13 Pallet Coffee Table Ideas for Farmhouse

Coffee tables are a staple in every country style home. If you are on a budget and looking for a unique table, consider a pallet coffee table. Suited for any modern living room, this unique table is not only affordable, it will complement your home decor.

Most pallet wood coffee tables are simple yet stylish, lightweight and easy to move around. Whether you are looking to purchase one or go the DIY way and make one in your backyard, we’ve got you. We’ll explore over 10 ideas so you can choose what works best for you.

Pallet Coffee Tables Ideas

1. Stone & Beam Industrial Wooden Coffee Table on Wheels

Made of reclaimed wood, this small rustic pallet table is one of the most popular options for anyone who likes to add vintage charm to their living room. Standing at 16 inches high, this low pallet table is wide enough to place a laptop, drinks and more. Metal wheels add industrial charm to its overall look. No assembly required. Will complement your farmhouse furniture.

2. Natural Reclaimed Wooden Pallet Coffee Table

Looking for something sturdy? Del Huston crafts some of the best coffee tables on the market. We love this wooden pallet coffee table because of its unique style, wide space, and sturdy legs.

Distressed look adds rustic accent to any room while table top provides space for your decor accessories and more. Durable, gorgeous, this Del Huston pallet table could be what your house is craving for.

3. Benewin Pallets Coffee Table for Outdoor

Beautiful design, foldable, and portable, these are some of the reasons why this small pallet coffee table is popular among outdoor enthusiasts.

If you love camping or have frequent picnics with your family, this creative table will come in handy. Measuring 35 by 23 by 17 inches, this pallets table is made of premium wood with waterproof finish. Small, lightweight and comes with a carry bag, you can take this piece of furniture with you wherever you go out or chill in your backyard. 

4. Pine Wood Table with Rustic Charm

Another Del Huston table to consider is this small pallets table. Quality craftsmanship, rustic look makes it suitable for most homes. Create an amazing space with this pine wood pallet coffee table.

The above options come fully assembled. But, if you love to do it yourself, here are a few inspirations for you.

5. Distressed diy pallet coffee table

pallet wood coffee tables

Already have your pallet boards? With all the materials needed, constructing this pallet coffee table will take you a day or two. Use rust resistant nails and stain it for durability.  Add a few wheels and you can move it anywhere in your patio or pergola.

Bottom shelf provides enough space to place your latest reads, and other small items like remotes. We also like that he has stacked pallets to use as chairs instead of using other types of outdoor furniture. Add a few throws for the ultimate comfort. This table is perfect for an outdoor space.

6. Round Pallets Coffee Table Ideas

how to make a coffee table out of pallets

Another easy diy pallet coffee table idea you can do in house. With the materials and tools needed, it will take you about two days to create this gorgeous coffee table. Top is large enough for different decor accessories, plus its height makes it easy to reach your cuppa joe and laptop while working.  This simple yet stylish wooden table is the perfect addition to your living space. Don’t like the distressed look, you can paint the wood to different colors to match your decor style.

7. Long pallet coffee table for a large living room

rustic coffee table ideas

There are two ways you can build your pallet coffee table. One, with the pallets boards together, check the inspirations above, or two, you can build with the boards wide apart like in this idea. It’s table is longer than most pallet wood coffee tables, making it ideal for large rooms. Place a few candle holders to add a touch of elegance to its look. Perfect for farmhouse decor.

8. Small Pallet Table with Storage

pallet coffee table plans

Source: Beardedpalletworks

Every time I purchase a coffee table I always ensure that it has a bottom shelf. I’ve always enjoyed projects by Beardedpalletworks and this small pallet wood table is one of their best works. Not only does it add vintage charm to any room, its legs are sturdy to support a lot of weight.

And because of its small size, you can still use it as a pallet end table and place it next to your rustic sofa. Bottom space provides room for small items. Don’t like the distressed look? You can paint it to give it a different, new look. Great for indoor and outdoor use.

9. Square Pallet Table with an industrial twist

small rustic table

Source: life.at.windmill

Another pallet coffee table idea to consider is this square design. This table looks fab. From the unique metal splayed legs to the wide top, this table could be what you need to complete your living room decor. Other ideas you can borrow from this room include the hanging decor, the rustic side table, and large area rug.

10. T-shaped coffee table made of pallets with bench

pallet side tables

Source: pallet.lindos.moveis

Working with limited space? This diy pallet coffee table idea is for you. A T-shaped table not only saves space but allows you to build benches with the extra boards. Add a corner chair and you are good to go.

11. White pallet wooden table with glass top

tables made out of pallets

Source: pallets.lindos.moveis

Love a sophisticated look? finished in beautiful white paint this pallet coffee table really stands out from the other tables on this list. When you are building this table from pallets, ensure the wood treated and if you have young kids, the glass top should be thick.

12. Small pallet table Plan

building a wooden coffee table

Source: graniteworks603xl

Designed for small spaces and the outdoors, this pallet coffee table is easy to build and portable. Made of durable wood, we like the rustic top and bottom that contrasts the gorgeous white sides. This pallet coffee table offers plenty of room for potted plants and other table decor accessories.

13. Low pallets table for outdoor

coffee table

Source: pallets.lindois.moveis

With the right inspiration, you can turn your backyard into a haven. A low pallet coffee table is the perfect centerpiece for this outdoor furniture arrangement. Complement this low table pallets with a wooden chair and a few throws to complete the setup.

14. Transform pallet crates into a square table with bookshelf

search table

Source: mart1via

Have lots of books and need a unique idea? mart1via transformed crates into a gorgeous table. The open parts are great for storing books, so if you are a book lover, this is the best idea for you. This beauty will look awesome in your home.

If you are a hand on person and want a diy pallet coffee table, you’ll need;

  • 3 – 4 Pallet boards
  • ruler and pencil
  • hammer
  • Measuring tape
  • Jigsaw and circular saw
  • Drill and drill bits
  • Paint (optional)

Here is a quick video on how to build a pallet coffee table.

Final Thoughts

Pallet coffee tables are classic and trendy. If you are looking to buy or build one, the ideas above will help you narrow down to the right design for your home. Whether you are looking for a rustic pallet coffee table to a white elegant table, there is something for everyone.

Looking for a unique table? These 13 pallet coffee table ideas will help you narrow down to a design that will complement your living room

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