15 Modern Farmhouse Staircase Decor Ideas

Farmhouse style defines your home and makes it cozy and warm. The style does not leave any home detail out and covers each and every part giving it the needed attention.

A home’s staircase is not left out in this style since it is an important part of your house. It is part of the home decor besides being a connection between the floors. This is why you should pay attention to it.

In this chapter, we have developed a list of the best interior design ideas that will not only excite you but they will also transform your staircase making it a centerpiece in your home. Take your time and go through the staircase ideas and you will discover how impactful a staircase can be to your home’s decor.

farmhouse staircase decorating

1. Modern Farmhouse Staircase Lit by a Rustic Chandelier

farmhouse iron stair spindles

If you are wondering how to transform your staircase with this rustic staircase design. The wooden stairs are held by metallic bars with bright farmhouse chandelier .

There are some large portraits along the wall that blend well with the modern decor in your home. You can’t go wrong with this floating stairway in your home.

2. Framed photos farmhouse rustic stair railing ideas

farmhouse rustic stair railing ideas

No better way to give your home a beautiful look than with this idea. It is a white and brown-themed staircase that will generously brighten your space.

There is a brown wooden bench next to the white wall where you can rest or place your car keys and books.

3. Try unique lighting on your farmhouse stair railings

old farmhouse farmhouse stair railing

Create lasting inspiration in your house with one of the best staircase ideas. Though the staircase is calm and simple, it is cozy, inviting and you might not resist the temptation to go upstairs every now and then.

Also, the staircases are made with your comfort in mind, and climbing them won’t be a sweaty affair. Next to the staircase is a beautiful flower vessel

4. Place a gorgeous artificial flower

farmhouse stair runner carpet

Saying that this staircase design is beautiful won’t be enough. Its sophistication and charm are irresistible and it is one of the best farmhouse staircase ideas that you can go for.

The blend of white paint and the brown color not only brings a modern touch to your house but they reveal your personality.

5. Modern farmhouse staircase with book decor

farmhouse railing ideas

Access your cottage through this warm and classic staircase anytime you want to rest. The domination of the brown and white color makes it a unique part of any space.

There is a big space against the staircase with shelves full of books and pictures mounted on the adjacent wall. Under the staircase is a black flower vase that completes the look of the entire area. Check other moder wall decor ideas.

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6. Blue Wooden Staircase

farm stairway

Thought blue is only for bedrooms? This staircase is the most beautiful staircase idea you have ever come across. The black supporting iron bars not only give you support and protection but also complement the blue paint on the staircase.

Additionally, there are potted houseplants against the staircase that bring more inspiration to your home and boost the interior decor.

7. Go for unique art pieces on your country farmhouse staircase

country staircase

Access your bedroom upstairs through this rustic staircase idea. Each stair is inspirational and designed to make you fall in love with the stairway.

The walls along the staircase are decorated with some artistic pictures and there is a shelf against it where you can place your current read on your way downstairs. This is, without doubt, one of the best staircase ideas you can have for your home.

8. Modern farmhouse staircase area with black bars

farmhouse stairway decor

You will love everything about this staircase area. From the perfectly shaped stairs to the strong wooden bars to the white paint.

All the details of this staircase are unique and worth consideration in your home. Above the staircase is a decorative square wall hanging that makes a statement over the staircase.

9. Black wooden farmhouse staircase bracketed with brass bars

rustic staircase

Our list of the best staircase ideas can’t be complete without discussing this outstanding staircase with a modern farmhouse style. It is adjacent to the main door hence easily accessible.

Each stair is painted black thus perfectly blending with the white color that is on the sides of the staircase. You will be proud that you chose this staircase idea for your cottage.

10. Add a fireplace to rustic interior staircase

rustic stair riser decals

Your living room will never be common if you choose this staircase for a farmhouse. It is ideal for big spaces and has a beautiful ceramic finish that completes the gray theme in the living room.

The staircase is painted brown and white thus matching the curtains on the adjacent window. Your home has never felt this modern and that’s why you should not hesitate to consider this idea.

11. Go for floral railings

steps for farm style house

Create some cozy feeling in your home or cottage with one of the most classic and sophisticated staircase ideas. This farmhouse staircase is a beautiful sight to behold and you will fall in love with it every time it links you up to upper rooms.

The stairs are wooden and well furnished giving the room a shiny bright touch. There is also a big flower vase at the end of the staircase which adds to your house’s decor. Look no further for an idea that will last for long because this is the best you can have for your house.

12. Unique farmhouse staircase with mirrors and wall decor

stair chandelier
Source: home.prescription

This staircase has gorgeous wood railing and it perfectly links you up to your bedroom. It is an excellent addition to your home’s interior decor thanks to the elegant mirrors on the wall that reflect the gray paint well.

Against the staircase is a wooden bench covered with a knitted fabric. The bench has some blue cushions on it and you can still use it to store the small items that you don’t need upstairs.

13. Add a bench and rustic basket decor

farm banister
Source: modernfarmhouse333

Consider this gorgeous staircase design. There is a big bright cabinet across it fitted with brown baskets decor and some flower hangings.

Also, there is a carpet at the beginning of the stairways and a bench beside it on which you can sit as you untie your shoelaces and retire upstairs. This is among the best farmhouse stairways that you can incorporate in your cottage.

14. Large farm style clock and a rustic ladder decor

shabby chic stairs
Source: lewisacershomestead

Your search for a rustic farmhouse style comes to an end here. This is a simple yet elegant brown wooden farmhouse staircase with an open design.

It is best to add to the interior design of your cottage. It also has a touch of country theme more so because of its rustic appearance.

There are wall hangings across and above this staircase and some flower baskets making the stairway more appealing. This is the perfect way to bring charm and warmth into your house.

15. Farmhouse staircase with deer decor

loft railing
Source: ourdeerfarmhouse

If you have a soft spot for deers, then this is the best stairway idea for your cottage. The staircase is made of wood with each stair being a little bit small to accommodate even the kids.

The wall opposite the staircase is beautifully decorated with deer mounts and family photo frames under them.

This gives the stairway an amazing look and you will be falling in love with it every time you are going upstairs or downstairs. The white paint on the opposite wall also breaks the brown color of the stairway giving it a color balance.

16. Staircase christmas decor ideas

staircase wall decor

Consider this farmhouse staircase design as you do your Christmas shopping. You will need some ribbons, balloons, and flowers to decorate this staircase and bring a Christmas mood to your house.

This farmhouse-inspired design has brown stairs and a flower vase on a cabinet on the sides. On the far end of the stairway is a big wall hanging that completes the space perfectly.

With this staircase, you can be sure that everyone in your house will be looking forward to an indoor Christmas day without the urge of going outside.

Frequently asked questions

1. Why is wood the best material for staircases?

Because it is versatile, lightweight, and is ideal for supporting the stairs. Wood is also easy to paint and takes in color well.

2. What is the railing material for a staircase?

Steel.Because it is strong and tough. The metal also lasts longer and has an aesthetic look.

3. Why is a floating staircase the best?

They allow light to penetrate through the room, and they offer a modern and sleek look in any space.


Staircases are important architectural features and they play a big role in transforming a home. They also provide a perfect link between two floors. Additionally, staircases can bring out your personal taste and style especially in interior decor.

We have discussed some of the best staircase designs you can consider. They are unique in their own ways and you will be glad you chose any of them. Also, you don’t have to break the bank to have a good staircase in your house, most of them are made of wood which is easily available.

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