28 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for Small Spaces

Planning to build a small outdoor kitchen? The backyard kitchen is the most important space in the garden. That is where most of us spend our summers. And, to create the perfect cooking space, you need to consider the design, appliances and more.

To help you make your outdoors the perfect haven, we’ve rounded up over a dozen ideas that you can borrow from. From gorgeous farm style kitchens to modern sleek outdoor kitchen designs, there is something for everyone. Let’s get designing…

Kitchen Ideas for Small Spaces

Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

Before we explore some outdoor kitchen ideas, here are some of the best appliances you’ll need in your space.

  • Outdoor doors

If you are building a stone kitchen, you’ll need doors on the storage space to keep animals out. Stainless steel doors come in different sizes so you can choose what will fit your cabinets.

  • Refrigerator

One of the best ways to keep cool during hot months is taking cold drinks. And, if you’ll be entertaining often, a refrigerator in your patio is a great idea. Your friends will appreciate a cold drink with their meal.

  • Grill
outdoor grill

I love barbecuing. Most of us spend holidays grilling in our outdoor kitchens. A grill is a must-have appliance if you want to barbecue.

  • Pizza Oven

If you’ve got young kids or prefer homemade pizza, a stone oven will be a great addition to the small kitchen space. Below you’ll find some great ideas plus how you can build an oven in your patio.

  • Cart

You’ll need something to move drinks, food, and other essentials around. An outdoor kitchen cart is designed to offer storage and a prep station on its top.

  • Sink

Another important feature to have in your small outdoor kitchen is a built-in sink. Build a large kitchen island and install a stainless steel sink and faucet so you don’t have to worry about rust.

  • Chafing Dish
outside kitchen

To keep food warm, you’ll need a chafing dish. This small outdoor kitchen appliance is made of stainless steel and is designed to keep food warm for large parties.

  • Dining Area

Lastly, you’ll need a dining area for your friends. And, instead of borrowing your indoor kitchen furniture, we recommend you invest in a few furniture pieces that can withstand elements. From unique bar stools to tables to chairs, there are plenty of inspirations for everyone in the small outdoor kitchen ideas below.

Outside Kitchen Designs: How to put Everything Together

1. Outdoor Kitchen with Pizza Oven

outdoor kitchen patios

Source: outdoorpizzaovens

If you are a pizza lover, an oven in your outdoor kitchen will be a great addition. A good oven in your outdoor space will help you to make homemade pizza per your liking.

To build an outdoor pizza oven you’ll need bricks, mortar and more. Start by building a base then a dome and put them together. Here is a step by step guide on how to build a stone pizza oven in a backyard dining area.

2. Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Design with Bar Height Stools

outdoor kitchen ideas for small spaces

Have some trees in your backyard? There are plenty of ideas to borrow from this image. Instead of incurring the costs of building an outdoor kitchen from scratch, you can use those trees to create a kitchen island with a cooking space on the back.

Trees provide enough shade, so no need for a canopy. Just add some rustic stools and a prep station to prepare your meals. Counter offers enough space for family and friends. Wood countertops add rustic charm to this outdoor kitchens.

3. Outdoor Dining Area with Gorgeous Barn Style Lighting

cooking shed

Looking for inspiration for your dining space? A large farmhouse table that can sit up to 10 people will be a great addition. You can add a few chairs. To light up the space, we recommend you install large barn style outdoor lighting chandeliers. Add a few potted plants to complete the look.

4. Shiplap Kitchen

outdoor cook

This white and black small outdoor kitchen looks simple and sophisticated. When put together the two kitchen carts offer a large prep station to prepare your meals.

“Eat” a unique kitchen sign to remind your guests to have fun and enjoy the meals you’ve prepared. You can recreate these outdoor kitchen designs in an empty garage.

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5. Tiki roof for a brick kitchen

outdoor kitchen diy

Giving off Hawaiian vibes, this outdoor kitchen is the perfect place to relax during summer. This cooking station offers enough space for an outdoor hutch for storage, large pizza oven, and a rustic seating structure. Constructing the table and bench will take you anywhere from two to three days, depending on how handy you are.

6. Outdoor dining kitchen design with ceiling

outdoor cooking area

You need the right furniture for your outdoor dining space. Ideal for a modern patio, this dining furniture is simple yet elegant. Wicker chairs are comfy and made of material that can withstand outdoor elements.

The Wooden dining table is coated with waterproof material and offers enough space to place your food and dine. Here are a few tips to fit more people on the wood table.

7. Enclosed porch outdoor kitchen designs

covered outdoor structures

In a recent article, we looked at different ways to enclose a patio, and if you already covered your backyard, you can add a kitchen in your outdoor space to make it cozier.

This outdoor kitchen design features a large dining area that can hold up to 12 people, making it perfect for the holidays. It also comes with a cook station and counter that can serve as an outdoor bar.

8. Outdoor kitchens design with fireplace

pergola kitchen

If your backyard tends to get colder in the evenings, you could use a fireplace. The designer opted for a large wood fire pit with gorgeous rustic mantel and brick skirting.

Also notice the large grill and food prep station. And instead of a large dining table, opt for a few adirondack chairs for a more intimate setting. A few potted bamboo plants on the wall bring mother nature to this outdoor kitchen.

9. Decor essentials for your modern stone kitchen

kitchen layout

What decor materials are best for an outdoor kitchen? Simple yet stylish, we like what the decorator has done with this space. First, you need to consider your location. Backyard kitchen by the pool tends to be cool but if you do not have a pool, consider installing a fan.

Also, there are clocks designed for outdoor use. Install different types of light to complete the look. Perfect way to decorate your covered outdoor kitchen.

10. Storage layout for your patio outdoor kitchen

backyard kitchen set up

Looking for simple storage ideas for your outdoor space? Your house needs a few shelves with racks installed on one side. The top part of the shelves is perfect for soup bowls and small appliances  while the rack can hold mugs and your stemware.

11. Paint colors for your cooking shed

outdoor kixhen

Source: roberthughesgardendesign

Depending on the exterior color of your house, there are different colors you can go with. This designer opted for black paint. Bold and gorgeous, the structure is complemented by the rustic kitchen island with grey countertop and shiplap background.

Island offers enough space for a small family seating. You can go with different colors but we recommend black or white. Ensure the paint coating you use is weather resistant. This covered outdoor kitchen is perfect for most homes.

12. Small backyard kitchen with charcoal grill

kitchen plans and photos

Source: ahomefitforkings

When I was looking for the best outdoor kitchen designs, I came across this design by ahomefitforkings and I love it. Perfect for a brick patio, it’s the perfect place to chill with family and friends over the weekend.

Wondering how to build your cook station? You can have a professional build a metal station and leave room for your charcoal grill. Ensure there are enough shelves for storage. Beautiful and perfect for a minimalist.

13. Elegant outdoor cooking station

putdoor kitchen

Source: officine_gullo

Outdoor kitchen goals! I was stunned when I came across this large concrete outdoor kitchen. Though you may not have the budget for such a design, there are a few ideas you can borrow. One, notice the acrylic chairs? Perfect for both indoor and patio use, these chairs look simple yet luxurious.

Ensure they are out of reach of kids. Two, if you like the dining furniture with marble tops, you can easily find them in a store near you or online. This all white outdoor covered kitchen is my goal.

14. Rustic outdoor kitchen designs with concrete floor 

Source: fiolahome

Have a large backyard? Here is a beautiful idea you can implement. This outdoor structure will take anywhere from two to three weeks to construct. A strong stone foundation ensures your structure is stable against different types of weather.

Covering protects your furniture against elements. Another awesome idea you can borrow from this outdoor space is the mounted TV. This outdoor kitchen is the perfect place to chill and watch your favorite movies over the weekend.

15. No space? Here is an idea for you

Source: Happyharrishousebuild

The idea we looked at above was ideal for a large backyard, but what if you have a small garden? I love how this homeowner has creatively built their outdoor kitchen. Installed along the fence, this outdoor kitchen takes up as little space as possible.

Painted black, it blends with the background. Add a sink and  grill and you are good to. Perfect way to enjoy good company and the natural landscape.

16. Stone kitchen with a bar

brick kitchen

Source: designerappliancesau

Your outdoor kitchen will not be complete without a bar. If you can space some room in your garage or house, install a window and a counter. Use the little corner to build your kitchen. Small yet functional, this outdoor kitchen design is ideal for small homes.

17. Modern summer kitchen ideas 

summer kitchen ideas

Source: kleinundfeingartenideen

For tiny patios, here is an awesome idea for you to try. This small outdoor kitchen has enough space for your grill and prep station. You could consider extending the brick island and adding a single bowl sink.  I like the beautiful natural background.

18. Pergola kitchen ideas

outside patios

In a recent article of pergola kitchen designs, we looked at different ways to style a pergola kitchen. And, here is a great idea that’ll work for most homes. One, if you have a gorgeous background, for example this structure faces the mountains, ensure you place your dining furniture in the middle of the structure so that all your guests have a view of the surroundings.

Two, Opt for different types of outdoor lights to keep the party going at night. Three, we recommend you get a shade sail or canopy for protecting against the hot sun and other weather elements.

19. Opt for high back chairs

Source: trueconceptlandscaping

There are different types of outdoor chairs. From adirondack chairs to wicker sofa to club chairs, there is plenty to consider. We recommend this type of high back bar stools. Made of durable materials, the woven design adds beauty to the space. Also, the high back design ensures your back is well supported.

Wood base provides space to rest the feet. We like the granite countertop that is easy to clean and complements the chairs. Designed for a modern home, these outdoor kitchen ideas could be what your space is craving for.

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20. Low budget diy outdoor kitchen

low budget kitchen

Source: Maddiy.martini

If you don’t have a huge patio, here is a simple yet practical idea that we like. Built with all the necessary gears, this outdoor grill is perfect for small backyards.

It offers 4 burner gas grills, a reliable electric ignition system, two shelves that you can use to prep your food, and hidden cabinets for the gas tank. Potted plants and sunflower decor add to the summer look and feel.

21. Outdoor kitchen with modern  built-in fire pit

outdoor grill table

Source: thegreensceenic

Striking and elegant, this interior designer went all out on this outdoor kitchen design. Stylish yet cozy, this setup is perfect for a large concrete patio.

Low back bar stools provide enough space for your family while the countertop is large enough to prep your meals and serve your guests. Instead of wood fire pits, opt for a modern rectangular fireplace that uses gas. Hanging lights are an awesome addition.

22. Make the space feel more unique

wood kitchen

Source: gozney

Set potted plants all round your small outdoor kitchen area. On the floor, opt for potted plants that flower such as sunflowers, geraniums, mandevillas, and impatiens.

Other plants for the kitchen that you can include are mints, lemon grass, rosemary, and other different herbs. This kitchen design with a pizza station is ideal for anyone on a budget.

23. Outdoor sink options to consider

bbq patio ideas

Source: parkhouse_ldn

Unless it’s really necessary, I hate moving indoors once I start cooking outdoors. And, if you, like me, prefer a complete outdoor kitchen, consider installing a sink. And no, you do not need a large sink. A one bowl stainless steel sink serves the purpose in my outdoor kitchen.

24. Cater to your budget

kitchen with bar

If you are looking to save money, this diy idea is perfect for you. You’ll use materials within your house.  To build a table, two supporting wood crates will serve as the base.

Add wheels to help move it around. A small fence attached to the house provides privacy and offers enough space to hang your kitchen appliances and accessories. Notice the built-in shelves, unique and add intrigue to the space.

25. Outdoor cabinets

outside cabinets

Source: harrell-remodelling.com

Looking for storage solutions for your outdoor kitchen? When constructing your kitchen, consider adding kitchen cabinets to the design. This stylish kitchen design features some built-in cabinets and drawers that provide enough space for the cookware.

It’s also important to install doors to keep wild animals out. Wood storage helps to keep it dry. Notice the beautiful pergola structure? perfect place to rest and for entertaining family.

26. Pendant lighting for outdoor

garden kitchen

Source: maitegandra.com

From recessed lights to chandeliers, there are different types of kitchen lights. But, I love pendant lights in my kitchen. So, for your outdoor kitchen counter, we recommend pendant style lights.

This homeowner went for simple yet elegant statement pieces. Opt for three or four outdoor kitchen pendant lights to ensure the whole place is well lit.

27. Tips to bring shade

Source: placeofmytaste.com

There are different ways to bring shade to your seating space. You can go with a shade sails or a patio umbrella. This decorator opted for a small umbrella which is perfect for small outdoor kitchens. For larger spaces, we recommend you opt for a canopy. The kitchen rug ensures your feet are comfy and stay warm. 

28. Landscape ideas for your outdoor kitchen

indoor outdoor kitchen

Source: paradiserestored.com

Don’t like potted plants? If you, like this homeowner, prefer something different, you can borrow this idea and create a small golf area in your outdoors. We also love this stone kitchen with a fireplace.

Why you need an kitchen in your outdoor space

There are many benefits of constructing an outdoor kitchen. Here are a few advantages I have experienced.

  • It’s the ideal place to spend summer with family and friends
  • Best way to grill without having to worry about strong smells (burning wood and food)
  • Great ways to cut costs; no eating out
  • Improves your culinary experience
  • It’s more convenient


What is an outdoor kitchen? It’s an area set aside in a patio or backyard for cooking and grilling. You can go for a simple set up that includes a grill and table only or build a stone or wood structure with a roof. In the article above we explore different outdoor kitchen designs that are ideal for different types of people. Looking for inspiration? You’ll find it here.

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