12 Pergola Furniture Ideas for A Cozy Space

A pergola is the perfect relaxation space for most people. Looking for the best pergola furniture? As a  homeowner, I understand how difficult a task it is; browsing through online forums, shops, asking friends for reviews on items they’ve used.

It can be tiring!  After going through this ordeal, I came up with the blueprint below. You can use it to shortlist the right furniture for your pergola. If you are tired of spending hours browsing, let’s get started.

Outdoor Pergola Furniture

Furniture is a great addition to your pergola, patio, or gazebo. It transforms and turns it into a dining, hanging out, book reading, and partying spot.

If you select good furniture, you can be sure that your pergola will not only be inviting but also comfortable. Additionally, it will add style to your garden making it look beautiful. Here are the top 12 outdoor furniture ideas for your home.

Types Of Furniture For Outdoor Space

Here are some types of furniture for outdoor space that will be a great addition to your pergola.

1. Outdoor sectional

The first piece of furniture you ought to have is an outdoor sectional. A good patio sofa offers the perfect escape for a whole family. Outdoor sectionals come in different designs and colors. Also, they are made of different materials such as wicker and durable wood. When choosing a pergola sectional, remember to check its size so that it fits perfectly, also go for material that is sun proof (UV resistant) and water resistant. Also the pillows should match your decor colors.

2. Tufted ottoman

Most of us love to have our feet up. It’s comfortable. Now, most outdoor sectionals do not have footrests. To ensure your feet are comfortable, get a tufted ottoman. There are two types to choose from; one that does not open and another that opens and has storage space. If you want a place to keep your remotes and other small stuff, opt for an outdoor footrest with storage. Also, an outdoor pouf can be used as a table.

3. Coffee table

Which is the best pergola table? From coffee square tables to round mosaic tables, there is no shortage of tables designed for the outdoor space.

A pergola table can be made of wicker, cedar wood, or steel. When purchasing one, consider the shape and look that will match your structure perfectly. For material, opt wicker and metal can last longer and require little to no maintenance.

4. Daybeds

Daybeds are versatile and ideal for pergolas. They have a half sofa and half bed design making them multipurpose. Daybeds are a great addition to your pergolas as add style and elegance.

They are made from a long-lasting fabric. Some daybeds are designed to swing and will provide the perfect entertainment experience for your family. These beds provide a cozy spot to curl yourself up during the cold winter nights. Other than a day bed, you can install a swing. Check these pergola swing ideas for inspiration.

5. Chaise Lounges

A chaise takes the shape of a couch but it is very close to the ground. The functionality of a chaise and its style make it suitable for a pergola. It also allows you to have a clear view of your surroundings making your outdoor living interesting. Chaises are versatile and can be used in an outdoor or indoor setup.

The market has modern, rustic and contemporary chaise lounges and you can make your choice depending on your style and taste. They are great in breaking the monotony of any outdoor space whether it’s a gazebo, pergola, or patio.

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6. Outdoor Dining And Bar Set

Sometimes dining in the house can be boring and your family might need a break from the setup. An outdoor dining table and bar set is one of the best ideas to bring life to your pergola. A dining table and chairs in the outdoor shade will make your family dinners more enjoyable.

 The dining table should be big enough to accommodate all your loved ones. You can add some accessories like flowers and white clothing. The experience will be much better if you have a kitchen in your pergola. Dining and bar sets are the perfect addition that will create a dedicated area for your patio, deck, or pergola making unforgettable garden memories.

7. Outdoor Benches

Benches are great ideas for pergolas, patios, or gazebos. They are available in different shapes and designs. Most of them are made from cedar wood because the material can stand all weather elements.

Choosing a unique pergola bench will make your garden look more beautiful and appealing. Can one add some cushions to the bench? Yes. You can add some cushions to the benches to create style and a more comfortable experience.

8. Swinging set

These are comfortable chairs hanging from rafters making your pergola a perfect escape site for relaxing. You enjoy a soothing feeling as you swing along with the tides of the swimming pool.

These seats also give you a perfect view of the outdoor surroundings because they are raised. The swing design is tempting and you can spend your entire day in the pergola. Some people prefer having some cushions on the seats especially if they are benches. Swinging seats are among the most modern and trending pergola ideas.

9. Stackable and foldable seats

Foldable seats are ideal if your outdoor room is small.Sometimes pergolas are used for other reasons. For example, if you want to install a hot tub, foldable pergola seats would be easy to move to one side. These seats also make it easy for you to organize and arrange your pergola or gazebo.

10. Roof

This list would be incomplete if we did not include a canopy. Yes, this is is not furniture per se but trust me you need one. The sun can be harsh during some summer days.

The best pergola canopy should cover the roof of your structure and provide shade. Also, a good canopy should be made of UV resistant material to protect against harmful rays. Also for privacy you can add some curtains. Check these pergola curtains and shades ideas.

11. Fire Pit

Another important piece of furniture you need in your pergola is a fire pit. There are two ways you can get one; by going the Diy (do it yourself) way or by purchasing one. If you prefer to shop for one, there are various options to go for. Opt for one that meets your needs best.

12. Plants

Lastly, you need to add a touch of nature to your pergola. There are different types of plants you could go for and we recommend climbing plants. This type provide shade to block out sun and bring your garden to life.

Benefits of an pergola furniture

  • Peace And Tranquility

Nothing beats having some peace of mind after a long day. Your pergola allows you an opportunity to relax and reconnect with nature. Good furniture for your outdoor space translates to having a special place to have some privacy. We are daily exposed to stressful situations every day and therefore finding some way of being relaxed is therapy on its own.

  • Easy Installation And Repair

There is no much hustle in installing garden furniture. You don’t need to hire anybody to help you assemble the furniture in your pergola. Garden seats and tables are easy to assemble. Again, if you choose high-quality furniture, you don’t have to worry about them breaking and incurring some repair costs.

  • Makes your  home beautiful

Furniture is a great way to accessorize to your outdoor space. Apart from giving you comfort, they make your garden look beautiful. This elevates your garden into an aesthetic and impressive site for guests. It’s even better when you choose furniture that matches your home.

  • Great for dinner parties

If you play host frequently, then you will benefit greatly from some sofas at the back of your home. Most people prefer dining under the moonlight. If you are not having any guests, the furniture works best for a family picnic and relaxation, especially during summer in the open.

  • Easy to clean and manage

Although the furniture is exposed to dust, you can easily clean it especially if it’s made of wood and has no cushions. A hosepipe is the best to use in cleaning. You can make some cleaning solutions by combining some warm water with soap. However, the cleaning mode depends on the materials used to make the furniture.

Best Materials for Pergola Furniture

Furniture for outdoor space is made from different materials. Choosing them depends on your taste of style, fashion, and location. Here are some of the common materials for a furniture-making project.

1.Resins And Plastics

This is a common material for making furniture, especially modern ones. The material is light in weight, long-lasting, and has low-maintenance. Additionally, it is ideal for all weather. Resin is stylishly woven to give a beautiful outdoor view. It will withstand the harsh summer heat without fading. Being light in weight, you can move a table around easily.


Can metals be used to make furniture? Yes, they can. Here are some of the best metals used in making pergola or gazebo furniture.

  • Aluminum

Aluminum is ideal for making outdoor seats and tables because of its versatility. You can cast or extrude it into any shape. Aluminum furniture does not rust and it can therefore last for long.

This makes it ideal for rainy and sunny weather. Another property that qualifies this metal as the best for a garden swing furniture is its durability and lightweight. However, if you live in a windy environment you might have to consider another material.

  • Steel

Steel is most suitable for windy weather because it is heavy and sturdy. For longevity, stainless steel would be best because it doesn’t rust when exposed to elements. The metal is covered with zinc which makes it corrosion resistant. steel is most ideal for a pergola swing. However, if you live near marine environments, the material will not withstand.

  • Fabrics

Any furniture made of fabric is comfortable and most ideal for lounging purposes. Most outdoor fabrics are made of polyester, vinyl, and acrylic.

These synthetic fabrics are water-resistant and can withstand outdoor elements especially the ones related to weather. Quick-dry foams are the best for making cushions and pillows because they dry easily. They also don’t encourage the formation of mold or mildew.

  • Concrete

For many years concrete has been used for making outdoor seats and tables more so the outdoor ones. Any furniture made of concrete is designed in a sleek and aesthetic way. A concrete table or couch is stable.

It can’t be moved by wind. A concrete seat would be best if placed in an open pergola. However, having such material for making your seats has its downside. The concrete is heavy and absorbs stains which might be difficult to clean.

  • Wood

There are many types of wood used to make furniture for your backyard space. Hardwood and softwood are the most commonly used.

There are six types of wood that work well in making a unique table and chair for your pergola including cedar. However, they vary in durability. Some types of wood will require you to treat them with sealers and oil so that they can withstand outdoor elements.

Factors To Consider When Buying Furniture For Outdoor Space


Does weather affect my outdoor seats? Yes. Before buying furniture for outdoor space you have to consider weather. Is the weather of your place hot, cold, or windy? Different types of weather have got different impact on your pergola’s tables and swing.

 For example, if you live in a very warm area, the pergola seats and tables might crack due to heat more so during the summer season. On the other hand, in a windy garden and your furniture is made of light plastic, you might wake to an empty pergola. Weather should not be underrated when buying furniture for your outdoor room. Also, if you want to grow plants in the pergola, rainy weather would be better.

2. Space

The space at the back of your home is of the essence when buying garden furniture. If your pergola is not covered, you need to buy an all-weather set of seats. On the other hand, if it has a canopy, then you can purchase any furniture that will make your family comfortable. Can the ground of my pergola space affect the furniture? 

Yes, ground matters. Any furniture made of wood will not stay for long if kept on the grass. This is more so if rain starts to fall. The moisture from the ground will cause the wood to decay. On the other hand, if the chairs and seats are made of steel, the moisture will corrode them. In most cases space, dictates the durability of your furniture.

3. Shape and size

You can’t ignore the shape and size of furniture for pergolas. You don’t want to have to return the set of tables and chairs you bought because of space issues. These two features can affect both shipping and delivery in terms of charges.

 Large furniture is charged more especially if they are from another country. On the other hand, the size and shape of your space matters. A large space accommodates large furniture and makes it easy for you to move around. You should measure the size of your pergola before going to the furniture store.

4. Comfort

The main purpose of a pergola is to provide you with a good space for relaxing. This can only be made possible by choosing seats that will make you comfortable. In this case, upholstered sofas are the best for your moments of privacy. Can one add their own pergola pillows? Yes, you can. 

However, you must ensure that you have the perfect fabric for outdoor pillows. In case it is raining, you can store the pillows and use them when the rains are gone. It is also wise to test the comfort of the seat before purchasing. Comfort is the reason why your family will be dining in the pergola often.

5. Color and design

Color should be among the ideas you tag along as you shop for pergola seats. Your backyard should have a beautiful and friendly view for anyone coming to your home. The best way to achieve this is by making sure that the color of your seats matches the main colors of your home. They should also have a design that blends well with your surroundings.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Where can one buy furniture for pergolas?

Pergola furniture is available in shops or on online platforms like Amazon. Once you make your order and the necessary requirements, the company will facilitate the shipping process and ensure you get quick delivery. However, you must be careful because there are many rogues on the internet.

2.Which is the best material for making pergola seats and tables?

There are many materials as mentioned earlier. However, the best for outdoor seats is the one that can withstand all weather elements. Such material is long-lasting and worth your money.

3.Should I have a cover for my pergola sofas?

Yes. Seat covers are important especially if your location rains frequently and the pergola is open. The cover will ensure that the seats do not absorb water or grow mold. A good pergola seat cover should be water-resistant.

4.What else can I add to my pergola to make it look complete besides the seats and tables?

You can add some outdoor rugs for that extra comfort, especially for your feet. However, the rugs should be easy to clean and dry. Also, ensure that they match your sofas for a more beautiful view.


There are many ways that you can make a pergola elevate your home. Bringing some seats, tables and swings would be a great idea. They not only make your pergola look beautiful but also comfortable. Choosing an ideal piece of furniture for your pergola is not easy. This article has discussed various things that you need to know about your outdoor room. You can get any of the products mentioned above online or at a store near you.

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