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    Boho chic wedding – great ideas for your big day

    The boho style wedding decoration is a high trend in this wedding season. Of course, there is no specific season for love, therefore you can say yes at any time. But it’s really fun to celebrate an outdoor wedding, that’s why most couples choose the period from May to October for their wedding ceremony. This season is also the best for a boho style wedding. A true floral frenzy, delicate lace, thread tulle, rustic romance, and natural elegance … simply boho! The hippie style is quite popular in the fashion world, interior design, and product development. Today, we have gathered many inspirational ideas for your perfect boho wedding and would…

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    Mandalas, Inner Peace for your home

    If you are considering decorating your home with mandalas today we bring you many ideas. The Mandala has its origin in India and the translation of its name means Circle or Wheel. This graphic representation is fashionable, beyond its meaning and the mystical properties attributed to it. We share photos of decoration interiors with mandalas in all types of rooms. Inspire yourself in our selection of images. Are you already imagining a mandala in your home? Decorate with mandalas Artworks or vinyl stickers will serve to decorate the walls of any room in your home with mandalas . You will also easily find decorative accessories, furniture, textiles, etc … with…