Preparing your home for winter, tips and ideas
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Preparing your home for winter, tips and ideas

If you want to prepare your home for winter, the best advice we can give you is to start now. Do not leave this task until the last minute because then the cold comes suddenly and catches us off guard, so this year anticipate bad weather and have your home ready for low temperatures. We tell you everything you have to take into account, we give you advice, and above all, we share ideas that will help you with this essential task. Let’s go there!

Preparing your home for winter, tips and ideas

Prepare your home for winter

Preparing your home for winter isn’t only about removing the duvet filling and rugs, but also about checking if your home is efficient and avoiding, as far as possible, the cold from entering and the heat from leaving. For this, we give you some super useful tips.

1- Heating or air conditioning tuning

Those of us who have central heating already know that every year we have to bleed the radiators or remove the air from the circuit. It is also convenient to check that they all work and, if our installation is diesel, fill the fuel tank. If you have air conditioning, don’t forget to clean the filters of the splits, also check that all the appliances work correctly. If a problem arises, if it has been a long time since you have performed in-depth maintenance on your equipment, or if you have any questions, you are in time to call technical service and leave this task in the hands of professionals.

Preparing your home for winter, tips and ideas
Preparing your home for winter, tips and ideas

2- Keep moisture at bay

Humidity is a concept directly related to the degree of comfort in our homes. Experts advise that in winter this level is between 40% and 50% relative humidity in the environment. An excess of humidity can cause serious damage to health by promoting the proliferation of harmful germs and fungi that are the source of allergies and respiratory problems. Also, high humidity increases the sensation of cold in winter and this has a direct impact on a greater need for temperature, which at the same time causes greater energy consumption. There is nothing better than a dehumidifier to keep the humidity in your home at bay. These electrical appliances are very practical and efficient as well as being designed not to clash in your home. Not sure where to start looking for a dehumidifier? These are pretty they are also part of an interesting comparison of models and prices.

Preparing your home for winter, tips and ideas
Preparing your home for winter, tips and ideas

3- Avoid heat losses

As important as fine-tuning our heating system, or lowering the humidity, is to check our home to detect possible points of heat leakage or cold air entry. The most common places are the window frames, under the doors, the old drawers of blinds … Check that the frames of your windows are well sealed. Cover the cracks under the exterior doors (street, garden, gallery) with weather stripping to avoid drafts. Seal your blind drawers if they aren’t properly insulated. Think that no matter how efficient your heating is, if there is a constant intake of cold air from outside, the consumption will be exorbitant.

4- Dress up your winter home

And now yes, it is time to take out the duvets, the duvets, the sofa blankets, and the rugs. If you stored them unwashed, it is time to take everything that doesn’t fit in the washing machine or those items that can only be dry cleaned, to the dry cleaner. In this way, you will have everything ready and ready to use.

If you are one of those who release home decoration every season, don’t forget to change the covers of your cushions for others in warm fabrics and your sofa will become a very cozy corner. We advise you the same with curtains, replace sheers, or light curtains with others with body and texture. Did you know that there are thermal curtains that isolate from the cold? And if you are thinking of renewing home textiles, bet on dark colors as they are the ones that absorb more heat.

We also tell you that fur fabrics are a trend and winter is a good time to wear them in your home. Long-haired blankets, cushions, rugs, poufs, or upholstery will raise the temperature of your home. Do you join furry fashion?

Have you taken good note of all these ideas? Well, let’s get to work! Do not leave until tomorrow what you can do today, the days fly by and we want to have everything ready for when the thermometer drops.

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