5 Pergola Decoration Ideas for Stylish Backyard

Looking for simple pergola decoration ideas? One of the best ways to add a touch of elegance to your backyard is by decorating pergola. And, we’ve got your back. Depending on your taste, lifestyle and budget, there are many ideas to choose from. 

This in-depth article will discuss various types of decorations for pergola. These ideas include the use of curtains, planters, patio furniture, and lighting. Putting all these ideas into consideration is a sure way of achieving the kind of yard you want.

Pergola Decoration Ideas you can DIY

1. Pergola furniture

pergola decoration furniture

A good choice of patio furniture for your pergola can be the transformation your yard needs. A pergola is a place of relaxation, and it can’t be complete without tables and chairs. The right outdoor furniture will not only add some elegance to the space but also make it easy for you when you are hosting.

 Ranging from tables to swings to wooden chairs, there are many different types of pergola furniture to consider. Here are some important considerations to make when choosing pergola furniture.

  • Your needs

The purpose for which you want your pergola to serve will guide you on what to buy. Pergolas are great for birthday, dinner parties, and also for reading. Coming up with a list of how you intend to use your outdoor space will help you choose the type of chairs or table or whatever other furniture you need.

  • Maintenance

Good patio furniture should be made of quality material that needs little to no maintenance. Vinyl or wicker is the best material for patio furniture. This is because it does not require any repainting to give it a classy look and does not rust. Also, it can withstand the weather elements.

  • Color

Having the right color ideas for your furniture will help you pick a color that best blends with your home scheme/theme. As you choose, consider the color of your house to achieve a complete look. Also, ensure that the furniture matches with your pergola color for the perfect finish. You can either pick your preferred color or repaint.

  • Mold and rot-resistant

Buying wooden furniture will increase the risk of rot and mold infestation. Poly furniture is the best for the outdoors. This is because it is resistant to mold and rot. Going for something that will serve you for a long time without the need for replacement is a great idea.

  • Easy to clean

Outdoor furniture is exposed to dust and dirt. When buying a set for your pergola, ensure it’s easy to clean and maintain its original look. Any dirt that gets on the furniture should be easy to wipe with a piece of cloth or run through with a hose pipe.

  • Heavy and long-lasting

Most pergola furniture is not lightweight.  Heavy furniture is the best for pergolas because they can withstand strong winds and stay long without breaking.

2. Curtains

pergola curtains

Curtains are a great way of adding some style to your outdoor pergola structure. They turn your pergola into a more inviting, warm, and private space. And, your choice of curtains will depend on the weather. Since the weather keeps changing, you can have a variety of curtains made of different materials. This will take care of all types of weather without interfering with your comfort. Apart from the weather factor, you need pergola curtains for:

  • Relaxation

Pergolas are great for unwinding and some alone moments. If you want to use your pergola for relaxation, then sheer curtains will be a great choice. They are light and airy and will allow you to see your surroundings. 

Also, sheer curtains don’t block the sunlight and your relaxation moment won’t be compromised. There is a wide range of colors for sheer curtains, and you can choose something that brightens your compound. They are easy to clean and you won’t have to worry about dust.

  • Privacy

If you want your pergola to give you some privacy, you should choose heavy curtains. These curtains will keep off peeping eyes and allow you to concentrate. Also, heavier curtains are great in blocking direct sunlight and reducing exposure to UV rays. Heavy curtains are excellent at creating an extra room in your home.  

To upgrade your pergola to a perfect romantic site, you will need some soft curtains. And, they should not be transparent. Cotton materials will come handy. This material is good for privacy and also great at shielding you from sunlight. Cotton curtains are also available in different shades and require little maintenance. 

On the other hand, one can choose to go for heavy-duty drapes for outdoor structures. They are durable and will give you the utmost privacy. However, they are not the best at setting a romantic mood but will keep off anything that could interrupt your romantic moments.

  • Installation of curtains

It is critical to have the right measurements for your curtains. Missing the size will make your pergola look messy and unattractive. You can choose to install the curtains yourself or have a professional do it for you. Check the best pergola curtains here. 

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3. Plants

Some touch of nature is another great pergola decoration idea. Planters come in handy in ensuring there is fresh air and adding a splash of colors. Choosing the best planters for a pergola depends on where one lives and the growing conditions.

 Many types of planters will give your pergola some life and shade. And, the best plants should do well in all types of weather. Here are some of the ideas for planters. Also, the type of plant container, size, and shape matters in choosing the perfect planter.

  • Hanging planters

Hanging planters are great in saving space. You can hang pots on the rafters and plant beautiful flowers on them. Personalize your pergola with flowers that will add life and style, like the geraniums and fuchsias.

  • Climbers

Climbers are a great way of adorning your pergola posts. You can place a trellis under the post of a pergola and train the plant to go up. On the other hand, you can also plant it in the ground and leave it to grow. And, the perfect type of climbers should be light in weight.

4. Lighting

Another awesome pergola decoration idea is lighting your structure. It needs some spectacular lights to allow you to use it even at night. Here are some lighting ideas for an outdoor structure.

  • LED Lights

LED lights have got a way of triggering a party mood. Hanging these lights around your pergola will bring a total transformation to your outdoor living space.

  • Mason jar lights

Mason jar lights are another great pergola decoration idea. These are hung in straight lines on the beams. Also, it is wise to choose jars that are not too heavy or too big.

  • LED rope lights

These lights will give you the option of changing the color. This allows you to create a different environment depending on the season, events, and even your moods. These lights are best installed under a chair or around the posts.

  • Chandelier

Yes, there are chandeliers designed for outdoor use. A pergola chandelier is a great center piece. Outdoor chandelier feature the same exquisite design as indoor option and are made with material that can withstand outdoor use without the bulbs breaking or the metal parts rusting

5. Heating

If you want to stay outdoors in the evening, it is recommended you have a source of heating. There are two ways you can stay warm in your garden. One, through heaters, you get the option to choose a propane pergola heater, electric or natural gas heater. Two, you can go with a fire pit. You can check the best pergola fire pit here.

Frequently asked questions on pergola decoration

What do you hang in a pergola?

There are several things that one can hang in a pergola. They include vines, chandeliers, a painted metal lantern, led lights, planters and swings. The best things to hang on a pergola are lighting equipment.

How do you decorate a pergola for a wedding?

Here is what you can use to decorate a pergola for a wedding

  • Flowers
  • Draped fabrics
  • String lights
  • Balloons
  • Ribbons
  • Hanging lanterns

How to improve my pergola

  • Grow vegetables and fruits
  • Hang string lights
  • Train climbers to grow over your pergola
  • String up a hammock
  • Install an outdoor kitchen


There is no loss in making your home a small haven for you and your family. Pergolas are great outdoor structures that don’t have to look dull and unattractive.

 Decorating your pergola will not only improve the appearance of your home but will also help you relax stylishly. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to add taste to your outdoor. There are many DIY decorating ideas to go for. This article has discussed a few ideas on how make your pergola amazing.

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