Gardening at home - Trends for 2019 for garden design -
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Gardening at home – Trends for 2019 for garden design –


We are at the beginning of summer and what else to think about in the garden. We all look forward to a beautiful summer, with a lot of time enjoying the outdoors. In our article today we invite you to enjoy that moment with style, as we are going to talk about gardening at home and the new trends for 2019.

What are the new trends in gardening at home for 2019


Make the most of your yard This year, whether you want to dine outdoors, grow your own vegetables or enjoy the many health benefits that the outdoors provides. Gardening at home for a changing climate will be a key trend by 2019. More and more landscapers are creating eco-friendly gardens to cope with extreme weather conditions in recent years.

We advise you to plant the right plants for the conditions of each garden, store water and allow excess water to collect and then dissipate through the soil.

Gardening at home – Trends for 2019


With today’s climate changes, the best thing to do is to design a planting scheme that is drought resistant. It is no secret that there aren’t many people who don’t have enough time to give the necessary care to the plants or don’t have the budget to add a state-of-the-art irrigation system, because they consider that it is more responsible from the environmental point of view. use of plants that can stand on their own.


The sculptural and architectural plants will dominate in 2019. The continuous increase in the popularity of indoor plants is being translated outside with exotic style plants with leaves and architectural stems that make bold statements inside and out. See more hanging plants in our gardens will be common. They aren’t traditional plants, but plants with foliage, color, and texture that can be used as accessories to complement pots.


Veganism is one of the fastest growing lifestyle movements, as the number of people who chose a plant-based diet increased in the last decade. Along with the increase in food prices and the growing appreciation of organic products, it isn’t surprising that by 2019 the cultivation of their own vegetables really sees a resurgence.


There are more people looking to include additional vegetables in their diet which leads to an increase in the number of people with diets based exclusively on plants. Vegetables, salads and easy-to-grow herbs, suitable for growing in small spaces such as flowerpots and patio containers, will increase.


If you really want to be more self-sufficient, a greenhouse can increase your yield of fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the year. It is important to find the right area in your garden to grow delicious and edible products. You don’t need large amounts of space but look for a level area with a good amount of exposure to sunlight to build your bed. Mix and match different sizes of stackable raised beds to create a custom growing area that suits your space. Finally, select your seeds and then you are ready to grow!


If space isn’t on your side, legumes beans peas and zucchini are an excellent option, since they use vertical space. Lettuce and green leaf salads as well as some herbs and tomatoes grow well in boxes on balconies and patios and also cost a fraction of the price of the supermarket.

gardening at home plants-beauty

Making an outdoor space an extension of the interior is a great trend for 2019. Since we see sofas, carpets, and cushions that dress our patios, in the same way, they would with our living rooms.

gardening at home plants-beauty-ideas

In 2019 we are seeing this trend emerge particularly among the younger generations. These garden enthusiasts seek to design their outdoor space as they would with their interiors. As a result of this new trend speaks about a sharp increase in accessories and furniture in bright colors outdoors.


While others prefer to use industrial materials, recycled materials and tiles in urban gardens, which complements this growing trend.

gardening at home plants-garden-ideal

Wild and free

Nature is in the foreground in 2019 and we see continued support for roads surrounded by wildlife in the wider landscape. The movement towards a design style of gardens a little looser and wilder is noticeable. The plants will become the number one choice to create garden boundaries this year. We see a movement towards more natural and less maintained gardens, which are created with a combination of strong architectural styles and abundant naturalist plantations.


Gardening at home ideas for colors

The colors of the precious metals are ready to return to our gardens in 2019. Podemos sees many spaces full of vibrant and warm colors combined with blues although there is no shortage of lovers of neutral colors. That has become so familiar in our gardens in recent years. Do not be surprised to see a change to orange and yellow, which has taken a back seat in many gardens in recent times.

When it comes to the use of color in our gardens, the brighter the colors are better at least in 2019. The vibrant colors are ready to dominate our gardens this summer.

The colorful approach of the interiors will be adopted in our garden by 2019. We can also see the arrival of bold printing, colors in opposites and the inclusion of large-leaved plants. Think that we should “bring the kitsch to the garden” by introducing the bed plants in brightly colored pots or letting them occupy a central place.

Madness for crazy pavement is back in fashion! Along with the gabion walls, both are expected to dominate in 2019. The cobbles and crazy steps that use large irregular slabs (the bigger the better) are coming back.

The continuous popularity of porcelain flooring, which looks like real stone, is also noticeable, but due to its low moisture absorption, it has an anti-slip quality that is very practical. This material is particularly useful in shaded areas and around swimming pools.

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