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    Succulent plants to make original decoration

    Succulent plants are probably the perfect plant for forgetful gardeners and have enjoyed great popularity in recent years. With the right information, the succulents are easy to care for and the succulent gardens and terrariums can illuminate any interior space. Take a look at our tutorials with succulent plants to decorate the house and to grow indoors! After seeing these ideas you may start planning your own urban jungle. Succulent plants for decoration Succulent plants are loved by many for a reason. With juicy leaves, stems or roots, the succulents form a vast and diverse group of plants, which offer easy-care plant options for your home. In addition, they look…

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    Hippie decoration – A variation of Bohemian Decor

    The vintage style decoration becomes increasingly stronger with the new hippies’ trends. This decorative style allows to combine in a very effective way elements of the past, but giving a current and original touch. Knowing how to correctly combine the different elements will allow you to provide your house with an energy and a good special roll. Do not cut yourself in Mix colors, textures and various materials like carpets, cushions, vinyl or paintings. Below we give you the keys so you can make your own chic hippie decoration. Keys to hippie decoration If you want to give an alternative touch to your home you must escape from the structures…

  • Yellow mustard in decoration and how to combine it
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    Yellow mustard in decoration and how to combine it

    Last year mustard yellow left its mark. We thought that this color would be like summer love, intense but short, but it has not been like that. The mustard yellow color in decoration keeps awakening so much interest that we wanted to make our particular tribute. We show you the most original interiors decorated in mustard yellow and also ideas on how to combine it. We’ll let you know! After reading this article, you will run out to buy paint because this tone has something that hooks! Mustard yellow in decoration When the experts forecast colors that will set trends for the year, they do it with the best intentions…

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    9 incredible decoration ideas with recycled wood

    If you are thinking of renovating your living room with a small budget, here you will find the perfect decorating ideas with recycled wood to make it as good as new at a minimum price. What do you not believe? Well, now we discover how! The wood ravages in decoration for years so if you lack budget to renovate the room here you have some proposals for decoration with recycled wood with which to get great results for your living room. The excuse of not having a budget will no longer serve you and you will also be able to obtain unique and original furniture. 1-2-3-4-5 And at the same…

  • Animal heads decoration
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    Decorate with animal heads. Home decoration

    If you tell me long ago that this decorative trend, which began in children’s spaces, would end up I like, I wouldn’t believe it. When I started to see the rooms of the children decorated with these toy trophies I thought it was very bad taste. Without entering into controversy, and without encouragement to offend anyone, hunting seems to me a hobby, sport, or whatever you want to call it, from another century. I don’t know if you will be convinced by the proposal to integrate this piece in the baby room if so, I will tell you that the offer is very extensive. Also, tell you that the idea…

  • How to decorate a minimalist style living room
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    The decoration of a Living Room: Latest Trends 2019

    What are the latest trends in the decoration of rooms for this 2019? We bet on 8 styles of decoration. 8 styles of interior design and decoration, so you have ideas and can decorate the living room of your home. How to decorate a room? It depends! It all depends on your tastes and your style … Are you going to the most ethnic and natural spaces, or maybe you lean towards a more baroque and sophisticated aesthetic, or can you bet on more minimalist and functional interiors? If you didn’t have it very clear, I show you eight styles of interior decoration so you can find ideas and the…

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    Do you want more spring in your room? We have 30 proposals that will enchant you and brighten your home with new textiles, palettes of very fresh colors, plants … Inspire! A CALM SPRING ROOM With a base in earth tones and color touches on the cushions this decoration amazes us. The coffee table with natural wood accompanies without attracting attention. IT’S SPRING! DARE WITH A SOFA IN COLOR? If it is time to change the sofa, choose one of upholstery in a pastel color that will brighten the whole room. A BEAUTIFUL MINI SALON Small and high ceilings but so spring. The textiles have been used to decorate this…

  • How to decorate a rustic style living room
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    9 Rustic living rooms that will make you fall in love

    The rustic rooms have stolen our hearts. And it is logical, combining the warmth of the wood and the elegance of the stone, is a perfect decoration style to decorate the living room of the house. Here I show you a series of ideas, but I warn you, with these rustic-style rooms … You will want to go to live in the country! Think of the rustic decor, and the first thing that will come to mind is a beautiful and cozy wooden cabin in the Alps or an old stone and wood country house. The term “rustic” is somewhat ambiguous but simply refers to what is linked to the…

  • How to decorate a nordic style bedroom
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    How to Decorate a Bedroom: 9 Steps and 3 Styles

    How to decorate a bedroom? Where to start? We show you the 9 essential steps to decorate a bedroom, and as an extra, 3 styles of decoration. So you can get ideas for decorating your home and you can choose the one that best suits you and, the one that makes you feel better. Within interior decoration, we always tend to pay more attention to the decoration of the living room than the bedroom. Badly done! While a bedroom should be a place of rest, relaxation and sleep. It is also a room where we spent much of our time. So it makes a lot of sense to try a…