• Vintage style walls
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    Are you a lover of vintage decoration? If so, we have many proposals to make. Ideas for the vintage style wall decor. That will come in handy to add character to a room. Do you want to know how to incorporate a vintage style to your walls? Join us to know all the decorative resources.

  • DIY Sock Sloth Free Sew Pattern & Tutorial

    DIY Sock Sloth Free Sew Pattern & Tutorial

    Sloths are very funny animals and now they are quite popullar among childeren. Thus there is a huge amount of DIY projects on internet about sloths. This tutorial maybe the best one we have seen so far. Simple yet very cute. Your kids will love them. You’ll need socks and some little sewing skills. If you want to check out here is the link: DIY Sock Sloth Free Sew Pattern & Tutorial

  • 50 Beautiful Wine Bottle Crafts to Upcycle Your Old Wine Bottles

    50 Beautiful Wine Bottle Crafts to Upcycle Your Old Wine Bottles

    I love this beach glass paint! It is so easy to use and makes everything so pretty.  This 1-moment craft creates cool, sea glass wine bottles great for coastal decor. Two coats took a clear, boring bottle, to something really cool. All it takes is a clear wine bottle, and a coat of Krylon sea glass spray paint. Spray on more coats if you like a more matte look. You can use this spray paint on every glass material like bottles, mason jars, vases. All of them will look awesome. It has 8 different colors too. If you want to check, you can click HERE

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    Do you want more spring in your room? We have 30 proposals that will enchant you and brighten your home with new textiles, palettes of very fresh colors, plants … Inspire! A CALM SPRING ROOM With a base in earth tones and color touches on the cushions this decoration amazes us. The coffee table with natural wood accompanies without attracting attention. IT’S SPRING! DARE WITH A SOFA IN COLOR? If it is time to change the sofa, choose one of upholstery in a pastel color that will brighten the whole room. A BEAUTIFUL MINI SALON Small and high ceilings but so spring. The textiles have been used to decorate this…

  • Minimalist decoration in the home
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    Minimalist Decoration: Definitive Guide (2019)

    The minimalist decoration is a style characterized by the intention to simplify as much as possible (less is more), get rid of all the superfluous elements and reduce the decoration to the essentials. And we love the idea! Do you? The minimalism is a movement that went from art to design and interior decoration in the 1920s, but which today is still considered one of the most innovative styles. If you want to embrace the minimalist style, but you don’t know where to start, then I show you their main ideas, so you can apply them in your home. What is minimalist style decoration: Less is more The minimalist decoration…

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    10 DIY ideas to decorate your home in the spring

    If you thinking about decorating your home in the spring, today we give you some DIY ideas that can help you. Do not lose sight of them! The change of season has already arrived and we are looking forward to adding spring elements to our home. Therefore, if you want to renew your home with spring details, today we tell you a few that can go very well. It’s time to forget the dark tones and turn our eyes towards the colors. It is time to include the flowers in our decoration, because nothing symbolizes the spring better than the return of color. If you are wanting as we include…

  • Living Coral Pantone 2019 - 33 Photos of environments
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    Living Coral Pantone 2019 – 33 Photos of environments

    We can’t miss another day without telling you about the color of the year Pantone 2019: Living Coral. And of all its decorative options, of the applications in the different environments of our home. We share photos of rooms decorated with the Living Coral for inspiration. We reviewed the hype of Pantone and the properties of this striking tone. Living Coral Pantone 2019 The color of the Pantone 2019 year is, according to the brand, a lively and vital tone that bets for life. The Living Coral comes to our homes to provide a feeling of warmth, comfort, and affection. And of course to add a touch of color to…