23 Masculine Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas in 2022

Decorating a teen boy bedroom can be a daunting task. At this age, their taste in decor is different from when they were below 11 years and their their idea for decor maybe somewhat different from yours.But, we’ve got your back.

Below we explore over 20 teenage boy bedroom ideas that will help you style their space. We recommend you involve him so he can choose wall paint colors, wall art, decor pieces and more that’ll suit his taste. Ready to get inspired? Read on.

1. Green themed bedroom with white linen bedding

teenage guy bedroom

This is one of the coolest bedroom ideas and it’s the best if the boy likes a calm theme. The green painted wall and the matching green bedcover is what makes a statement in this boy’s bedroom.

The room has a white ceiling, door, and linen bed sheet all of which help strike a color balance. It also has a wardrobe in which they can keep their clothes organized. Across the wall, there is a big flower vase that completes the room.

2. Music inspired teen guy bedroom 

Most teen boys are lovers of music and there is no better place to inspire them than in their bedroom. This bedroom idea embraces the use of two guitars which are fixed on the wall.

Below the guitars is a side cabinet that serves as storage for their accessories. On top of the cabinet, there are two golden flower vases that blend well with the wooden floor.

3. Try shabby chic decor ideas

 teenage wallpaper

This idea is the best for those boys who are not so choosy. All the furniture in this bedroom is made of wood. There is a brown stool beside the bed and some traditionally woven baskets at the edge.

The bed’s cover is brown and the floor has a brown carpet that complements the room. The walls of this boy’s bedroom feature mirrors that are caged in brown frames.

4. Simple and cool teen boys room

boy teenagers room

Allow your boy to wake up to a warm bedroom with a dominance of orange color. He will appreciate it for the multicolored bedding which makes the room not only beautiful but fun.

There is a lamp stand on the further end of the room and the curtains are flowered. The simplicity of this teen’s room idea makes it perfect for rest after a long day in school.

5. Bright bedroom ideas

decorating bedroom for boy

Redefine your teen boy’s bedroom with one of the best room ideas. The white color dominates the room making it bright enough. The bed is spread with white bedsheets and there are two pillows on it.

To tone down the white color on the walls, there is a wall hanging featuring some fine arts and a small shelf where the teenage boy can place his novels or small items.

6. A white themed teen boy bedroom with a comfy bed

This is the best gift that you can give a teenage boy. It will challenge them to be clean thanks to the white color. The bed is soft and comfortable with white bedding and some white and orange pillows.

The gray carpet is meant to tone down the white dominance and give the room a color balance. On one side of the bed is a brown lampstand with a lamp that they can use in case they don’t want light in the whole room.

7. Go brown and black bedroom decor ideas for teens

Boy's bedroom

Achieve a cool teenage boy bedroom by choosing the color brown for the walls and curtains. The carpet is also brown and the room is both cozy with the black bed and lampshade giving it a neutral color balance.

This is one of the best teen’s room ideas for those boys who like calm colors. The bed features different colors and they will have a personal touch with it.

8. A rustic bedroom design ideas that are timeless

modern teenage guy small

Although this bedroom idea may seem simple, its sophistication and style are not debatable. The room features white, brown, and blue colors. They all blend in well with the white paint on the wall lighting the room up and giving it a modern display.

There is a brown wooden shelf beside the bed and it will come in handy if your son is a book lover. The white carpet makes their feet comfortable.

9. Cute dresser and accent chair for teen boy bedroom

12 year old boy bedroom ideas

A boy bedroom needs space and this room offers that. It is not only stylish but also has a functional storage space. It has a patterned chair where the boy seats when it is time to meditate.

The black chest of drawers offers enough storage space and therefore your son will keep the room tidy and organized. The gray paint on the wall and the carpet complement the white bed.

10. Save space with the furniture

teenage boy bedroom furniture

Source: Rafakids

You can be sure that your son will be head over heels with this bedroom because it is a combination of rest, sleep, and socializing space. The modern style in this room is irresistible not to mention the serenity of color that the walls, floor, and bed offer.

There is also enough space for the boy to have fun and maybe host some friends while playing cards on the floor. The window is also big enough to bring in more light into the room.

11. Display Passion

modern teenager bed

This bedroom idea is for that teen boy who has a great passion for music. Almost everything in the room is about music from the guitars, to the mics to the keyboards. Allowing your teenager to personalize their room is critical and fun because it makes them feel they own the bedroom.

That’s why this bedroom idea was developed with teen boys’ passion in mind. There is also a bookshelf and a desk. This passion inspired room is a goal and the teenager will appreciate that you thought about them.

12. Modern and functional teenager space decor for brothers

cool teen rooms

There is a lot of modern style in this room making it warm and inviting. It has enough space to fit in two beds and therefore your teenage boy can play host without sacrificing their comfort.

The bed is endowed with white and gray linen bedding making it the best for a teen boy who likes dark spaces. The carpet matches the bedding and the window curtains giving the room a modern look.

13. Cool wall art for a black and white theme room

masculine wall paper

This is one of the most realistic teenage boy’s bedroom ideas that seems calm, yet it’s cozy and designed with your teenage boy in mind.

The room has a black bed with a big headboard and some black and white beddings that match the black curtains. Above the headboard are two portraits displayed on the wall making the bedroom feature some country touch.

14. Add retro art to your teenage boy bedroom

stylish modern teenage guy room

Source: amyccrea_designer

There is something about artistic portraits that teenage boys love. Maybe it makes them have a cool grown up feeling and therefore if you incorporate this idea in their room, they will forever be grateful.

This bedroom for a teenager has some country-inspired art hanging on one wall above the bed’s headboard. The hangings are a mix of colors and so are the bed and beddings. There is a white side drawer and a desk on each side of the bed both of which help strike a balance of colors.

15. Mounted shelf wall decor ideas

cool stuff for teenage guys room

Source: pelow_studio_diy

This room is designed to add more storage space where a teenage boy can place their guitar whenever it’s time to rest. There are some inspirational words slightly above the shelf which remind him that life is to be lived loud. The walls of this room are calm making the room ideal for that cool teenage boy.

16. A boy’s bedroom decorated with old skateboards perfect for 13 to 15 year olds

Teen's room

Source: personalizedesigninteriors

A teenager would love to have some skateboards hanging on the wall in their bedroom. This is why you should pick this sports-inspired wallpaper for a teenage bedroom.

It will not only transform the room but also make it look like it belongs to a grown-up. This room is functional and stylish with the wallpaper serving both as decor and inspiration.

17. A cozy and modern adult like boys bedroom idea with study area 

teen room decor

Source: vassofishes

This room is fun, cool, and modern. Its sleek modern color makes it look stylish and sleek. It brings in a personal feeling to that boy who loves baseball and makes them inspired with the art of quotes that tells them not to quit.

The pieces of furniture in the teenage boy’s room are classic with their gray color making a statement while blending with the walls and curtains.

18. Go for two color walls for a 14 year old boy

15 boy bedroom ideas

Source: afreshcoatpaintanddesign

These bedroom ideas are a confirmation of how deep colors are perfect in creating an incredible cocooning effect.

You can also notice how dramatic the colors sit in a teen bedroom. There is a pairing of blacks, brown, and gray that creates a beautiful color scheme that the boy will not outgrow anytime soon.

19. Wallpaper for 15 year olds (Movie posters)

male teenage boy room ideas

Source: weboughtalondonhouse

This teenage boy bedroom idea requires some creativity especially if your son likes dark spaces. The dark art hangings are toned down by the blue paint on the wall.

This teen boy bedroom has a unique style and will serve as the perfect place for the teenager to retire after a long day.

20. Furniture ideas for 12 year old bedroom

Tween decor

Source: Homedekostudio

A bedroom is a very personal room and it should leave the owner feeling cool and comfortable.

This bedroom idea is ideal because it has enough seating space and a study desk. The wall is passionate for a teenage music lover thanks to the microphone wallpaper.

21. Go for plush and luxurios bedding

Home decorating for teens

Source: Natalieleachdesigns

Allow your teenage boy to explore this rustic and stylish yet simple bedroom whenever they are home. It is dominated by a brown color with some black and brown pillows on the bed.

There is also a seat in the room where they can spend their free time on a summer afternoon.

22. Rustic ideas for 13 year old boy room

14 year old boy bedroom ideas

Source: andreak_covelladesigns

If your teenage boy loves nature, this bedroom idea will bring it into his room. The wooden wallpaper is the centerpiece and gives the bedroom a natural touch. The huge bed is covered with a black blanket and there is a black drawer beside it that is made of wood.

How can I personalize a teenage boy’s bedroom?

There are many ways you can make teen boys’ room personal. However, you must be creative and come up with diversified design ideas.

The first thing you should do is to come up with a theme and embrace it because it will guide you to the best decor ideas. The other idea is to incorporate the use of art and graphics into the room for a teen boy. You should also blend their taste with style by incorporating the street style.

What should be in a teenage boy’s room?

The bedroom is like an escape place for a teen boy because that’s where they get away from the world and relax.

They also like catching up with friends and siblings in their bedrooms. Therefore you should pick room ideas that blend well with their taste, personality, and identity.

You can do this by incorporating his favorite colors, putting up pieces of art, or allow them to share with you what they would like their bedroom to have.

What are the must-haves in a teen bedroom?

As mentioned earlier, a teen boy’s room is a place of refuge and this makes it different from that of an adult.

During the teen stage, boys like being on their own, and therefore the bedroom becomes the best place for them to hibernate.

This means that most of their time is spent in the bedroom and that’s why it should be functional and full of fun. Let us look at some of the must-haves in a teen boy room.

What colors should you choose for a teenage boy?

Finding the right color for a teenage boy’s room is critical more so if it’s the first time. However, selecting the right color for a teen boy is challenging.

You need to pick a shade that will grow with them and withstand the tear and wear that comes with boys’ energy. Here is a list of the best colors for your teen boys’ room.

  • Behr Turmeric

This is a golden shade with a Tumeric color and it is a good color for boys. For it to bring out a strong color effect, it should be paired with gray or white. You can be sure that this color will make the teen’s room warm, bright, and stylish throughout his teenage stage.

  • Blues

Blues are great color choices for teenage boys. If you for instance bend navy blue with a splash of metallic and golden colors, you will be amazed at the outcome.

Also, if you accent it with black or silver, the room will have a warm welcoming modern touch. If you feel that navy blue is off for you, neon blue will serve you well. It is not only bright but readily available in various paint stores.

  • .Greens

You will never go wrong with green in a boy’s room. Green is great in completing furniture and therefore you can trust it for a lasting transformation.

Green is also the best for that boy who likes sending his time outdoors and has a state for nature. By choosing this color, you will have brought nature into their bedroom and they will appreciate that you diversely thought about them. Green perfectly matches with shades of creams and browns.

  • Greys

Boys can hardly resist the gray color in their room. The depth of this color makes them keen about their surroundings and not worry about the unknown.

The best thing about this color is that it gets beautiful as it grows old and therefore it will serve for a long.

Grey is also versatile and will match with several colors including red, yellow, blue, or black. The teenage boy room will have a sophisticated touch if you combine grey with blue or red.

On the other hand, a combination of great and black will result in an intensified touch and leave room for other colors to dominate more.

  • Gaming corner

Boys like hosting their friends in their bedrooms and therefore you need to create more seating space for them. You can implement either several bean bags, a thick mattress on the floor, or a comfortable couch.

  • Study area

Being a teenager comes with lots of homework and assessments. Your son must therefore have a comfortable study area in their bedroom. This is why you should get them a comfortable desk and a chair since they might be sitting for long hours sometimes.

Also, ensure that around the study desk there are shelves on which they can place their books and other studying materials. You can place the desk vertically to avoid too much clutter on it.

  • Quality bedding

Beddings are a great way through which teenagers can express themselves. Consider adding a themed duvet cover, cushions that are embroidered with his favorite baseball or football club.

Ensure that these accessories have a personal touch with the boy to make him comfortable.

  • Enough storage space

Teenage boys can sometimes be messy and the only way to tame that is by giving them enough storage space.

To effectively achieve this, consider what they possess, their sizes, and shapes. Ensure that the space you create will be enough to hold all their items and keep the room neat and tidy. You can go for shelves or under-bed storage space.

  • Elegant lighting

Good lighting is a must in a teen boys’ room. Ensure you give them lighting that will be ideal for studying or reading.

However, do not forget to accessorize them so that they look more beautiful. Also, ensure they farewell fixed and safe. You don’t want the risk that comes with open and hanging wires.

  • Space saving furniture

There is a considerable demand for space in a teenage boy’s bedroom. They will need enough space to play cards, study, or hang out.

It is for these reasons that you should have furniture that doesn’t take much space. Go for multifunctional furniture because they will converse space and not sacrifice the need for furniture.

  • Charging area

Boys are known to be gadget lovers and you will find laptops, game consoles, and phones. It is therefore ideal to erect a charging station in their room.

You can create a small cabinet for this and ensure that their gadgets are safe.

Style tips for a teenage boy bedroom

Most people find it hard to establish the styles that would fit a teenage boy bedroom.

Setting up a teen boy room is a process that requires some knowledge on how to go about it. Here is a guideline that will help pick the best styles for the room.

  • Function

This is the starting point when coming up with a style for the room. identify what your son will be using the space for no matter how tedious it may be. This will save you time and ensure you don’t make wrong purchases. Some of the things that will happen in the room include

  • Sleeping.
  • Playing games on consoles
  • Watching the television
  • Hanging out with a friend

This list will help you do what is right.

  • Paint

Although boys are not so much into color, their bedroom wont be complete without them. this is why you should consider the best paint to use on their walls to make the room outstanding.

Ensure the paint is safe and environmentally friendly. You don’t want them to develop allergies and hate the room.

  • Floor

How is the floor of the room? If it is plain, you might have to come up with ideas that will make it feature in the room.

You can make the floor warm and stylish by choosing a carpet that matches the room decor room.

Shopping list for a teenage boy bedroom

  • A standard bed
  • A study desk and chair for homework
  • Bedside tables
  • Bedsides tables
  • A sofa or an armchair depending on your generosity
  • Some arts and wallpapers
  • Lights

The above are the main things that you will need to buy in order to come up with a great bedroom for a teen boy.


You now know what a teenage boys bedroom requires. The ideas shared here for a teenage boy bedroom are diverse and unique in their ways. They have factored in the criticality that comes with teenagers in terms of their style, taste and personality.

Now that you are equipped with knowledge, it’s time to give your teenage boy a bedroom they will love. 

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