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Rattan Furniture to decorate your house

In 2018 rattan was already pointing out ways and this year it has proposed to be the center of all eyes on Instagram, in stores and in our homes. It may sound like other times –in the 70s there was a real boom around this material– and from others decorative styles. The boho, for example, which gives so much importance to natural materials, has witnessed how the rooms were always decorated in line with rattan objects, especially in color and textures.

With its appearance on stage this season, rattan makes a whole statement of intentions and vindicate its beauty and versatility. So, forget to reserve this colorful braid only for accessories and small details that tend to stay in a decorative background.

Do you think that rattan is only suitable for country houses or vintage decorations? On the contrary, just as it happened with the terrazzo, Rattan has returned to stay and for a long time, too. Proof of this is that it has left its natural habitat and has sneaked into the most modern and urban homes. In fact, it dares, to give a new air to the Nordic design rooms and, even, it does a little bit of pairing with pieces of minimalist style. What has been said, the rattan intends to bring us a lot of ideas in interior design.

Rattan from outside to inside

If we are used to seeing it together with leafy plants, ethnic carpets, and floral textiles and earth-colored walls, we must now accept that rattans decoration partners are the designer lamps, velvet sofas, tables with golden touches and otheer objects that are behind the most Instagram-able rooms.

The same happens with its location. Maybe in your memory, which will very likely take you to your grandparents’ house, this furniture would be in a garden, gallery or porch. But rarely found this material interspersed with the rest of furniture in the interior. Well, now yes, a lot and it is perhaps the proposal that we like the most.

Its lace without shrillness is due, above all, to the way to braid or weave it. The forms are much softer and tend to designs with fine lines and hardly drawing -as they did in the past. In addition, its presence in rooms, living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms is in the form of large furniture -Beds, headboards, bedside tables …– as of more traditional small details such as trays and baskets.

Continue with this gallery to discover all the ways in which you can incorporate rattan into your home.

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