colors – orange and blue at the head – is sweeping over the new products this year, the angles are rounded and the plastic is chic. Love it or hate it, the 1970s are back.


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How about diving into the deep sea of ​​marine decor?

Shellfish and crustaceans have abandoned the abandoned beach and are all the rage in our interiors today. Bathers, freshwater fish, scales and cetaceans are a snap at the seaside decor that we could no longer eat. Get ready, dive in!

shell deco

Slow design or art and how to slow down

It isn’t easy to consume less but better when the big brands are releasing new collections more and more frequently. However, by favoring products from craftsmanship, made from recycled materials or in limited edition, it is possible to approach a slower design.


We want retro crockery & co tableware

The kitsch is chic and it isn’t the comeback of the beautiful dishes dear to our grandmothers, duck pitchers revisited by Bouchara or plates like cabbage leaf from Monoprix who will say the opposite. What if, for once, we left the good taste in the closet?


Terracotta, ocher and nude tones: our winning colorful trio

Right on the move slow life, the color palette also offers a return to basics. How? ‘Or’ What? Thanks to shades more erased than in other years, neutral tones and powdery colors, very easy to marry.


It remains trendy in 2020!

These trends were already the joy of decoration last year and they aren’t about to slip away! If you had not already adopted them, it is now or never the time to take an interest in them: terrazzo, Berber rugs, dark wood, and raw materials … are still all good this season.

Terrazzo to make an impression

From its mineral appearance with a subtly speckled look to its great resistance, the terrazzo is a great material. In a splashback in the kitchen, on the floor or declined on decorative accessories, it imprints its paw and seduces by its irregularity.


Ribbed glass imposes its style

Forget the smooth glass which could lack style and give way to more worked glassware which gains in creativity. With those colorful vases, the table decor is energized.


The pegboard, this multifunctional panel that has it all

Made of medium, plywood or plastic, the pegboard is a board pierced with holes into which hooks, shelves, and other practical storage can be slid. Like a multifunction table, it adapts to everyone’s desires and needs.

Velvet decoration

Already well established in the circle of trends, the velvet decoration doesn’t pass its turn! Velvet stays everywhere this winter with an easy to adopt a flagship piece: the pouf. It slips near the sofa or even in the bedroom to warm the atmosphere in the blink of an eye. And for those who want to go further, it will be necessary to bet on a sofa or corduroy cushions because the striated variant of the textile enters the house for winter 2020.


The display cabinet and the openwork furniture to display everything

As an aspiring or confirmed collector, why not succumb to the trend of display cases and other furniture with holes to highlight your favorite objects? Like a modern dresser, this piece of furniture lets the eye wander from a glass plate and also turns into a revisited bookcase.


Scandicraft inspiration or when raw materials are queen

It revisits the Nordic style that we could have grown tired of over the years: the Scandicraft trend offers a return to the sources of decoration. Uncluttered, shaped with natural materials and enhanced with pastel colors, the interior goes to the essentials. In short, less is more.


Berber rugs to change the atmosphere

Like its close cousins, the Beni Ouarain and the Boucherouite, the Azilal is a Berber carpet hand-woven in the Moroccan Atlas. Between graphic patterns and pep colors, it brightens the mood, warms the floor and even gains height once hung on the wall.


The wall frieze in the crosshairs

Time put in the closet, the wall frieze re-dresses the walls with originality. Made with paint, stickers, tiling and even with a jumble of frames, it has more than one trick up its sleeve. Horizontally, as vertically, it gives relief to any room and also highlights the woodwork in Haussmann interiors.


It is the wax that we prefer, it is the wax!

Originally from Indonesia, the wax print is the delight of African boubous like Congolese sappers, these men always dressed up and “undermined like never before”. From a certain Jassa collection signed IKEA and the rise of the Parisian brand Maison Château Rouge, wax prints its inimitable style on many decorative accessories and we want more!


Transform your home into an apartment gallery

Like an echo of the windows and openwork furniture presented a little above, the trend is that we transform its interior into a gallery, like a cabinet of curiosities. This is how a funny organized bazaar comes to life. Be careful not to fall into accumulation.


Divert furniture from its original use

Lover of recycled decor, let yourself be tempted by this trend which isn’t new but seems to be on the rise again. Whether they are vintage, inherited or freshly bought, some pieces of furniture are just waiting to be transformed to create a new 100% personalized one. We fell in love with this washbasin cabinet using a Singer sewing machine.


Leave the light wood to drown it

Characteristic of Nordic atmospheres, light wood is a little shunned in favor of walnut. Darker but just as pleasant to look at, this woody essence brings warmth and character to all types of decoration. No more reason to deprive yourself!


Honor a round decor

Aren’t you afraid of rounding corners? Succumb to the enveloping trend of domed decoration. Ball fixtures with curved and rebounding seats, we can only be tempted …


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