Modern Victorian Fainting Couch History: Facts

An antique, the fainting couch was placed in fainting rooms and was used, in the past, as a seat for ladies who had passed out. Originating in the 17th century, it became popular among wealthier families to provide some comfort for their loved ones who were experiencing swooning spells brought on by intense emotions.

In modern times, the fainting chair is used for relaxation purposes. Plus, nowadays it is known as the chaise lounge.

In the article below, we’ll look at the history of this couch plus a few modern versions that will match your living room wall decor.

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History of the Fainting Couch

Fainting couches have been popular since the Victorian Era. Fainting couches are used to recline and rest, but it is also said that women would faint on these couches because of the tight corsets they had to wear. 

It has been theorized that the design of a typical Fainting Couch includes a certain curve in the back, which is supposed to mimic a woman’s womb and therefore comfort the person sitting on the couch.

Modern version of fainting couches

Overtime, these couches have transformed from boring Victorian era furniture to modern, more stylish pieces. Below are a few examples that you can find on the market.

1. Rosevera tufted chaise lounge

Looking for something stylish and comfortable? You won’t go wrong with this raised couch. Available in cream, navy blue, grey, and beige, this fainting couch is the perfect place to relax over the weekend.

With a 300 pound capacity, the Teofila features a gorgeous design that’ll provide support for your back with solid wood legs for support. Metal nailheads and tufted design add style to this modern living room bed. The toss pillow ensures utmost comfort.

2. Samuel couch with back

For a more high-end option, the Samuel is the perfect pick for your home. Upholstered in polyester fabric, this gorgeous fainting bench is soft and comfy. The material used is easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about spills.

This modern fainting daybed comes in 6 different colors. I recommend the burgundy option, its unique and makes the perfect centerpiece. The back and arm ensure your comfort while reading or relaxing. Comfy and beautiful, this option is ideal for any family room.

3. Small fainting sofa with storage

One of the challenges I’ve experienced, like so many homeowners, is setting up my living room. Depending on the layout of your living room, corners can be difficult to style. But, this small chaise lounge is ideal for corners.

Measuring about 58 inches across, it comes in grey and tan. It’s covered using polyester fabric and thickly padded with foam material for utmost comfort.

What sets it apart from other fainting couches on this list is the hidden storage compartment that you can use to keep your latest reads or a few throw blankets. Durable and affordable, this faint couch will be a great addition to your home.

4. Modern swooning couch daybed (Heated)

Though it features the Victorian era fainting couches design, the Yoleny is a perfect example of how this couch has evolved over the centuries.

Instead of wood legs, this chaise couch comes with chrome legs that allows the chair to support up to 300 pounds. It comes in 7 stunning colors including brown and blue. You can choose between linen or pu leather upholstery.

What sets this chaise bed unique is the massage heating feature. The vibrating massage system will soothe your body and help keep you warm. Remote allows you to control the system easily.

This bed can recline up to 140°. So, if you need a unique modern fainting couch, you can’t go wrong with this option.

5. Velvet fainting couch

Boasting of durable construction, this recliner fainting couch is perfect for the living room or bedroom.  With a weight limit of 500 lbs, it is perfect for most homes. Its legs come with floor pads to protect your floors. Also, this velvet chaise lounge has a hidden storage compartment so you can keep away clutter.

6. Gia folding fainting sofa

Working with a small room? This folding tri fold sofa bed is the best fainting couch for your home. I love that it comes in bold colors; yellow, peacock blue, and dark grey. Beautiful splayed legs support up to 350 lbs. When folded, it measures 32.3 inches and when unfolded measures 74.8 inches and can fit a woman or man.

This convertible fainting couch can be adjusted in four different positions. You can use this sofa in your home office, living room, man cave or enclosed patio. Looks awesome next to a small table.

7. Large couch with two arms

If you enjoy putting up your feet after work, you’ll love the Divano Roma. This classic sleek chaise is available in 4 colors. It features 2 armrests that are well padded for extra comfort.

It’s upholstered using hypoallergenic material, making it suitable for different types of skins. Easy to assemble, this piece of furniture will be a great addition to your home.

8. Design Toscano antique fainting couch

Prefer something vintage? The Design Toscano is a popular choice for anyone looking for an antique Victorian fainting couch. Made of solid mahogany, it features elegant carvings. Rich, beautiful, and unique, this couch will complement any decor style.

How to choose a fainting chair

Here are a few tips to help choose the right chair for your home from this list.

Design: Fainting couches come in different designs. Some have the entire back covered, others have a slightly raised back, while others have raised arms and backrests.

When choosing, consider your needs. Do you want to lie on your right or left? Do you want an armless couch or a chaise lounge with armrests?

Capacity: Where will you place chaise? If you intend to use it in your office or bedroom, a 300 lbs option will be a great option but for a busy room, opt for a chaise lounge with a higher weight limit.

Type of fabric: Another important factor to consider is the type of upholstery. You’ll find that modern couches are covered with pu leather or polyester fabric. We recommend you choose what will match your furniture.


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What is another name for the fainting couch?

Fainting couches are also called swooning couch, fainting chaise and fainting bed.

What is a fainting couch?

This is a type of sofa that was used by wealthy women in the 19th century. There are two theories about this type of sofa. One, corsets were in fashion during this time and some women who wore them would faint on the couches because they were so tight, preventing proper breathing.  Two, a fainting couch was used during home massage sessions.

Fainting couch vs chaise lounge

Modern chaise lounges are comfortable compared to the 19th century fainting couches. Also, some couches come with new features such as massage systems, heating systems and different reclining positions.

How big is a fainting couch

Most couches measure about 58 inches across which is large enough for most people. If you need a longer sofa, consider one that is extendable

Final thoughts

Though wearing a corset is a thing of the past, there is still a need for comfortable and stylish furniture. A modern chaise features the design of the traditional couch with excellent features to meet different styles and needs. If you are looking for something unique, consider any of the options above.

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