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The color scheme for living rooms

color scheme

Sometimes we have all been through this; choosing the best color scheme for a room can be really confusing. Because no wall should be left like a blank canvas. We are looking for the perfect 2019 color scheme to inspire you before the summer season ends and fall begins. We will talk about which color combination will work best in which room.

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An inspiring hazelnut tone

The warm and cozy creamy tones of hazelnut colors will surely never go out of style. It never collides with existing furniture, as they make it a comforting touch of a tone. To get the best hazelnut color effect in your home, spaces should be illuminated and capture more natural light. The different hazelnut tones are excellent for bouncing the light and making a room look bigger than it is.

Lilac gray

Although pigeon gray is one of the most classic colors, there are modern alternatives to this neutral color. Lilac gray is the most popular color scheme option in 2019. On the one hand, Lilac make gray tones warmer, more neutral and cheerful. And since some of the favorite colors of our designers’ home interior revolve around different shades of gray, an option with lilac tones makes it a refreshing alternative that is also subtle enough not to get tired of it easily.

Dark greens

Officially called “night watch” and one of the best Pantone colors in 2019, the tone is basically a new version of the rich hunter green which was center of attention of interior design in the ’90s.

This intense green trend can work to emulate the feeling of lush botanicals and the healing power of nature in your home while setting a strong fundamental tone. For hunter green, our interior designers suggest that this trend should be reserved for large, well-lit rooms since their intensity can dominate small spaces and make them look darker.

And, as always, when considering bringing the latest color schemes into your home, think about what works with your lifestyle, taste and design direction, since it isn’t worth sacrificing your own personal trend in the color trend.

Pastel colors

Pastel colors in warm and muted tones have a relaxing appeal. They are perfect for neutral rooms and common areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Also, they hide everyday marks and scratches.

In addition, muted pastels create a warm backdrop for a minimalist design. We love how the kitchen presented above combines the latest colors and a spectacular marble splash plate in complementary shades that will surely make it more memorable than a standard black and white kitchen.

Choose similar muted pastel colors if you are looking for the unexpected. You shouldn’t add a bold color, you may get tired of it in the long run.

Soft clay

Evoke the spirit of Miami with spicy nuances. For those with a passion for travel and an earthy spirit. The soft colors of clay are excellent alternatives to beige and brown, as they give any room a certain sunny enthusiasm and informal elegance. Think of the interior colors of terracotta, caramel, clove and burnt orange that have more personality than any neutral.

For this interior design trend, we suggest choosing the latest color schemes that have unusual shades in clay tones.

New shades of blue

For traditionalists with an informal focus on interior design, charcoal blue, ice blue, greyish blue and very pale blue are excellent options.

There is an infinite amount of blue options. No limit to the number of routes you can take with this demanding tone. Just make sure that the blue colors you choose are relaxing. Try to avoid a heavy tone that will make a room feel smaller, darker and trapped in an 80’s nautical time. In general, When you go to tones that are known to leave a strong initial impact, dim them with a more subtle and silent color palette to get the best performance from your selection.

Muted mustard tones

For those looking for a touch of color and an alternative to gold, deep mustard is ideal for instantly creating rich focal accents. It is ideal for decorative walls and even moldings. Choose mustard colors to create provocative depth and to highlight the decoration. And don’t forget, sometimes the best ideas of colors are applied in small doses.


The interior color scheme of this house can come from a mixture of muted pastel blue and green with a gray and lilac tone, but it is far from being an easter egg tone. Think of this color trend as a blank canvas for decorating all colors and styles. Since it is a much more interesting starting point than the standard beige and white ones. In addition, a foggy tone will work to cover imperfections with ease.


An update of the popular brown color scheme from the oxide of the 70s. The mushroom color looks fresh. One of our favorite colors for 2019, mushroom tones are also neutral, timeless and unique. In addition, it looks great with natural finish furniture.

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