27 Stacked Books Decor Ideas for Farmhouse

Stacked books are a popular decor addition in many rustic and farmhouse style homes. Although stacked books are popular now, it doesn’t mean that they were invented recently. Most homes in the past used stack book decor to decorate different points of the house like coffee tables, dining tables, or even side tables.

If you are looking for decor items that can add a vintage touch to your contemporary or farmhouse style, then stacked books decor is something you’d definitely love.

While there are lots of stacked books on sale online, you can also try out a DIY project by trying to make some by yourself. However, if you don’t have enough time, you can gain some inspiration from some of the collections below that we really love.

1. Farmhouse Book Decor Mini Library

If you’re a bibliophile and you need something that will act like a mini-library to your house then this piece of decor and storage is perfect.

You don’t have to collect books for your display anymore. This vintage decor stacked books end table is made of MDF and painted in a way it looks like a collection of stack books.

You can place this end table in your entryway, use it as a nightstand or place it beside your favorite reading chair.

The end table can look great the way it is because it already has a great library look or you can add some stack books on top of it.

2. Wooden farmhouse faux book stack

Another great addition to your coffee table or shelves. These wooden farmhouse faux book stacks are made from cedar wood and painted white with a slight distressing finish.

The books are firmly glued together so they remain intact when placed on the table. The faux book stacks have cute printed words on the spine like home, gratefuL, thankful, and blessed, a great addition for a cozy home.

If you’re aiming to create a rustic touch in your modern home then these faux stack books will give you just that. We love how the hemp rope has beads to compliment the books.

Place the book stacks on the coffee table, shelves, nightstand, tray, or in the entryways for a literary look.

3. White hardcover decorative stacked books

If you’re looking for stacked books that add a personalized touch to your decor then these white stacked books are perfect.

The books have personalized words printed on the spine LOVE, LIVES,  HERE and they can easily warm up any space in your home.

The books are real with hardcovers and blank pages and they are tied together with twine which has wooden beads at the end of it.

4.  Fashion decorative stacking books

These creative fashion stack books can be used in contemporary or farmhouse decor. With their simple design and fashionable look, you can use them to add style to your home.

Made of high-quality paper, these beautiful prop books are durable and they are also made using non-toxic material. You can add an artistic decorative look with this book stack in your office or home.

The books have been glued together so you don’t have to worry about the kids disassembling the books.

5. Halloween wood decorative stack

A stylish way to decorate your home with these wonderful Halloween wood decorative stacked books decor. Ideal for rustic home decor, the Halloween wood books decor consists of three wooden books tied together with an orange and black ribbon and has a tiny Halloween decorative broom on top of the book.

The faux stack books are made of high-quality wood and they have Halloween elements like a broom and spider on the spine with letters BOO. This decorative book stack can be used in any decor style whether luxurious modern decor or rustic decor.

6. Hardcover fake book decor

If you don’t like the idea of faux wood books then you might love these real hardcover books with blank pages. The three books are wrapped up using a rustic twine with beads at the end.

The FAITH, HOPE, and TRUST letters on the stacked books can brighten up your day any day. A great addition to your home decor, office, or even events.

7. Rustic stackable books

These rustic decorative stack books are a perfect addition to a contemporary style decor. You can use these faux wood and leather books as storage of your jewelry especially if you’re intending to add stack books decor in your bedroom.

The books are durable because they are made of quality wood and leather, perfect for farmhouse-style decor. The printed words on the books are golden but somehow faded to give them an old look.

8. World map pattern antique faux books with magnetic covers

There’s a lot you can do with these faux stack books made of fiberboard bounded with distressed faux leather. They appear as stacked books but they are storage boxes in disguise with magnetic closure and hollow storage space that you can store some of your favorite jewelry pieces.

These faux stack books have cute words that bind a family together and they explain the rules of the house in a kind and gentle way. You don’t have to explain how you live with your family to your guests, these books clearly define your home.

With different letters on the spine and cover, you choose what matches your living room or any room you want to decorate with the book stacks.

9.  Farmhouse rustic decor for fall

Add a special stacked books decor in autumn with this set of three faux books tied together with twine and a pumpkin truck to provide that vintage feel. If you already have a tiered tray, you would love how these decor pieces will sit in the tray or beside it.

The lettering on the books is made of vinyl and this is a guarantee that they won’t fade anytime soon. The pumpkin truck has a distressed nutmeg brown painting that adds a rustic charm to your space.

10. Stylish wise owl trinket

If you’re looking for a sturdy quality stacked books decor with a bronze finish then this Veronese design owl perched on a stack of books decor pieces might create that farmhouse decor style that you need.

The decorative box was cast using high-quality designer resin with cold cast bronze method. You can give this decorative box as a gift to a friend or family member who loves decorative boxes.

11. Blooming magnolia flowers on stack of books

stack of books

There are lots of ways you can improve your home decor using stacked books. If you don’t like the plain look or the traditionally printed books then this decor of blooming magnolia on top of book stacks might be ideal for you.

This decor addition matches farmhouse style decor, modern style decor, and even contemporary decor style. The different sizes of books with a hardcover printed with different patterns look beautiful and they can be placed at the entryway, in the living room (coffee table), or in the bedroom on the nightstands.

12. Decorate a shelf with multicolored stacked books decor

stacking books for decoration

Do you want to fill the black space on your shelves? You don’t have to stick to a single-color stack of books, a multicolored decor piece will spruce up your shelves easily.

You can fill up your library with decorative stack books instead of buying real books for reading if you’re not looking into adding a collection of real books.

The multicolored books stack can also be used to decorate other spaces like the coffee table and nightstands.

13. Modern shelves with various decorative elements

stack of three books

Shelves are a clever and easy way of displaying your collection of decorative elements. With a shelf, your options are unlimited. You can add some planters with various plants, real books, and decorative books.

This decor idea can help you get inspiration on how you can play with plants, read books and decorative books to create an amazing shelf that will leave your guests in awe.

14. Modern book decor with decorative candles

stamped book decor

Brighten up your space with a stack of books and small candles on the books and besides. This decor idea is perfect for chic style decor and luxurious decor.

You can decorate your living room, dining room, entryway or even add a romantic feel to your bedroom with this decor idea.

15. Create a vintage look with a retro cabinet, photo frames, and plain stamped books

farmhouse stack books

Create a vintage look with these easy-to-make decorative elements. You don’t have to buy stacked books. You can try out a DIY project and make stacked books at home.

Go a notch higher and paint a vase to place on top of the stacked books. A white painting on the vase will match the cream books you make. Add photo frames of different sizes on the retro cabinet and some other decorative elements like an animal head.

16. Stacked books decor with a large green faux leaf

farmhouse stamped books

You don’t have to bring a mountain of books to your coffee table for the space to look exquisite. Sometimes in interior decor, we say less is more. With just two decorative books you can take your decor game from basic to classy and stylish.

Add some life on the coffee table with one large faux leaf and your living room will look fresh and trendy. A rustic shelf on the wall behind the couch can help you display more art pieces and statutes. 

17. Assorted title books on a floating shelf with a small planter

books decor ideas

Another clever way to decorate using stacked books is by picking books with assorted titles and arranging them neatly on floating shelves. Create your DIY mini library at home by making a floating shelf and arranging books with related titles on the shelves.

The shelf might look too blunt if you leave it that way but a small white planter with a green plant in it will make a significant difference. You can set up the shelf in your living room, office, or even your bedroom.

18. Stacked entryway decor ideas

decorative books

Do you feel that your entryway space is just too plain and you would love to spruce it up? Try this idea and you’d love how it turns out. Pick books with different colored covers and arrange them on a wooden stool with steel legs.

19. Books decor with a glass planter on top

modern decor ideas

Turn your cozy space to a cozier one with a book stack and a glass planter on top. The cover of the books can be something stylish to compliment the luxurious decor. Add a faux plant and star-shaped gold and silver decorative elements and you’re good to go.

20. Add rustic charm to your space

living room book decor

Farmhouse decor seems to embrace book stacks so effortlessly. This living room clearly shows what we mean. If you’re all about farmhouse decor, then this is for you.

Add a small storage box and other decorative pieces to the table if you want a living room with heavy decorative accents.

21. Stylish living room with a faux book stack

farmhouse office decor

Complete your decor with a white book stack on a cool blue coffee table decorated with cute baskets and a white glass vase. The stylish coffee table makes a statement and the decorative elements on it just turn the space into a paradise.

22. Book stack on a stylish side table

tiered book decor

For a luxurious glass coffee table, you need cute designer books to complement the high standards of the table. Don’t go for distressed books because they’ll look out of place and create imbalance.

23. Add some color and a garlard

book stack decor

Accessorize your stacked books with some beads and green faux plants. A glass candle holder on top of the book stack can make so much difference by lighting up your space.

24. Wooden coffee table with storage and a stack in tray

book decor to adore

You might need extra storage to hide those things you don’t need on your coffee table. Accessorize your table with a white tray and a small brown box on the side with a bowl on it for visual interest.

Put your stacked books inside the white tray and add a clear glass vase with some green leaves in it. Add an antique object on top of the book stack and harmonize the table and the couch by adding a flower that matches the floral patterns on the throw pillows.

25. Less is more

sincere home decor

Glass coffee tables are centerpieces on their own so you don’t need to put a lot of decorative objects for them to look beautiful.  This idea of a single book with a brown vase and cute ombre flowers is a clever way of creating a simple yet beautiful living room space.

26. Contemporary idea for an empty corner

corner stacked ideas

You can use your dining chair in place of a side table and decorate it just the way you’d decorate your side table. Add stacked books on the chair and put a clear glass candle holder on top of it. Go a notch higher and put some white balloons beside the chair to create a peaceful ambiance.

27. Decorate your wooden wall rack with a book stack

chanel book decor

If you want to create a farmhouse-style decor then you can do a DIY project and create some wall racks or floating shelves behind your couch. This is a great idea especially if you’re intending to decorate a plain wall.

Add some brown planters with plants of different heights, brown bottles, and a book stack for a cute farmhouse-style touch.

28. Marble top side table with golden candle holders and a stacked books

chanel book decor

Keep it clean and classy with a book stack and a set of golden candle holders of different heights on your side tables. Go for a plain hardcover with a color that blends well with any furniture piece.

Bottom line

We just unveiled 28 stacked books ideas we truly love that can help you decorate your home using the books without clashing on your existing decor.

Stacked books aren’t just trendy now, they have been around for decades and they’re probably going to stick around for a long time. Purchase your decorative books or do a DIY project and make some and upgrade your home decor.

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