18 Rustic Farmhouse Fireplace Decor Ideas

Are you tired of the same old look of your fireplace mantel? Maybe it’s time to change your fireplace decoration and come up with a more exciting and beautiful mantel.

Most farmhouse homes, if not all, have a fireplace. Being a functional part of your home, a fireplace needs to be well decorated just like other parts.

In the past, most fireplace mantels had urns and clock combinations and this decor idea might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

That is why we went out and about and collected farmhouse fireplace decor ideas that you could gain some inspiration from.

You can use the ideas to decorate your farmhouse fireplace mantel for summer or just spruce it up to match the living room style.

Let’s take a ride to 18 farmhouse fireplace decor ideas that can turn your fireplace into an eye-catching part of your home.

1. Electric farmhouse fireplace with a TV above the mantel

how to decorate a fireplace with a tv
Source: michealadianedesigns.com

Most people wonder if it’s possible to place a TV above the mantel and we are here to fill those doubts.  You can turn that space above the mantel into an entertainment console by mounting your TV there. However, you have to keep in mind that the space will not be enough for other decorations.

The hardest part to decorate here is the middle-the space between the TV and the mantel. For that reason, we recommend a low-profile piece of wood in which you can place your remotes.

You can also decorate the sides of the mantel with some green plants whether real or fake just add some greenery on the sides. Some candles of different heights will also do the little space some justice.

Now that you’re done with the upper and middle part of the mantel, you would have to consider the sides of the fireplace. A tall plant on one side of the fireplace in a basket planter will grab your guests’ attention effortlessly.

We love how the faux fiddle leaf plant complements the shiplap walls. The space in front of your fireplace might look blank. You can place two poufs and make it look cozy. Here are some other unique farmhouse plant decor ideas you can try.

2. Add a few candles and large golden mirror

above fireplace decor
Source: mostlovelythings.com

Have you been thinking about painting the stone or brick around your fireplace but your fears won’t let you? This fireplace decor idea will eliminate that fear.

Paint that stone or brick white with Benjamin Moore cloud white and match the fireplace stone with the living room. A raised hearth can be decorated with some white pillows to create a cozy and classy space.

Decorate the space above the mantel with a wooden frame circular mirror and add some candles to brighten the space up. 

3. Christmas fireplace decor ideas

farmhouse christmas decor
Source: acaciaabodes

Most people only decorate their fireplaces on holidays. You can turn that blank boring fireplace space into an elegant one with a blend of acacia and other cute plants with cute flowers woven together to create a garland.

4. Give it a Moroccan vibe and add a few plants

rustic fireplace
Source: diywoodya

If you want to upgrade your farmhouse fireplace decor but painting the mantel and fireplace isn’t going well with you then a peel and stick vinyl tiles might be a perfect choice for you.

Take it from ordinary with cute patterns and some candles in basket candle holders at the front of the fireplace.

Add some life above the mantel with two planters with small plants and a gold metal candle holder at the center of the mantle.

5. Contemporary fireplace mantel decor

If you want to recreate a farmhouse fireplace decor and have a contemporary style fireplace then you have to keep one thing in might, keep things simple and clean. You don’t have to go heavy on decorative elements, you can even leave the mantel blank and still achieve elegance.

We love how everything here looks smooth and clean. A white frame above the fireplace can be a good pick for a focal point while decorating the front of the fireplace with some rustic elements.

For the mantle, you can place some farmhouse accents on it like the white mortar and pestle and the three black and gold candle holders. Add a piece of art and your display will look superb.

6.  Vintage fireplace with a unique sign on the mantel

fireplace wall decor ideas

With vintage decor ideas, we love to keep it as homely as possible and this fireplace decor idea stole our hearts. The sign in a frame above the fireplace tells your guests to stay is an open way to express how accommodative you are.

Bundle the warm note with small vases with cute plants in them. White vases can do justice to this part but adding a brown one makes the fireplace look superb.

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7. Earthy fireplace with gold decorative piece

elegant fireplace decor

Keep it classy and sassy with gold and bronze birds on the mantel. Antiques are one of the best elements for decorating the fireplace especially if you’re aiming for a minimalist style.

You can leave the front of the fireplace blank but that is if you have a sitting area close by. Place a farmhouse photo frame on a glass side table with golden legs.

8. Glam it up with a mirror and basket decor

farmhouse stone decor

Truth be told, you can never go wrong with a mirror on the mantel. Decorating with mirrors has become one of the best tricks of magnifying small spaces.

If you want some reflections on your living room then add a mirror and a farmhouse element like this decorative basket. Incorporate some lighting by adding two wood candle holders of different heights.

Some white vases and bright flowers in the front of the fireplace will give life to this important part of your home. Decorate the sides too for a glamorous fireplace. Two rustic baskets on one side and a tall green plant on the other side will make the space cozy.

9. Bring the outdoor right to your mantel

everyday mantel decor ideas

Farmhouse fireplace decor is not complete without natural accents and this idea right here is a perfect example of farmhouse fireplace decor.

Gather a collection of clay pots and place different types of plants in the pots like cactus and succulents. Turn the fireplace into aesthetic greenery.

Let the remaining space above the mantel carry the reflection of your living room by decorating it with a round mirror with a white frame.

10. Everyday mantel decor ideas

country fireplace

Farmhouse decor involves combining different textures, shapes, and colors. If you’re the kind of person who loves to display a collection of elements and art then you can gain some inspiration from this farmhouse fireplace decor idea.

Display various antiques and get some gold-painted bottles that function as vases. A gratitude message on the mantel with candles for light and a mirror reflection can brighten up the mantel perfectly.

Bring a little bit of the outside world indoors with a green garland on the mantel. Accentuate everything with a decorative basket at the front of the fireplace. You can add a chair and bohemian wall art on the other side of the wall to complement the decor on the mantel.

11.  Farmhouse stockings

chimney decor

This is one of the best farmhouse fireplace decor ideas that we found ideal for minimalists. If you want to decorate your fireplace during special seasons like Christmas then this simple fireplace will make it easy for you to start your new project.

Add some twinkling lights along the fireplace mantel desk and place some glass vases with some twigs in them. A firewood rack will be a great choice when decorating in front of the fireplace. Add a black glass vase on one side of the fireplace for a simple and elegant fireplace space.

12. It’s all about mirrors for a rustic country fireplace

mantel decor ideas 2022

This is one of the seasonal farmhouse fireplace decor ideas we genuinely loved. If you are hosting some guests and want to create a memorable and elegant space.

Instead of going heavy on various items on the mantel, you can play around with a mix of mirrors of different sizes and shapes and then find a green garland with some beautiful flowers.

The candle lights with candle holders fixed on the wall make the wall above the mantel beautiful and brighter.

Add some tables with white table cloths and chairs to create an elegant sitting area for dinner with your guests. This farmhouse fireplace decor idea is perfect for anniversaries.

13. Vintage cottage fireplace ornate with antique lamp

cottage fireplace decor

Keep it minimal with a large mirror in a gold frame and a world map on the side and two glass candle holders with a beautiful table lamp with a white lampshade.

Decorate your fireplace to your taste and style while keeping it minimal and clean. Spruce up your fireplace with a cast iron firescreen with beautiful patterns.

14. Modern country fireplace decor with shiplap background

small mantel decor

Create a fresh look on your farmhouse fireplace with this elegant style. Paint the mantel shelf gray and install a large mirror with a gray frame.

A metal white organizer on one side of the fireplace can help you hold some of your special decor pieces. Instead of decorating the area above your mantel, you can utilize the space provided by the display rack.

15. Farm mantel holiday decor to add cheer

farm style fireplace

Christmas is a joy filled season and everyone wants to do their best as long as decorations are concerned. For that reason, you might want to add a Joy sign of different designs on the mantel desk and in front of the fireplace.

Create a romantic scene by weaving some twigs and add a twinkling light to create a beautiful Christmas garland. Decorate the wall above the mantel with an analogue wall clock and a small wreath on the mantel desk.

Incorporate other decor pieces like candle holders and a Christmas sign with white dry faux plants with twinkling lights.

16. Christmas farmhouse fireplace decor

christmas mantel decor ideas

Go heavy on Christmas decorations on your mantel and in front of the fireplace for a romantic Christmas season.

A green couch and a small red couch with a large Christmas tree beside it with gift boxes lying on the ground can make a perfect farmhouse fireplace Christmas decor.

17. Primitive fireplace decor ideas

how to decorate a fireplace mantel farmhouse style

Highlight your farmhouse living room with a stone column linking the floor to the ceiling. Place your fireplace at the front of the column and decorate it with wild pieces and flowers on top of the mantel.

A basket planter with some green plants and a rustic bucket on the other corner brings out a perfect rustic style in the room.

18. Cabinet look over fireplace

primitive decor for mantel

Are you working with a small space and wish to have another cabinet for extra storage? How about utilizing the space on top of the fireplace mantel? Just the way people mount TVs on that spot you can do it differently with a cabinet to store some of your things.

Decorate the fireplace mantel with some photo frames and other decorative accents. Since you’re working with a wood fireplace, you might want to have a fire extinguisher nearby just close to the fireplace.  A pouf in front of the fireplace can be used as a table or even a stool during winters.

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