23 Sunflower Kitchen Decor Ideas You’ll Love

Boring kitchen? I love my farmhouse kitchen but I always felt like something was missing. The space didn’t feel vibrant enough for me. So, I made a few changes and fell in love with the outcome; a vibrant, stylish and functional space. The sunflower kitchen decor ideas will help add life and soul to your home.

From rugs to wall art, there is something for everyone. Pick a few ideas and you’ll have a vibrant space for your hearty meals and conversations with family and friends.

Wall Decor

Sunflowers can bring to life ‘boring’ walls. Your kitchen wall could benefit from a few of the ideas below.

Mason jars

A pair of rustic mason jars may be what you need to brighten your wall. What makes these kitchen accessories unique? The gorgeous jars are made of thick glass so you don’t have to worry about them breaking. They are mounted on a wood board that adds rustic charm to your kitchen decor. Artificial sunflowers inserted into the mason jars with pretty string lights. Comes with a remote control for the lights. Easy to hang and ideal for every season.


In a world full of tech, very few people have a wall clock. But, if you have an eye for style, this piece is for you. It’s not only cute, it’ll add a fresh appeal to your personal space. Round shape complements any decor style and the wooden background lends vintage charm to the kitchen. Made of MDF material, the clock is durable and has a hanging hole at the back. Perfect way to brighten your room.


Another sunflower kitchen decor idea to consider is adding signs to your wall. Signs are not only for decorative purposes but also allows you to personalize your sunflower kitchen. Decorate your room with this vintage sunflower decor sign with a beautiful message that will brighten up your day.


Pair your clock with this beautiful piece of art. Measuring 20 by 20 inches, it is perfect for most homes. This decor sunflower piece features a gorgeous distressed background with stunning yellow sunflowers to bring to life your walls. ‘Follow your heart’ a simple message that reminds you to always trust yourself.

Another piece of art you can add to your home decor is this precious piece that reminds you of what God says about. Easy to hang, durable, and perfect for any decor theme. These rustic curtains are machine washable. Also, check some cow decor ideas that you can pair with your sunflower wall decor

Window Curtains

Sunflower kitchen curtains are one of the best ways to add style and privacy to your room.

A kitchen valance is a wonderful idea for decoration and privacy purposes. This stunning floral curtain is easy-to-install. Made of durable fabric, it is perfect for summer, spring, and autumn. Comes in two sizes so you can pick what best suits your chic room.

Looking for a complete set? This sunflower kitchen curtains set measures 58 by 36 inches and will fit most kitchen windows. You’ll love the floral design that will add color and style to your home.

Kitchen Countertop

Here are some ideas for your kitchen counter.

Tiered fruit bowl

One of the best ways to keep fruit and vegetables fresh is by using a tray. This sunflower kitchen tiered wood tray holds more than a standard fruit bowl. Made of wood, you are assured of its durability and you don’t have to worry about rust.

Utensil Crock

If you want to keep your space neat, this utensil holder is the perfect solution. Made of stainless steel, it is ideal for large and small kitchens alike. Heavy construction ensures this accessories sunflower utensil holder does not topple over and the hand-painted yellow flower adds to its beauty. Can also be used to hold your wine bottles.

Sunflower Drying Mat

This beautiful sunflower dish drying mat provides a large surface to dry your dishes. Made of absorbent material, you’ll love it’s soft upper as well as the beautiful sunflower flowers to add style to your room. Also because of its thick design you can use it to protect your counter against heat from pans and pots. This vintage sunflower kitchen decor accessory is perfect for any country home.


There are various ways you can add sunflowers to your kitchen table. One of them includes getting a small accent table with the sunflowers printed on its top. Here are a few more ideas.

Artificial sunflowers

Made of silk, this environmentally friendly floral arrangement is a wonderful way to add color and warmth to your home. Rattan woven vase for durability and silk flowers that do not fade easily.

Looking for something to place your tea mugs? Its upper is made of absorbent ceramic so as to absorb any accidental spills while its back is well padded to prevent scratches on your table. Beautiful decoration that breaks the monotony of a farmhouse dining table.

Table Cloth

For a large table, a tablecloth is the right sunflower kitchen decor to change its look and feel. Stain-proof and waterproof with a polyester back to prevent slipping. Measures 55 by 55 inches and machine washable.

Don’t like a cloth? A Sunflower table runner can be the ideal replacement. Long enough for most tables and made of polyester fabric for durability, you can’t go wrong with this option. Will add a touch of elegance to your sunflower kitchen decor.

Floor Rug

One of the best sunflower kitchen decor ideas for the floor is to add a sunflower themed rug. Kitchen rugs are important because they help in noise reduction, keep you from slipping, and make the kitchen floor more stylish.

This set of two Sunflower rugs are large enough for most kitchens. Features a heat resistant top and a slip-resistant rubber back. Easy to wash and durable.

Other Sunflower Kitchen Decor Ideas

Sunflower Storage Ideas

3 ceramic canisters perfect for sugar, salt and other spices. Hand painted to bring the yellow color. Ideal decorations for your countertop.

Looking for a tissue holder? This Sunflower decor box will look great in your home. Beautifully painted, crafted using long lasting material and makes the perfect gift.

Made with coral fleece, these hanging sunflowers hand towels are soft and comfy. Skin friendly. Absorbs water easily and comes with a sticker for easy hanging.

For salt and pepper, this set could come in handy. Translucent so you can see the amount remaining and vibrant sunflower flowers to add vibrancy to your kitchen decor. Holds up to 3 ounces.

A gorgeous set of Sunflower dish towels to help dry your dishes. Sunflower country color blends seamlessly with your other kitchen decor. Made of premium quality material that is quick drying. Double stitching design for durability.

Quality workmanship, durable, heat-resistant, this popular set of sunflower mitts are what you need to remove hot pots or baking dishes. Perfect gift for mother’s day.

A sunflower cooking set could be what your kitchen decor is craving for. Made of bamboo, this environment friendly set includes a slotted spatula and spoon, mixing spoon, rounded folk and solid spoon. Cute addition to any sunflower kitchen.

For your paper towel, you can use this beautiful sunflower holder. Made of natural resin ensures its durability while the wooden stick is detachable so you can insert the paper towel easily.

For hanging your kitchen towels, these sunflower hooks will come in handy. Easy to attach and will make the perfect housewarming gift.

Looking for large canisters? This set of 3 will not only complement your existing sunflower kitchen decor but also make your space more functional. Ideal for all occasions.

Available in 7 different designs, this beautiful waterproof print is ideal for different decor themes. Easy to install.

Lastly, this set will look good on you. It includes a waterproof apron, mitts, absorbent towels, pot holders, key chain, and slim can cooler. Brighten your summer or fall with this set.

Last but not least, here are a few ideas on how to put everything together.

Sunflower curtains, table decor, pillow and rugs add a cheery look and feel to this farmhouse kitchen. Well balanced lighting to bring out the best of each area in this kitchen. Simple yet sophisticated.

Gorgeous sunflower throw pillow matches the other farmhouse decor perfectly. A hanging floral basket to beautify your walls and ladder to keep your buffalo throw blankets close.


From a wedding to a modern kitchen, sunflowers are the best way to make a space look cheery and stylish. You can incorporate a few items into your home from the sunflower kitchen decor ideas above.

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